Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What We Can Be

A Holiday Letter from Reverend Misa

This is a holiday story I seldom tell, but this year seems like the right year for sharing. I was living in Sedona, and staying with friends. It was just a few weeks before Christmas. I’d had a rather average day and went to bed at my usual time—nothing special.

In the middle of the night I was filled with the most intense, profound and unconditional love I have ever experienced. It was Jesus and every cell in my body was shaking in the presence of such immense love.

He was not loving me because I had done something special or right, or owned a certain set of beliefs. I had simply been wondering, over the past few days, what it must have been like for Mary Magdalene to have loved him. There he was, loving me in the most extraordinary way.

In the midst of my trembling, I heard a voice, not his, telling me I would write a song for him for Christmas. When I had held as much love as I possibly could, I told Jesus that was as much as I was ready to hold and his presence left.

I laid there in bed, dripping in sweat, completely exhausted. My first thought was, “I don’t especially like Christmas songs, why would you want me to write one?” The second was the realization that his love had no limits and no conditions.

He didn’t love me because I was Christian or was not Christian, or because I espoused that he was my savior. I believe he came because I wondered what it would be like to love him, and he was giving me an opportunity to find out. What I discovered is that his love was as unconditional as I have ever experienced.

Over the next few days, I reflected on this event, realizing that what I didn’t like about so much of the Christmas music I had heard is that so many of the songs glorified Jesus as a king and savior, seeming to miss this recognition of the tremendous love he carried within his heart and taught us to discover within ourselves. That’s when I understood why I had been asked to write a song.

I believed Jesus when he called all of us, including himself, children of God and did not raise himself above any other. I believed him when he said we would do greater works than he had done in his lifetime. I believed that what made him so special was his capacity to love without condition. That was his gift to us.

We are all so special. I see that every time I do a life path reading for someone. We are each so very magnificent. When I attach to my ego and start thinking I am more special than those I serve, I remember the readings I have given. I remember that in today’s vernacular, Jesus and Mary were people of color. I remind myself we are all special and worthy of the profound love I experienced when Jesus came to me.

Then I ask myself, “Misa, how much more love are you capable of holding? Have you fully accepted Jesus’ invitation to love?” Then I stretch my heart beyond its limits.

Recently, a friend called to suggest I was limiting how much love I was holding, and that my heart had the capacity to hold much more than I was allowing. He was right. He was so right. That very day, I sat to meditate and opened up to the love that was right there, waiting to be acknowledged.

Since that incredible visitation, masters from other traditions, both masculine and feminine, have visited me and guided me into my greater capacity to love. Because of them, I know that the blessings of the Divine flow through all spiritual traditions and all of creation. After experiencing such expansive, inclusive, Divine love, who am I to ever limit the capacity of God’s love?

As we arrive at the holidays of Christmas and Kwanzaa, I celebrate the great joy of living in my fullest capacity. As I consider the seven principles of Kwanzaa, I am proud to be human. Who among us would not grow significantly by reflecting on the concepts of: unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith?

If we were all to stop to reflect on these principles, I can only imagine that we would create a more loving world. That is my dream for the holidays and one that I know many of us share.

This holiday season, I invite you to find a few quiet minutes in which to light a candle or a fire. Surrounded in the comforting blanket of darkness and the warm glow of the fire, join me in reflecting upon your own capacity for love. Open your heart further than it has ever opened before, linger in that love, and then invite yourself to live in that expanded loving space each and every day.

In my heart and songs,
Reverend Misa

By the way, I did write the song. It is called “Song of Morning Star” and can be found on my Awaken the Dream CD at Spirit Treasures

Friday, December 18, 2009

Honoring The Dark

Honoring the dark might seem a little strange if you equate the dark with bad and evil. Yet during this winter solstice, when we experience the longest days of darkness, it seems appropriate to recognize the significance of the dark in the same way we honored the light last week.

Personally, I’ve been struggling for years with the notion that darkness has been relegated to represent what is not good. We talk about spiritual triumphs as coming out of the dark and into the light. We talk about our painful emotional periods as dark times with a sense of relief that we have emerged into the light.

As an energy healer, when I am able to see into the spiritual field of the body, I often see energies that represent illness or wounds as dark energies. In fact, when I see spirits, the mischievous ones are often dark. It has been easy for me to surmise, like so many of us have, that dark represents what is not good—not of the light.

But what about the Black Madonna, I would wonder? What about this beautiful black sky I gaze into at night? What about a cool, dark basement on a hot summer day? What about the intrigue of an underground cave?

My views about light and dark turned around a few times, when I began meditating within the primordial womb of all life. I had been taken into this reality in a very powerful spiritual experience many years ago when I was traveling through Egypt. Here at home I was being called into this reality once again.

The primordial womb of life is dark, endless, and pregnant with all the possibilities of life. All possibilities—none of them distinguished as good or bad—simply potentials. This womb is what I know as the Sacred Feminine. In this womb, the Mother holds all of the potentials of her children—of creation—and loves them all.

As a child or act of creation comes into life, the sound or longing of that creation emerges and becomes a ray of light streaming through the darkness, and eventually into the form of its longing.

Along the way, it may find itself bumping into other forms, creating friction and discomfort. We know the friction as feelings of helplessness, frustration, anger, hurt, jealousy, sorrow and pain. Intentions collide, and sometimes producing difficult results.

When I take these feelings into the darkness of the primordial womb, where all potentials are loved equally, the painful feelings gently ebb and flow away. In their place emerge longings of original intent. For me, those intentions are ecstatically beautiful, and in their presence the creation of my life is reborn.

I wonder this: if every injustice ever committed, and every accompanying feeling were to be held consciously within our loving wombs, would there be anything left that we would call evil?

