Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How Many People Are You Here to Touch?

As I shared with you a few articles ago, I was quite touched hearing Dr. Barbara De Angeles speak. One of the concepts she shared was an acknowledgment that each of us may be here to bring our gifts to a certain number of people. Some of us are here to positively touch the lives of a few, other are here to touch many.

I found myself deeply respecting her for recognizing that not all of us are here to be best-selling authors, or renowned speakers, or famous Nobel prize winners. Indeed, there are those of us who are here to fulfill our purposes through those means, but not all. We can be incredible, life giving people without being famous.

That might not be the most popular message, but I hear truth in it. What if your purpose is to raise well the incredible child that has come through you? What if your purpose is to bring healing massages to overstressed, overworked people, who need to find greater peace through your loving touch? What if you came here to help people integrate into their new homeland by teaching English as a second language?

Service is the great act of love—the great calling. If you know what you have come here to do and you do it well, and you feel fulfilled and happy in your service—what a great life!

Who are you here to touch? What gifts did you come here to share with them? Are you here to reach many with a light touch or are you here to touch a few deeply? Are you here to be of service to 10, 100, 1000 or a million?

More importantly, are you calling them to you, are you reaching out to them? Do you recognize them when you meet them? Do you look past them as you seek for someone more important? Are you trying to help people who don't even want your help?

When you quiet the ego and listen deeply inside, do you know the number of people you are here to touch? Do you know who you are here to touch?

The Power of Alignment

Have you ever had one of those days when everything seemed to be going wrong? It starts in the morning getting up late, your car not starting easily, problems at work, dinner know, one of those days?

And then, have you ever had one of those days when everything seemed to be going right? You feel great when you wake up, you are in love with everybody, you make a bunch of money, you have a great dinner with some friends......the kind of day you want to have every day.

What makes the difference between a bad day and a good day?


Here is the deal. If you are experiencing inner conflict, that is what is reflected in your outer world. If you are experiencing inner harmony, that is what you are going to experience. If you are a great writer, but you spend your days doing a job you don't like and are not writing at all, and resent the fact you are not writing, your inner conflict is going to show in your mood and the interactions you have with others and the physical world.

However, lets say you are a great organizational planner and you spend time every day engaged in some form of organizational planning—even if it is volunteer work—you are going to be in alignment. You are going to be happier and this inner enjoyment is going to show in your mood and in a natural expression of confidence. Your happiness and natural confidence guide you in your choices, attracting like-minded, like-hearted people into your world.

So how do you know whether or not you are in alignment? By how you feel. If you feel bad, you are not in alignment and you have changes that need to be made. If you feel great, you are in alignment. Now is a good time to invite others to "play" with you.

Over simplistic? Perhaps. But even in my worst depression, there was a strong element of truth in this formula. When I felt my worst, there were changes I wasn't making. I needed help to get to the root of my depression, heal the pain and get to those life affirming changes that put me in alignment with my happiness.

The lesson? Alignment with happiness leads to the fulfilling your soul purpose.

Are We Ever Really Confused?

Last weekend I attended a Women's Business Empowerment Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. There were many fantastic speakers, but the thoughts of a couple of speakers really stood out for me. Dr. Fern Kazlow and Dr. Barbara De Angelis talked about the importance of alignment. Both of them reminded us that when we are in alignment with what is right for us, the world reflects back to us the power of our alignment.

When we are aligned, we experience less struggle. We attract who and what we need. We make choices that are fully in keeping with our purpose. When we are in alignment, we are not confused.

In fact, Dr. De Angelis took this further, suggesting we are never really confused. We know exactly what we want and what is right for us. However, in our fear, we debate it. The longer we stay in the debate, the longer we don't have to do anything. In essence she was qualifying confusion as an excuse.

I heard the truth in her observation. In my own life, I have discovered I either know or I don't know. If I don't know what I need to do, I find it is best to simply give thanks for the insight or information I am going to receive to give me direction. Then I go on with the work in front of me, paying attention to the insight when it comes.

When I know what to do, and I'm feeling fearful about it, one of the best ways through the fear is to begin taking action. And if the task ahead of me is really new, a good mentor or coach will help me identify the root of my fear, identify a method for overcoming the fear and hold me accountable to take action.

So are we ever really confused? I don't know the answer for everyone, but I do think it is a great question to ask when we are feeling confused. "Am I really confused or am I afraid?"