Monday, February 05, 2007

Can Spending Time With Mother Earth Help Us Heal?

Black Elk, a powerful Sioux medicine man is known to have given a mattress to someone seeking healing, then telling them to begin their healing process by spending several days resting and sleeping under a tree.

More than once, I have had a client come to me for sound healing, and I have asked them, "How often do you get out on the Mother Earth?"

Most often the answer is, "Rarely."

It is a common misunderstanding that earth is a thing we live on to be used to serve our needs. Earth is as alive as we are and we are living in symbiotic relationship with her. When we lose touch with that awareness, we begin living on top of her instead of with her.

When this happens we lose touch with our natural rhythms. Symptoms of being out of sync with natural, circadian cycles (our natural needs for periodic pauses, breaks, and adequate rest) include stress, physical tension, emotional frustration, depression.....and all of these contribute to ongoing illness.

I remember being so tense at one point in my life, that I would get angry with anyone who suggested I needed a break. I was getting more and more tense and increasingly ill, but I was addicted to feeling needed and kept on pushing. I was avoiding my feelings and fears by over-working, all the while spending less time in a natural, normal, peaceful rhythm, while becoming increasingly depressed and physically sick.

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