Is the darkness I see in energy healing, evil or bad at all? Or is it life longing to be loved and it is showing its true color—the color of the primordial womb? Is it trying to find its way home?

When I call to the darkness within myself or another in compassion, for the truth of the darkness as it knows itself, the darkness, like my painful feelings, unravels itself and is born anew.

During this winter season, I honor the dark. I honor the womb of the Sacred Feminine. I honor it knowing that in the dark, there is hope.

A prayer honoring the dark: Return to the Womb of the Sacred Mother

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Honoring The Light

In respect for New Dream Foundation philosophy, I write my Soul Purpose articles with the intent of exploring concepts that are common within many religious practices and spiritual beliefs. I look for universal concepts to write about.

This article will be coming out just as Hanukkah begins, also known as the “Feast of Dedication,” and “Festival of Light.” It seems to me the underlying themes of this holiday are truly universal to us all.

Have you experienced a time in your life when your absolute dedication to a higher path was required in order to transcend the oppression of fear? Have you experienced perhaps a dark night of the soul, when all seemed lost, but you found the spark of a sacred fire burning within you and fed it with whatever hope and love you could gather together at the time?

I love the historical story of the menorah I have heard told during Hanukkah. Imagine having faced oppression with great conviction, even risking your life to reclaim your temple in honor of your faith. Then as you go to light the menorah (symbolizing the Light of God) you discover you only have enough sacred oil for one day of burning, rather than eight, but you light the menorah anyway. To your surprise the meager amount of oil lasts eight days.

After facing the fears that oppress you, have you ever gone to feed your inner sacred fire, thinking, I don’t have enough to give, only to discover that what you had to give was somehow enough?

During this season, the darkest season of our year, and the traditional time for the holidays of Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, many of us will be celebrating with symbols of light.

We will light candles, menorahs, bonfires, and kinaras across the globe, and some of us will put lights around our homes and businesses. In that light, we will celebrate dedication, family, love, unity, birth, miracles, hope and new life.

Isn’t it interesting how precious the light becomes to us when we are experiencing the very depths of darkness. Even the tiniest light may be a reflection of our greatest intentions—our own light the reflection of our manifestation—bursting forth from the darkness of our own becoming.

Any flame must be fed. So as we enter this season when so many spiritual traditions honor or use the flame to remind and inspire, perhaps we can ask ourselves: “With what will I feed my flame? Will I feed it with my fears, anger and pain? Or will I feed it with love, truth and trust?”

Will you be willing to find new ways to honor the light within yourself and within others? How will you choose to honor that light starting right now?

As you do, know that there is at least one person in the world, deeply grateful that you have brought forward your light to share with us all.

Flashes of Longing-The Pulsing Light Within

Friday, December 04, 2009

How Do You Avoid Missing the Obvious?

Have you ever had that feeling that what you have been looking for is staring right at you, but you just don’t recognize it? I think a lot of us, if not most of us, have had this experience.

Whenever I’m in a quandary, feeling as though I’ve prayed for something, but haven’t received any response I remember a piece of wisdom I received from a martial arts master. He said, “Everything you need is with fifteen feet of you.”

In today’s world, fifteen feet stretches pretty far. Here I am sitting in front of my computer with my cell phone next to me. They reach a lot farther into the world than the walls of my office. That’s exciting to me.

However, what is even more exciting is that the world also reaches INTO my office. That means if I ask the universe a question for delivery of something or someone I need, I may very well discover my answer right there in my e-mail inbox.

In my earlier days of spiritual awakening, I marveled at how I could walk into a book store with a question on my mind, and within minutes, watch the right book practically (and sometimes literally) jump off the shelf and into my hands.

I would be pondering a choice I needed to make, longing for some guidance, only to receive a call from a friend providing the very insight I needed to make a clear decision. My friend could be living halfway across the continent from me, and yet provide my answer, right there on the telephone.

Synchronicities then and now provide me with significant clues to answers. So does my intuition. When I was living in Portland, we had dozens of speakers and spiritual teachers visiting our area. There were so many that I simply had to check in with my intuitive wisdom regarding whose lecture to attend. Otherwise, I would have been attending lectures full-time.

On the other hand, when I started teaching Sound Medicine, I could hardly get any attention locally, but if I drove 30 miles out of town, suddenly my expertise was wanted. I discovered that people outside my hometown were listening to their intuition about whether to attend my talk, and sometimes their instincts were leading them to me.

What I learned from this experience is that the answers, people and wisdom we seek are often already in our lives or very close by. In other words, what knowledge I had learned and was here to share might have been equally as valid for my neighbor or family member as it was for the lovely people out of town that had engaged me for an evening.

This became so apparent to me that I began listening with much greater attention to the people closest to me. I tune-into my boyfriend with greater appreciation for his perspectives.

I listened to off-handed remarks with greater care. I have learned to pay attention to the books people recommend to me, even if I don’t have time to read them in full. I discovered the importance of the e-mail messages that found their way to me. I discovered the insights that come when I spent more time listening for the truth that was there, but wasn’t being said out-loud, by the people that loved me.

I stopped seeking outside experts, though I appreciated the wisdom when it was available to me. I started listening more to my own inner wisdom and input from the people that were closest to me. I started looking for my answers closer to home.

In essence, I trusted that the universe had already provided the answer. My job was to stop long enough to notice that it was already here, within fifteen feet of me.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Space Between the Beats

I’ve been listening to many of us describe our energy lately as “inward.” As a result of this spiritual inward calling, some of us may be feeling a little off-balance since we live in a world that honors outward expression and staying busy. It can be challenging to respect the call to be still and to reflect. Yet, for many of us the call for greater balance is stirring.

