Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Reader Response to Article About Living Your Highest and Best Purpose

Your considerations are a good reminder. I find the kind acts that I offer through out the day, that uplift people (bc often they tell me so in gratitude) IS very much the same work I do with my music. Which is the "higher" calling. But in the end, as your elder learned on the other side, it's all the same work.

I think that keeps life fresh and flavorful and colorful and unexpected and surprising.

In the Eye of a Storm, We Often Find Ourselves

The following story was sent to me via e-mail and written by someone who survived Katrina. Since I do not know this person, I can not authenticate the story, but its message is certainly meaningful for any of us who have experienced severe "storms" in our lives.

May we all live our soul purpose,

Hello friends,

My famiy evacuated prior to the hurricane and is safe, Alex, my son, and
I stayed to care for pets that owners could not or would not evacuate
with them.
The conditions have been primitive and challenging, then they turned
very dangerous.

Alex and I stayed and cared for the animals (we could handle no water,
electricity, & water in the steamy summer heat) until we felt our lives
were at risk, and we were able to escape the city out the back door as
security in the Big Easy deteriorated. Physically we are both in
excellent shape as I prepared for the worst before the arrival of

As far as emotionally, I have RARELY felt so peaceful, serene, and in in
a place of unconditional love since the hurricane started bearing down
on the city. A surreal sense of calm, oneness, and caring has
overwhelmed me since this challenge has arrived in my small microcosm of
the universe. I realize that this is a sign for me that I need to look
at. My heart feels more open than it ever has!

This challenge is happening for a reason, and even though it may not be
apparent at this point to most the world, I KNOW that the lessons that
we are to learn from this very low vibration that has been and is
continuing to be CREATED by OUR collective consciousness will help our
evolution on this planet.

Don't only meditate and pray for peace in my home in New Orleans, but BE
peace and love at every moment with everyone you encounter, be thankful
for all of our blessings...especially the simple ones we take for
granted. This is one way we can raise our vibration and that of our
planet, and the ripple effects will reach New Orleans and the gulf

If I can be in this placeof acceptance, love, and peace after losing my
home, my businesses, and and a city that I love so dearly, so can
overyone else. More than ever, this is what needed on our planet. Total
acceptance. And the knowing that we have a responsability to change what
doesn't work anymore, to change the things that were in place that WE
created that led to the currunt unrest in New Orleans, long after
Katrina was gone.

To me, THIS is the real issue we should be addressing. If we had not
created a situation where almost one fourth of my city's residents live
BELOW the poverty level, I know that the instability in the city would
not exist in the aftermath of a storm that only lasted a matter of

Until mankind addresses this deeper core issue, and until we correct
this inequity worldwide, there will be many more "cries for help",
however unacceptable, by the lower socio-economic groups of souls that
WE have created, much like we are now seeing in New Orleans. I feel
their pain, their fear, their feelings of loss and despair, and I
understand their unconscious actions for basic survival. They are not
crying out for just supplies, they are crying out for love and
acceptance from mankind.

How shall we respond?

This is a another opportunity for mankind to demonstrate and express WHO
WE REALLY ARE and to change what WE have created on this planet.

I am excited about this opportunity to accept what is, embrace it, and

Life is full of challenges, and the universe will never fail to give us
opportunities to evolve. This is mine and I am blessed to have this
spiritual slap on the side of my head. I will make the most of this
opportunity. I hope that anyone who has been affected by the ongoing
events in my beloved hometown does the same. The consciousness of our
planet needs the compassionate, heartfelt love and light from all souls
touched by the ongoing events.

Please stop for 5 minutes RIGHT NOW and close your eyes, breathe deeply,
and passionately envision our leaders making choices and decisions that
will be for the highest good for all involved on the gulf coast. We can
let go and let God empower our leaders to hasten a rapid recovery of
this devastated area and pray for a major healing. Nothing is more
important at THIS moment RIGHT NOW.

Please forward this letter to as many people as you can, as time is
critical !

Take this challenge and use it to help us remember that we are all
connected on a soul level, and that love, compassion, and understanding
are the common threads that make human "kind".

Namaste' !


Thursday, September 08, 2005

How Can We Use Disasters Like Katrina to Help Us Stay on Purpose?

Hurricane Katrina shook us to the core. I've witnessed anger, sorrow, helplessness, frustration, and resignation in the eyes of many people I talk to about the effects of Katrina and our nation's response and lack of response to brothers and sisters living, and dying, in despair.

When I watch the news reports, my first emotional response is anger. I want to hold someone responsible for what happened. In our great nation - the country that responded with such swiftness and compassion to the people caught in the devastation of 9/11 - how could we possibly have let so many people suffer for so long after Katrina hit? What the heck happened? And why weren't those vulnerable levees shored-up before the storms?

I have shaken my head and wondered why more willing and able Americans weren't sent there immediately before and after the storm to help get people out, get food and water to them, and take care of our sick and dying. "Where is our leadership?" I wondered. "What has happened to the heart of our nation?" I asked.

It is my belief that when we are in our hearts and living on purpose, we engage life with compassion, energy, and clear-headed responsiveness, When we are emotionally lost or not in touch with our compassion, we don't know what to do in the face of such seemingly overwhelming challenges.

In the aftermath of Katrina, I find myself asking, "Is the heart of our government a reflection of the heart of its people?"

If the answer is "no" then perhaps I can absolve myself of any responsibility. I can say, "I would never have allowed such slow and inadequate response to have occurred."

But can I say "no" and wash my hands completely, if I am one of the members of a nation that responded so slowly. Am I so sure I am not part of the probelm? If I look deeply within myself, am I so sure - so absolutely sure - that I would have done better? If there is any possiblity I could answer, "Yes, I might have been slow to respond with what was truly needed," then I must ask myself, "Where is my heart?" "In what way am I a part of a national consciousness that would respond with so little - so late?"

I can't point a finger at my government, if I'm not willing to take responsibility for my own part. I know, in good conscience, I must hold myself accountable, before holding a standard for anyone else to meet.

"What could I be doing differently in my own life to demonstrate greater compassion - and more swiftly?" I finally ask myself.
"If I choose not to blame myself or anyone else, what can I learn and apply to my own life as a result of Katrina's impact?"

As I sit with these last two questions everything softens. My anger is gone, as I realize I too loose touch with my compassion. I too respond slowly to the needs of others. On many days, just like my national government, I neglect to make my purpose for being here my priority. Like local governments, I sometimes choose to close my eyes to potential problems, not take preventative measures, and instead assume everything will be ok. like it always has been. Sometimes I decide to put my resources and energy elsewhere and neglect to put it where it is most needed.

If I don't have my own act together, I'm in no position to critisize anyone else.

So, I ask myself one more question, "Where am I most needed?" The needs I know how to fill best - that's where my energy belongs. That is my best service. That should be my priorty. That is where I will be living the heart of my Soul Purpose.

I reach out in the ways I know how to the victims of Katrina's devastation. And I remind myself to remember what I am here to do. When I hold myself accountable for fulfilling my purpose, I am in a better positon to hold my government accountable in fulfilling its purpose.

Our government was established to serve. No doubt, it is a daunting task to determine exactly what "service" means each and every day. Since our government is supposed to reflect the will of the people, perhaps we need to ask our leaders to restore the heart of the nation. Perhaps it is appropriate to remind our elected officials that service, and the fulfillment of this government's purpose includes swift, rapid, and compassionate response to our citizens in time of natural disaster, when they are in their greatest need. And whenever possible, our citizens be protected from damage to our lives and homes.