Friday, March 28, 2008

Are You Ready to Re-Create Your Life?

A truly new and beautiful form of self guided meditation has been given to me to share with anyone in need of greater peace, healing, emotional stability, and clarity in their lives. Unlike many meditations that work through the quieting of your mind, this meditation takes you into the quieting of your emotions.

One thing I have learned from years of spiritual counseling is that emotions often drive our actions more than beliefs and thoughts. When the emotional body is calm our mind follows, and we become clear about the choices we need to make for our career, relationships and health.

This beautiful meditation came to me through a Native tradition and was initially done by women only. Now, with so many men aware of the power of their emotions, the time is right for this meditation to be used by both men and women.

The goal of this meditation practice is to release your "limited body" and accept your "limitless self." You could easily call this meditation a practice for becoming enlightened, specifically created with a woman's energy and emotional nature in mind, while still accessible to many men. There are ultimately, three parts to the meditation. It is best to become very familiar and comfortable with the first step before progressing to the second and third steps. It is amazingly simple and easy to guide yourself through the meditation.

Best of all, those who do the meditation on a regular basis are reporting that life long issues are resolving almost effortlessly. You can read some actual stories at the New Dream Foundation web site! The essence of the meditation is this:

Allow your awareness (do not force this, but rather allow) to bring you something you feel limited about. Perhaps it is a fear you have, a concern or doubt, or a feeling that is uncomfortable for you. And hold that limit in the sacredness of your womb. Do not try to fix or change it for that would dishonor the wisdom that lives within the limit. Simply be with the feeling of this limit. As you hold it, feel your compassion swell within you, just as you would feel compassion for a child who was struggling with her or his limits. Simply be in compassion. Do nothing, except Be with it.

It will, in its own time, transform into a peaceful freedom. It might transform the first time you hold the limit in this way. It might take several or many times, but it will transform—on its own—in the presence of your compassion.

I recommend you visit the web site to become a little more familiar with its history and to read about some of the results people have been experiencing. You can go there now by coping and pasting this URL into your browser: Or just go to the tool bar on the right and click on New Dream Foundation. When you get to the site, scroll down to the board on Spiritual Interests and click on Creation Meditation.

If it works for you, remember to pass this along to others who would love to experience more of their limitless nature.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Does Suffering Play a Part in Spirituality?

Over the years I have watched the pendulum swing in my own life when it comes to suffering. Growing up Catholic, I assumed that suffering was part of being a truly spiritual person because that is what Jesus had done for our redemption.

As an adult, I decided after a long bout of depression and grief that suffering was something to be avoided, especially since so many beautiful saints and masters like Jesus have already suffered on our behalf. It only made sense to fully receive their gifts. For the most part, I have received the gift and live most of my own life with a minimum of suffering, balancing the many years I suffered greatly during an earlier part of my adult life.

Though I believe we often take on more suffering than is necessary, I also know sometimes we simply do suffer. When—a loved one dies, when someone you love is seriously ill, you are listening to someone tell their story about being tortured or oppressed; you spend time with someone who has Alzheimer's, lives in a hospital bed, or is an orphan without their family—I realized if I could not suffer with them at least a little bit, I was without compassion. And if I could not suffer in love (ache even a little for my limits, doubts and fears), I was without compassion for me. I needed the powerful love that comes from compassion for myself and others.

Mellowing with time, I'm more inclined to a Buddhist perspective—the clear and simple observation that suffering exists here on earth. The question I then chose to embrace was, "How do I choose to be with suffering?"

A man who had been physically abused by his father told me there was a point when he no longer felt the pain and only felt bliss. I'm not advocating physical abuse, but I was amazed to hear him tell me that as a child he was able to transform pain in such a significant way.

Some years later, I prepared for a ritual burial. That means I was buried in a shallow grave with a breathing tube as a spiritual quest for greater connection with the Divine. The dirt was extremely heavy, allowing me virtually no movement at all for hours. I was extremely hot because of the way the burial was being done, as well as feeling immensely constrained. There was only one thing to do if I wanted spiritual connection and that was to astral project. And so this uncomfortable quest, pushed me beyond my perceived limits into a profound state of sacred awareness.

Suffering happens, and depending upon your belief, through our own choices, by the nature of earth, or by Divine design. When it does occur, suffering can become an opportunity to transcend our limits. And it provides an opportunity for us to feel true loving compassion—and through that compassion to know what is most important in life as an individual and as a spiritual being.

I have discovered as my capacity to hold my suffering and the suffering of others in compassion increases, my ability to share in the passion and joy of others as well as my own life's blessings also grows. This has become an unexpected and welcome outcome of learning how to hold compassion for myself and others. Suffering seems to transcend, almost on its own, when it is held in full and complete love—leaving me in peace, and sometimes bliss.

We will be applying this concept of holding us all in compassion this Equinox, during a tele-meditation called The Tear. During this tele-meditation, we will be holding ourselves, Mother Earth and those we love and care about in feelings of compassion and passion—the tears of sorrow and the tears of joy. As we do so, we will invite the cleansing, healing, and life giving nature of water to nourish human life and Mother Earth. We hope you will join us in this simple, yet profound spiritual response to the challenges of living on earth, as together we transform the suffering of ourselves and others into joy and peace.

For the date and time, visit the calendar at

Friday, March 14, 2008

Prayer, Depression and Healing

Winter can be such a challenging time when it comes to depression. The days are shorter, in the US more people die in winter than in warmer seasons, and grey skies can dampen your spirits. Of course, physical illness, stress, emotional turmoil, and abusive experiences from our past or present all contribute. And if you are an empath you may have bouts of depression for reasons that may be difficult to trace.

I spent many years being depressed, and recently, with the loss of a few people in my life, I found myself feeling the heavy feelings of depression once again. Fortunately, today I have more awareness about the messages depression is bringing and I have more tools for bringing myself into a lighter and more peaceful state.

While there are many books and articles about how to theraputically address depression, I would like to share a wonderful discovery about prayer and depression. In early years I just wanted God or somebody to fix me. I tried external stimulants like sex food and other distractions—all of which only temporarily provided relief. When my prayers and distractions didn't seem to be working, I thought about just leaving the planet. Something deep, deep inside told me that wasn't going to be an answer either, and that is when I finally surrendered.

Surrender was an incredible form of prayer for me because I finally stopped struggling and started listening. In the silence of listening to and honoring my feelings—all of them, my life began to change for the better.

Recently, a beautiful Native meditation was brought to me that has been asleep for over 100 years. In this beautiful meditation, you simply hold your feelings in the great feminine womb of your love. Our wombs (men and women's energetic wombs) connect to the womb from which all life began. When we hold our feelings in love and compassion, surrendering to the creative force of life, the fears behind the pain of depression begin dissolving until all that is left is peace.

I have been doing this meditation regularly these past days, and the depth of comfort and peace it brings to my soul is profound. Layer by layer the fears behind the hurt are transforming. It is one of the most profound ways to pray I have ever encountered—sweet, painless, loving, freeing.

For more about this beautiful meditation, look for the topic "Creation Meditation" at