A master drummer once called the silence, the space between the beats. That is the space that seems to be calling to me these days. The space seems to be demanding my attention. It is making life very interesting.

Yesterday, I stated that I don’t remember a time when I have felt called to hold so much spiritual, inward energy or space, while also needing to maintain active participation in the business world.

Just months ago, I was able to give in to that pull and seclude myself in meditation for several days. But with the internet launch of my new book on Tuesday, I don’t feel that I can separate myself from my outer-world work, which means I must find a way to be both inward and outward at the same time.

It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? It doesn’t even seem as though it would be possible for both energies to exist at the same time. Yet, what is true balance, but to be in the center of duality, where two seemingly different states of awareness converge?

I find myself, out of necessity, learning how to hold greater and more vast spiritual space within, while also expending and expanding my energy in the outer world judiciously. What this translates to in real life looks like this.

I’m a bit dizzy some of the time, bumping into walls part of the time and missing a few meetings. (It has been quite embarrassing.) I drive as little as possible and when I do, I make sure I’m fully grounded first. My memory for details is extremely short and I have little patience for even attempting to consider a decision unless there is enough information with which to make a choice.

In order to fully take care of myself, I require time in nature and need my daily walks and exercise routine. I eat lightly, but I make sure I eat enough to help keep myself grounded. I meditate daily, without fail, and I make more lists to help me stay on track with what needs to be done. When choices are in front of me, I look for the path of least resistance that allows for the greatest effect in order to use my energy well.

The really good news is that in this current field of energy, I have a greater sense about what is really important and what is not. I set my priorities very carefully, so that I accomplish without over-extending. As I respect my need for inner awareness, honoring the space between the beats throughout the day, my inner world is becoming quieter and more present to the moment. Hence, I have more confidence in the decisions I make.

If my conversations with others provide any indication, I’m not alone in this experience of feeling a little off-balance. I’m also not alone in this experience of wanting to attend to the call for stillness and quiet—space to simply be and to hold.

How about you? Have you been feeling a little off-balance lately? Have you been yearning for more quiet and space to simply be? How are you managing this call?

For George Harrison's thoughts about space in his song, Within You and Without You

Friday, November 20, 2009

Receiving the Unseen Gifts

I’ve taken to saying this prayer almost daily now, “Thank you Spirit for the blessings I have received this day—both seen and unseen.” I started offering this prayer of gratitude when I got a peek at some gifts I had received that I didn’t know about until later.

I would be struggling with something, only to hear later that someone had said a prayer for me so that I would have an easier time. It took me a while to notice that when other people were praying for me in alignment with my own truest desires, life seemed easier.

Now, this sounds obvious, doesn’t it? However, it really isn’t too obvious when you are not noticing that it is happening, is it?

This concept really came home to me through a significant vision. I was struggling with a spirit entity that just kept interfering with my life and wouldn’t leave me alone. I did everything I knew at that time to do and couldn’t seem to maintain my privacy and serenity. I prayed earnestly for help. Days later, I had a vision of a footprint on the ground and knew that the footprint was from someone that had traveled to be closer to where I was, and had come to help me.

I was so deeply touched, I cried. If I hadn’t had the vision and tapped in intuitively, I wouldn’t have known that someone had quietly come to help me. I know me. If I hadn’t had the vision, I might have been cursing at God for abandoning me. But I asked and help came. It was happening whether or not I noticed.

I remember this when I start to raise my fist at God or the Universe. I tell myself to wait, watch and listen. Most of all I remind myself to trust that my prayers are answered. I just might not be recognizing the answer because I’m still feeling the pain or the struggle.

Someone recently sent me a cartoon via e-mail that illustrated this point. A man says a prayer asking God for protection. In the next frame, he gets hit on the head by a rock. He curses at God. Then we see God standing between the man and a huge boulder that He is shattering. God expresses his concern to the man that he might have missed a tiny piece, and wanted to know if the man was all right.

I love this story. It was such a powerful reminder that sometimes the gift is being given, but as we face the remaining challenges, we just aren’t recognizing it.

So during this upcoming holiday of gratitude, you can be sure, I’ll be saying one of my favorite prayers, giving thanks for every gift and blessing I receive. “Thank you Spirit, for the blessings I have received this day—both seen and unseen.”

Prayer for your Thanksgiving meal by Tich Nhat Hanh

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Makes a Good Psychic Reading?

There are as many kinds of psychic readings as there are readers. What makes a good reading that is helpful to you will of course depend upon what information you are looking for and the style of delivery that works for you.

That said, after years of giving and having readings, I’ve discovered that it is easy to not recognize a powerful one.

Some years ago, I did a trade with a woman for a reading. She was strong enough in her gift that even medicine people came to her for readings. Now, I had believed for years that I was a difficult person to read, but each insight I received, however small or significant, seemed to offer me confirmation of my deepest knowing.

So, I looked forward to our time together and was curious about what she would uncover. But I also went with the thought that I would be difficult to read and I was going to enjoy the challenge I perceived I presented to her.

She grew very still and very quiet. Slowly she pulled forth bits of insight—none of it new. Then in closing she stated quite clearly that my journey was to go deeply into the sacred feminine. That was it.

I was deeply disappointed. I already knew that. My goodness, I had recovered from a syndrome that had me producing as much testosterone as a male in puberty, calling myself back to balance with my feminine.

Only now do I realize what I had done and why I was disappointed. Energetically, my posture was one of challenge. I wanted to see just how much of who I am and my destiny she could see. I expected her to see some great potential in my future, and my ego was unimpressed with the reading.

Years later I laugh at myself. She couldn’t have named my sacred work any better. She nailed it. The core of my purpose and work here on earth is all about the sacred feminine, and re-establishing the awareness of sacred feminine in our spiritual consciousness.

