Friday, February 29, 2008

What If Your Prayers Have Already Been Answered?

This thought occurred to me the other day during a quiet moment, and I'm wondering how many of you have experienced something similar.

I was reflecting on times in my life, when I offered a prayer in hope to find greater clarity in my path, or was seeking more fulfillment, only to discover that the answer to my prayer had been right in front of me all along. Have you ever experienced that?

I know I spent years asking for clarity about my purpose, only to find out later the clues were with me all along. The dream of the Foundation had been in my mind for years. It took a friend to help me realize I needed to take it from a thought into a reality.

I prayed for years to discover a path to sacred awakening and enlightenment that was more conducive to a woman's energy and perceptions. The sacred gift that would open such a doorway had been with me for years, but I ignored it.

The thought caused me to wonder how often the answer/gift/solution/guidance is already there and I just haven't noticed it! How would I look at my life differently if I opened my eyes, ears and senses to the hidden treasures already present in my life—the prayers already answered?

You know those movies, where the leading character is looking for the love of their life and he or she happens to be working in the same office—unnoticed. You as the movie watcher know they are meant for each other, but they haven't figured it out yet. The main character is looking everywhere outside themselves for their beloved, when all along they only needed to be more vulnerable and honest within themselves in order to see they had already attracted their partner into their lives.

How about you? Have you ever wondered if you are looking right past the answers to your prayers? Have you ever discovered later that your prayer had already been answered?

Recording of Valentine Meditation

This was a popular meditation. If you missed it and would like to listen to the recording you can do so at:

Hoping you find your perfect partner!

Reverend Misa

Friday, February 15, 2008

Your Purpose, Prayer, and Attracting Your Perfect Partner

Last night, we offered a Valentine Ceremony for Attracting Your Partner. Certainly, many of us long to have a partner in our lives who respects, loves and supports us.

I am fortunate, some years ago, I met a man who fully supports me in my work here on earth, loves me for who I am, and respects what I am here to bring to the world. What I didn't know when I met him was how integral he would become to the fulfillment of my life's work. I was so used to creating without a partner, I had know idea how wonderful it would be to have someone who actually physically assists me. My husband, for example, is the one who created The New Dream Foundation Forums for us.

As we prepared for last night's guided meditation, I wondered what I had done to attract someone who is so dedicated to me and the success of my dream. Then I realized it happened the very night Ariann took me through this same guided meditation, just weeks before I met the man who became my husband.

As she led me into the meditation, she did not take me into a million details of what the perfect man was supposed to be. She took me into the feeling and awareness of my own sacred masculine self, where I bonded with that aspect of myself with love and appreciation. The prayer was in the feeling and the sacred space we created together. Of course, the man who showed up is a man who offered his full support because I fully support my purpose for being here. Jeffrey was perfect because he was the closest match to my own sacred masculine self.

This type of meditation I understand is done in some Tantric practices and it also the second step in the Creation Meditation. You can read about this powerful second step at the Forums:

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all enjoy the blessings of a partner who loves us and fully supports our purpose.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Power of Reflective Prayer

A while back when I was doing a lot of business communications consulting, I met a man who took himself on a yearly retreat by himself—every year. He spent that time in thoughtful reflection—evaluating every aspect of his life including his marriage, fatherhood, business, spirituality—everything. He considered whether he was doing his best, had anything going on that needed to change, and was happy in every area of his life.

He gave himself permission to enter the coming year with a clean slate, as if his life would be completely brand new. To prepare, he would ask himself some deep, soul searching questions like:

“Am I willing to continue committing to my marriage as it is?”
“How can I make my significant relationships better?”
“Am I happy in my work?”
“Is it bringing me fulfillment?”
“Do I want to continue with this career or change careers?”
"Am I happy with myself as a father?"

He made no assumptions about the next year of his life. He entered each year consciously and committed to the aspects of his life through which he continued to fulfill his purpose. If it was time for something to change, he changed it — whether or not it was an easy change to make.

This man was a model of integrity and happiness. He didn’t have to say he was on a powerful spiritual path, you could feel it in his words and see it in his eyes. He kept his life in alignment with his greater purpose.

As I embrace this new year, I have found myself also reflecting on my satisfaction with my choices. If indeed life itself is a prayer, and I believe it is, then I want every major decision I make to be in harmony with the impulses of my heart and soul. For me, that is where Divine guidance lives.

This wonderful man was and still is a great inspiration to me. He was the one who showed me the power of reflective introspection. Imagine a world where each of us was in that much alignment with the bidding of our souls.