Thursday, August 11, 2005

Is It Possible We Discover Our Soul Purpose Right on Time?

How many of us spend hours of our lives wondering what it is we really came here to do? How many of us wonder - what if I'm not doing it? What if I don't recognize it? What if I'm on purpose and then let myself become distracted by something less meaningful?

A friend of mine once told me that we are like time release capsules. Each of us becomes aware in our right and perfect time. The challenge is in allowing the not knowing to be an acceptable state of being.

For years, I fretted and worried that I was not living up to my potential. "I should be doing more," I would tell myself. "I should be doing something more significant."

What I failed to notice was that each of those "insignificant" jobs was preparing me for what I ultimately came here to do. Once I remembered why I was here and what I had come here to fulfill, all those "insignificant activities" became significant.

So, now I ask myself, "I wonder what "insignificant" task I am doing today that is going to have a significant impact on my future?" "

Another question I like to ask is, "How will my current life appear to me when I look back in time to this present moment?"

For years, I was painfully hard on myself for not living up to some unknown expectation I had of myself. Now I realize, I always have been on my path - detouring a bit now and then to check some things out, or to stubbornly attempt to do things a different and less effective way - but basically living my chosen destiny. Most of those activities I deemed as meaningless did indeed have meaning.

I recently read the following on a web-site referred to me by a friend and was completely inspired by its wisdom. You can visit the web-site if you like at

"And know as well that your purpose will not arrive for you until it is time on the planet for your purpose to be needed and utilized. All is in order with your evolution and with your purpose. No worries. "

My own impatience with myself has taught me to recognize the significance of every moment. The clues to my destiny lived inside of my desires, resistances, hopes, fears and dreams. I can't help but wonder if I would have enjoyed the journey more, if I had payed more attention to what I was actually doing rather than worrying about what I thought I should be doing. And perhaps, I could have garnered satisfaction from knowing I was taking steps to fulfill my Soul Purpose.