I was looking for a reading that would stroke my ego about some important achievement before me and she gave me a true reading that identified my sacred work. The space I hold is the work I came here to do. My path lay in my capacity—my ability to be the sacred feminine. (Talk about great!)

She could have done the reading in 1 minute, with her last statement and it would have been the most powerful reading I could have received.

Over the years the nuances of my purpose have shifted. I have discovered how my unique healing and teaching abilities are part of who I am, what I am here to do and how I live out my purpose. I have quested to receive even more clarity about my purpose and my missions. All of my gifts, however I choose to recognize and identify them, are connected in purpose and I know that now.

I understand that it is my job to stay connected to my inner guidance and follow it, whether I quest for that insight, go to a reader for confirmation, enter into self-healing space to clear my own resistances, or follow what is before me like bread crumbs along a path—it is my job.

When I am confused, I might see a reader. But I don’t go any more in hope that someone will stroke my ego or that I will be wowed by their ability to see hidden places within me. I leave the challenge and my ego at home. I go for confirmation.

I listen to what the reader sees in me. Deep inside me, I know my path. When a spirit-filled reader points out either what is obvious to me or what I have been trying to ignore, I know they are speaking on behalf of my true Divine direction in this moment. If there is neither confirmation nor resistance, then I simply hold their insights for a while to see if the truth of those insights emerge at a later date.

When the reading is over it is time to act. Some of us keep looking for knowledge as if somehow knowledge is going to make us feel better—as though some insight will give us a reason for our non-action. Yet, as we act in alignment with our purpose, more is revealed. Action is necessary for deeper levels of revelation. The true measure of a good reading; therefore, may have as much to do with what we act upon as it has to do with what we have heard.

Lead Me to My Purpose

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Some of you know now, that my sister-in-law passed away last week. She was a very quiet woman, and also someone who had a profound sensitivity to others. We will miss her kindness and that twinkle in her eye that let you know she knew exactly what was going on, whether or not she chose to address it verbally.

Now my brother, whose wife just died, lies in the hospital with a nitro-glycerin pack on his chest for his heart. As I hold space for him, my niece and nephew and my recently deceased sister-in-law, the pain they are going through touches me deeply.

I’ve been so blessed that the people around me are offering their understanding and their prayers. Every request I have made for support so that I can withdraw some from my business life in order to be more present with my family has been honored with kindness.

Today I was reflecting on how blessed I am to be surrounded by so much kindness. It became a reminder to me when I am feeling impatient with someone that cuts me off in traffic, seems despondent or inattentive when waiting on me at a restaurant, or doesn’t seem to be responding to my e-mails, that I have no clue what might be happening in their lives.

Is it possible someone is cutting me off because they are trying to get to the hospital before their loved one dies? Perhaps the wait-person has just gotten a divorce and is trying to keep the pieces of their life together? Is someone not responding to an
e-mail as quickly as I like because they are responding to a serious situation at home, or a lack of help or time at work due to illness, or they may just be very busy?

Do I account for technical problems and delays? Do I allow space for the emergencies of others? How often am I quick to judge or assume that others are being disrespectful, uncaring or selfish, when perhaps they are simply doing their best to cope with their own challenging situations?

I ask myself, “Could I find a little more kindness in my heart when others are not responding to me the way I would like them to?”

Aren’t these moments the ones when I have the opportunity to put my Spiritual beliefs into meaningful practice? Am I willing to consistently choose to respond in kindness? Am I willing to let go of negative assumptions about the motivation of others and recognize them as individuals doing their best?

Today, as I give thanks for the kindness of others, I am reminded to practice the same depth of kindness I am receiving—not only with people I know—but with strangers too. They are after all, members of my spiritual family that I have not met yet. In times of our greatest need, it is the kindness of our loved ones—our spiritual family—that helps us get through.

Good news! My brother was released almost immediately. His heart is still hurting, but physically he is fine now.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sedona Sweat Lodge

My phone has been ringing and e-mails coming in with people’s reactions to the loss of lives and physical injuries people experienced at the Sweat Lodge facilitated by James Arthur Ray during a Spiritual Warrior Retreat at a resort outside of Sedona, Arizona. I used to live in Sedona, so you can imagine how many reactions this has stirred-up in the hearts and minds of people that live there, and for many of us.

First of all, my heart-felt condolences to the family and friends of those that crossed over. I can only imagine what a tragic and shocking loss this must be for them. My heart goes out to those that were involved at every level. For whatever reason(s) this occurred, the lessons cannot be easy.

I’ve been hearing a lot of assumptions and speculation about what happened, including from me. Let me suggest we all step back from what we do not know, and instead focus on what we can learn for ourselves, so that such an event does not happen for us…unless that is our conscious desire.

I speak of conscious desire because, as I shared with a friend this weekend, if I knew it was my time to cross over, I can’t imagine a more loving, Spirit-supported place in which to leave. It would be like choosing to cross over while in the church of your choice, surrounded by beautiful Spirits in prayer and in relationship with the Divine. That said, I personally would prefer it be a conscious choice.

Some years ago, a woman had been suffering for years, and when I sang to her I could feel and hear her asking me to hold space for her so that she could finally cross over. I was honored that she trusted me and found so much Spirit in my song that she could go, but I was not prepared to hold that space for her and asked her not to leave on my watch. There was a conscious interaction in the spirit-world that we both also consciously acknowledged in the physical world. Today, I might choose differently, but then it was the right conscious choice for me to make.

However, since then, as others I have known have laid dying in their beds, I have willingly sung their song to help them easily make their transition, with their permission, and all done consciously.

Whatever unconscious agreements were going on in that lodge that day, I can’t help but consider a lesson, perhaps for many of us, about becoming more conscious participants in our journeys.

