Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Can Spending Time With Mother Earth Help Us Heal – Part II?

When I was in my deepest despair, my heaviest state of depression, I would frequently find a quiet park or forest and walk and walk and walk. Periodically, I sobbed, pounded my fist on the ground, laughed, talked to myself, and breathed in the scent of the trees until my heart found some relief from its pain.

Then I would sit or stand still while I contemplated a stream or admired the clouds passing by me. I would lift up the head of a flower and drink in its sweet scent. Sometimes, I pulled off my shoes and waded in the water or wandered about on soft grass. I loved to watch the squirrels, imitate bird sounds, crunch up dead leaves in my hands or just feel the wind on my face. Standing in the sun was like getting my battery recharged.

After releasing the burdens of my heart, I found solace in Mother Earth. In her my appreciation for and vigor in life was renewed. And I could go on again for another day. It is my understanding the Cherokee call this The Natural Way. The Natural, it seems, is when we are in harmony with all living things.

By giving myself permission to release and then to rest in harmony with Mother Earth I restored my equilibrium in life. In the Natural Way I found peace. That peace was such a relief to me, I spent more and more time outdoors with Mother Earth. The more time I spent, the more I healed my aching heart until eventually it no longer ached at all.

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