Sweat lodge is a ceremony—a serious ceremony to be respected—and not taken lightly by the one that facilitates it. When I was invited to learn the ways of and offer sweat lodge in a specific Native tradition, I knew I would need to go to the lodge in my most humble nature, stripping myself of ego, and learning how to hold safe, yet powerful space for those that entered the lodge with me.

When I was invited to participate in lodges poured by elders, roadmen and water-pourers of various Native traditions, I made sure my own intuition was saying, “Yes,” to enter the lodge. If my intuition says, “No,” I don’t go, no matter how much I might want to, and no matter how well-trained or skilled the facilitator of that lodge may be.

I only sweated with people that had been trained and were deeply connected to Spirit, following Spirit’s guidance over their own will and desires. And, as I said, I only sweat when everything in me is guided to do so. If I don’t already know, I ask about their training—what tradition they were taught to pour lodge in, how long they have been pouring, perhaps I’ll ask about who apprentices them, or what kind of lodge they pour. I want to know if it is a healing, visioning, warrior, or purification lodge, for example.

There are many kinds of lodges, poured for different reasons and done in different ways, depending upon the tradition itself and the purpose of the lodge. Each can be powerful in its own way.

I ask what they expect from me. I want to know what clothing is appropriate in their tradition, how many doors they have (how often the lodge is opened for people to have a break and get fresh air and cool down). I’ll ask their guidance on when a person may or may not leave the lodge if my body becomes over-stressed (such as between rounds for example). I find out how many people might be in the lodge and ask if they recommend making prayer ties to take into the lodge. Water-pourers I have met welcome questions. It is best for everyone if you are clear about this as being the right place for you before you enter the lodge.

I know the pourer has responsibility for my journey while I am in the lodge. So if I have an existing health condition that might be exacerbated in a lodge, I let them know. If I have been fasting, I expect them to be able to hold space for me in that state of being. But I also know ultimately, I am responsible for me. The best time to make my decision about what I’m going to do is before I ever enter the space.

Because many of us are not familiar with sweat lodge, or are entering one for the first time, we might be inclined to neglect our responsibilities in taking care of ourselves, thinking the water-pourer knows better what we need than we do. And in terms of facilitating lodge, some of us assume that because we have been to one or a few, we understand how to pour a lodge and don’t need help or instruction. In either case, we are not assuming personal responsibility and this is where and how such harm can occur.

May I suggest that we learn from the deaths and injuries of this lodge, and with greater awareness of our responsibilities, approach this powerful ceremonial space with the full respect that it and we deserve.

A Sedona Sweat Lodge Prayer.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Keep Your Inner Friends Close and Your Inner Enemies Even Closer

The concept of keeping your enemies close to you intrigued me greatly the day I read about Nelson Mandela’s practice of having his rivals over for dinner. He believed that breaking bread together broke down barriers. “No wonder his life has been such a positive and powerful influence in the world,” I thought as I finished reading the article in Time magazine about his views of leadership.

During my recent retreat in days of deep meditation and visioning, I took with me a haunting thought about someone I perceived had approached me as an enemy. Conceptually, I knew from previous experiences that when someone approaches you from an antagonistic position it does not necessarily mean you can never find your peace with each other. It simply means you must find greater understanding.

My mind remembered this concept, but my heart ached from the inaccurate assumptions that had been made about me. And so, my inner struggle accompanied me into my retreat.

After settling into compassionate sacred awareness and knowing that the external world is a reflection of the internal, I welcomed the image of my perceived rival into my sacred space. My rival came and there I sat in complete compassion and willingness to understand the perspectives of another, because those perspectives were reflections of my own doubts.

It did not take long for me to understand, and for the seeming weight of being unaccepted to be lifted. In its place, I found acceptance of another and myself—as we are—doing the best that we can in the moment.

I realized that in the end our fears were the same. We both feared unacceptance and simply had different ways of expressing the very same fear. In compassion, I could not only hold my own fear of unacceptance, but I could hold that same fear for another. In the end, we were more similar than we were different.

Before the day was over, a sweet voice from the other side of the veil whispered in my ear, “Enemies are those who come to help you define who you are.”

Isn’t it true? Is there anyone like a rival, a person with a different view point or belief, to help you define who you really are? And isn’t the bottom-line challenge an opportunity to decide whether or not you will use this fear to become your greatest self, or that which you fear?

In my case, I could either become compassion or I could become the very unacceptance I found so unacceptable. It was my own inner rival—unacceptance—that longed to know acceptance, and that was achieved through loving understanding.

Yes, during my days of silence I also held my kindness, humor, tolerance, and many more qualities in my loving embrace. I held them in love, so that they could become more of how I walk in the world. Yet, the one that needed most to be held dear was my own inner enemy. That is where I made the greatest difference. Mandela was right. Breaking bread together does break down barriers.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Remembering The Forgotten

This meditation was profoundly deep, yet my mind was focused. I was asking how I could best serve the people I am here to support. In reality, I discovered I had known all along. In truth, I needed confirmation.

The sacred pulse was strong and familiar. It did not have to be spoken to me in words or shown to me in vision. Though I had forgotten it for most of my life, every moment of every day has been bringing me to this realization.

I’ve been a student of energies—specific energies most of my adult life. When my daughter asked me if the baby in her womb was a girl or a boy, I didn’t get it right, but I knew whether the essence of the child was more yin or yang. I know how to support my grandchildren as I experience their essential expression of feminine or masculine energies at any given time in their development.

For years, I have looked at the world in ways many do not. Even as a business consultant, it has been my tendency to see businesses and organizations as fundamentally masculine or feminine in nature. I see their energies.

Masculine organizations tend to be goal-driven (not just goal-directed), have strict top-down management structures, with little opportunity for employee or customer input. They are highly efficient businesses, productive, and tight to their numbers. However, they lay-off employees a bit too easily and are sometimes out of sync with current market trends and needs, causing them to lose market share.

Feminine organizations tend to involve their employees and customers in their planning and have fewer layers of management. They are goal-directed, but not driven and will often “go with the flow” rather than hold to plans and projections, and are usually very much in sync with current markets. However, they have difficulty releasing non-performing employees, prefer not to lay-off anyone and will risk lower performance and profits rather than hurt anyone.

Can both energies exist within an organization? Actually, to be a truly healthy and vibrantly functioning organization, they must. When I was a more active consultant, I privately analyzed the business’ energy and then guided them to a more balanced state. A business needs to have clear direction, have management that can make difficult decisions in the moment without input from others and needs to have enough structure for everyone to understand their role and responsibilities. It also needs to have a pulse on the market, develop customer and employee loyalty and, when necessary, be able to move with the trends.

This planet aches and groans under the pressure of too much masculine energy without an adequate balance of feminine energy. We make decisions for the sake of profit or power without considering the short- and long-term effects on our planetary community. We wage war for immediate gain, and consider the outcomes and impact of those decisions after the fact. We will stick to a profitable plan, even when it is no longer working for the greater good.

We say things like, “The end justifies the means,” which is a great way to justify just about any action you want to take, even at the expense of many members of our planetary family.

All this said, masculine energy is fabulous. It has taken us out of the stone age into the comforts of modern civilization. The energy is directed and on purpose. The Divine Masculine energy is a vital and exciting aspect of creative force. But without its partner, the Divine Feminine, the creative force is out of balance, and we suffer from the repercussions of half creations.

For many years, I have said that in order for us to develop spiritually as humans and for the planet to evolve to its next potential, like the businesses that prospered in balance, we need to find ours. While I adore both energies, I know which one needs attention, across the globe, and that is the Sacred Feminine. She has been oppressed and forgotten for too long. It is time for us to remember her sacred nature within us.

So it was no surprise to me and probably no surprise to those of you who know me, that my blessed work and privilege is in supporting us all in remembering and honoring Her essence within us, so that She rises from the status of forgotten to the Sacred Partner of the Divine Masculine within us. When She is in balance within us, all of us and the world will prosper in ways we have dreamed and hope to experience.

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Sweet Endeavors

The energy was practically yanking me into seclusion. “But I have so much to do!” I kept thinking, and I did.

I’m the Spiritual Director of a foundation, run my own business providing healing assistance and consult with a couple of small business owners. My plate is usually overflowing. When was I supposed to find time to take a retreat?

But the pull was insistent. Finally, I surrendered. I notified the volunteers that so generously support me in all of my work, set up out of the office messages, and secluded myself in our guest room for 3 days and nights.

The energy was pulling so hard, I didn’t even feel like I had time to create a special retreat event. I was just plain going inside, and going right then.

My desire and intention was simple. First, I wanted greater clarity about my purpose and how to fulfill it. Second, I wanted to go more deeply into my infinite heart. You know, expanding through breath and heart beyond the limits of my current capacity to love—using a similar process that meditation New Dream members recently received.

Within seconds of sitting down before the Mother Bowl filled with water, and beginning my meditation, my mind was quiet and my heart bursting. The days of meditation were rich and sweet as I breathed lovingly into my infinite capacity to love.

Throughout the days, I cried and laughed. My heart expanded and clarity came. I found great focus for my work and you will see this reflected in changes at New Dream during this coming year. (I don’t want to tell you now because it might spoil the fun of New Dream’s re-dedication and unveiling of new ways to support you.)

Once again, I fell in love with my calling and I fell in love with you. When I asked to see who I was to serve and support—you were there. And you are so BEAUTIFUL!

You inspired me to hold in love more than I have ever held before. In that realization, my plate-full of activities is more than a flurry of to-do’s with a few moments of awakened passion. Each moment richer. Oh, I’m still challenged by everything I have committed to do; however, after my retreat, each one of them feels like a sweet endeavor.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Call of the Dove

Recently, I have been remembering a mystical experience I had some years ago. I’ve come to believe that when such experiences are being remembered, it means some aspect of the engagement is significant now.

I was staying with my sister-friend in Sedona, and while I was there I discovered I frequently had profound mystical experiences when I meditated in the late afternoons. That day, I laid down, propping my head up on the arm of the couch. (This is a wonderful posture for deep meditation, as long as you don’t fall asleep.)

Opening my heart, I allowed myself to be present in a loving exchange of energy between Divine Masculine presence and my Sacred Feminine, with every inhale and exhale. Eventually, I drifted into a state of what I would call luscious, loving stasis. As I sank deeper into the space, I was startled by a rustling of wings as I watched a spirit-dove fly out from my heart. To my spirit-body this was as real as if a physical bird had flown from my chest.

It is no surprise that such experiences linger with us all our lives, yet I have been wondering why the dove was calling to me now. So, I did a little research about doves and discovered that among the many pairs of animals on this planet, they maintain a wonderful balance as male and female in preparing for the birth of and caring for their young.

The male gathers the sticks for the nest. The female arranges them. They take turns throughout the day sitting on their eggs or tending to their young. Both parents create pigeon milk for their little ones and for the most part, one parent or the other remains with the nest at all times. They are in many ways a most equalitarian couple.

I understand doves have been given as wedding gifts since the times of the Romans and Greeks. They have served as messengers and talismans. The dove has been associated with Aphrodite, Venus, Sophia and Mary. It was the badge of the Knights Templar and the symbol of Saint Scholastica, the patron saint of rain. It is said Mohammed had a dove eat from his ear, and it has been associated with the Holy Spirit. Historically, and across many cultures and spiritual practices, they have symbolized love, commitment, purity, prophecy and divination.

I must admit, I enjoyed the research, but I still find myself asking, “Why a dove?” Perhaps, I will spend my life learning and understanding the significance of a dove flying from my heart. Perhaps, in the end, what is most important is what I felt in that moment. My sense of inner balance with the masculine and feminine natures of love was tremendous and the dove seemed to burst forth out of that love.

In many ways my quest to experience the powerful distinctions and union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are as important to me now as they were then. For a sweet and memorable moment in my life, perhaps the dove was a sacred messenger affirming the joy of loving—the perfect message then and today.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Everything Counts

I just read an inspiring story from Simple Truths taken from Andy Andrews’ new book, “The Butterfly Effect.”

The story is a powerful reminder about how everything we do counts. Here is what Andrews says in his own words: “Simply put, when we understand that every action matters, every result of our actions immediately improves.”

Just months ago, I was on my hands and knees scrubbing spots out of our white carpet for the umpteenth time. Doing my best not to cuss, I was frustrated that instead of doing something important, like writing my next article—which was certainly in greater alignment with my purpose—I was scrubbing a carpet.

Then I got caustic. I really wanted to wring the neck of the sorry person that decided white carpeting should be a new home décor trend. Clearly this person had never cleaned a carpet in his or her life.

I was not doing a very good job of using my momentary carpet cleaning service as an act of devotion. I wasn’t even maintaining a quiet, non-complaining state of consciousness. I was pissed. (No wonder those spots keep coming back!)

Fast forward with me to just a few weeks ago. I was sitting at the computer with a list of tasks that needed to be accomplished. All of them, in my opinion, were in clear alignment with my purpose. I had articles to write, letters to answer, comments to address on my blog, an action pan to address for a sales campaign for my book, and Foundation business to complete.

The challenge was that they were all priority items and pretty much on the same deadline. So how was I supposed to choose which task to complete first?

Throw in an unexpected call or two from people that needed immediate input to do their work, a daughter’s need for a little love from her mom, along with my body’s cry for a little rest, a desire for a little fun, and need for some exercise somewhere in the mix and voila—I had the typical crazy-day formula that reminds me I’m human.

It felt like my own circumstances were pushing me into trying to figure out what the heck was most important! That’s when I came to grinding stop. I got quiet inside—really quiet.

When I’m not clear about what is important, I know from experience it is time to find my guidance—not TRY to figure it out. At those moments, figuring it out usually leads me down some interesting trail, but rarely does it put me squarely on my truest path.

How could I possibly figure out whether it is more important to spend some time with my daughter or write the next article? Which one makes the greater difference? It seemed to me they both do.

In the silence, I remembered a moment just days earlier when I was in the middle of a mundane task. All of sudden, someone’s beautiful face was in my inner vision and I could feel their presence. Something good had just happened for them and I could sense that it was linked to, or enhanced by, the inner calm and happiness I was feeling in that moment.

I get so hung up sometimes in the egoic desire to do only what is important that I miss what is really important—how I am choosing to be with everything I do. It all matters. Everything is an expression of the Divine exploring Itself through me. So, how I am being is just as significant as what I am doing.

I reminded myself that my intuitive guidance would know the proper order in which to approach my desires if I surrendered to its flow. In the surrender, it all got done. The exercise, the phone calls, the work, the rest, the play, even the new spots in the carpet got cleaned—peacefully, lovingly, seeing the Divine in every motion and every choice. Because it is all the expression of the Divine, it all counts.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeling a Gap in Time?

Have you noticed lately that things you attempted to accomplish 7-10 years ago are suddenly coming up to be done now? Have you ever felt like someone put your life on hold for a few years, and you weren’t the one putting it into neutral? There you were living your purpose as you understood it and suddenly you couldn’t seem to actually make a living fulfilling your life’s greatest desires.

You aren’t alone. I’ve been chatting with people about this and many of us have noticed a seeming gap or time lag in our ability to complete our life’s work. How could that have happened?

A few years ago, I was meditating when a visitor stopped by, in the ethers. He explained to me that the timeline for earth had been altered and needed attention. I asked him why he wasn’t tending to it himself, and he explained that he could not interfere. He could only report what was happening.

Well, I’m used to interesting things popping up in my dreams and meditations, but I like to get additional perspective so I called a very close friend of mine and asked her if she had any intuitive insights regarding my visitor. Her answer surprised me. She said this same topic had come up in at least three dreams that she could remember.

Neither of us had any idea what you to do mend an altered timeline or if it was even appropriate for us to intervene. But we decided if the spirits were trying to get our attention about it, we would be wise to meditate on it further to see if there was anything we were supposed to do.

We were indeed being asked to heal what appeared to us like a ruptured fault line, so we applied ourselves in creating a ceremony to do our part in healing any damage that had been done. We knew after the ceremony that it would be some time (likely, years) before the course correction would complete itself.

I’m only sharing this with you so that perhaps you can find greater patience and understanding for yourself and others if you have found yourself feeling delayed in fulfilling aspects of your life purpose. Indeed we are the creators of our reality, and our choices create our experiences. Yet we are also part of a larger tapestry of time and creation.

If you have found yourself not quite able to pull the pieces of your life together in a way that you thought by now would have been completed, you may have simply been caught in a gap of time.

The good news is that you may find it easier now than ever to meet your soul mate, create an income doing your life work, or fulfilling various aspects of your destiny. On the other side of this equation, you may find yourself expecting instantaneous results now that the energy is shifting. You may discover that rather than judging less, you are judging yourself and others for not changing fast enough.

Further, during this “gap,” you may have become involved with someone else, chosen another career path, and set new goals for you life. You may find yourself feeling pressured to now fulfill two different sets of outcomes—one set put into motion 10 years ago—and an alternative set put into motion when your original outcomes weren’t coming to fruition.

What do you do? I’d like to make a couple of suggestions. First, become close friends with patience and compassion. Your spirit may be managing a great deal more than you have realized in order to keep you in alignment with your purpose, so be extra kind to yourself.

If you have been under some indefinable pressure, you can imagine that your friends and loved ones may have been experiencing the same kind of frustration with a seeming slowness in their ability to fulfill their hopes and dreams. They may need your understanding.

Ask for a clear path to emerge. Allow yourself to remember your purpose here on earth and then affirm a direct course of action in your life in the fulfillment of that purpose. Consider the gap in time as a gift that allowed you to have many experiences and insights that will only further help you in the fulfillment of your destiny. Then let go into the present moment, enjoying a new and richer experience of your purpose as it is now.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Thousand Times Yes!

I had a dream recently where just as I was about to say, “Yes,” in response to an invitation, I woke up. I’m not entirely sure why at that moment I awakened myself to full consciousness, but perhaps, I needed to be sure both my conscious and subconscious minds were in complete alignment. Knowing now that I am fully in alignment, the answer is, “A thousand times yes.”

Why such an emphatic response? Well, the invitation was an opportunity to explore love at greater depth—the kind of love where souls truly merge together to experience something beyond their individuality. For me, this invitation was an opening to live more of my intended desire and purpose.

A Tantric Master once asked me a question—the same question—multiple times in a row, and repeatedly I gave him the same answer. But each time my answer became more emphatic. You see, we weren’t going to begin opening my kundalini until I was absolutely certain my answer was, “Yes,” and every part of me was ready and in full alignment with that answer. If any part of me was in doubt, my concern or fear would have come up at some point within the repetition of being asked to state my intention, so many times.

We discussed the concept of complete alignment in our recent 7 Steps to Healing Anything Tele-Seminar because in order for healing to occur all parts of ourselves need to be in alignment. The same principle is true whether we are creating wellness, prosperity or attracting a soul mate. If one part of us is not in alignment, manifestation is difficult.

In healing, it is easy to find yourself having seemingly conflicting desires. Part of you wants to be fulfilling more of your life-work, while another just wants to rest and sleep. Still another part just wants to be making more money in a job that doesn’t demand too much, and another wants enough flexibility in your schedule to focus on your healing. Part of you wants meaningful relationship and another part of you doesn’t have the energy to give to a partnership.

At times, the parts actually seem to be in conflict with one another. It takes a great deal of inner listening, self-honesty and creativity to pull all the desires into alignment in such a way that your choices completely support your healing, so that ultimately you can fulfill your purpose for being here on earth.

During our last Tantra session together, this same Master explained to me that when you are looking for direction in your life, there is only one thing to do and that is to follow your purpose. Of course, you don’t know all of the possible ways your life will unfold when you are following your purpose. For all you know, you will align with your purpose only to discover yourself, later on, back in the parts department again, examining all the inner desires that pull on your energy.

You don’t know in advance what the unknown has in store for you. It isn’t appropriate to assume the path to your purpose will be easy or difficult, or be exactly the way you expect it to be. It is simply your purpose and your path. However, I have discovered you can reduce some of your anxiety by simultaneously affirming that embracing even more of your purpose will be as good for your life as what you currently experience or better.

You can choose not to live your purpose, but stepping away from purpose seems to create a gaping hole in your fulfillment quotient. Living your purpose has a rightness about it and brings a sense of fulfillment that cannot seem to be satisfied in any other way.

In my own experience, some new aspect of my purpose calls strongly when I have said a prayer—I have intended to be of greater service, experience more fulfillment, or live my deepest desires. If I allow myself to move through my fear of the unknown and accept the invitation, then when purpose calls it seems to me the answer to give is a resounding, “A thousand times yes!”

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where Do You Find Hope?

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~ Emily Dickinson

I gave up on hope. Hope it seemed to me was some lofty goal for the future that never seemed to materialize.

For many years, I guess you could say my definition of hope was more like what you might find in the dictionary under unfulfilled hope, and certainly in alignment with the view of Friedrich Nietzsche, “Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man.”

What really bothered me was that deep down I felt as though I was here to share messages of hope, but I couldn’t figure out what purpose hope served other than to stimulate greater misery.

It wasn’t until I started writing my book, “The Root of All Healing,” that a more positive perspective of hope began to make some sense. As I shared stories about the healing successes of people I knew, I remembered the influential, healing power of telling our stories.

I paid more attention when I sat in talking circles. One person would be sharing their story and across the room another person’s eyes were filling with tears. I listened to conversations between people. One would share a success story and someone else who was listening would bow their head and softly smile, as if to say—next time it will be me.

When in ceremony, I watched the children. As we prayed for our world, the children were a living reminder that the future we prayed for is the story we wanted to give to them.

We find hope in each other’s stories. We find our own potential when we hear about how another discovered theirs’. We find the courage to keep going because we realize someone else shared our own doubts and fears, yet saw their way through to the results they wanted.

I doubt that hope can be concisely defined any better than we can define love. But I do know now that hope is not about the future, nor is it about a far-off, unachievable dream.

Hope gives us inspiration, in this moment, to persevere when we feel lost, confused, unworthy, abandoned or hopeless. Sometimes in our most trying periods, we are helped when someone holds hope in their hearts for us. As Charles Allen says so well, “When you say a situation or a person is hopeless, you're slamming the door in the face of God. “

When I was a school teacher I hoped without every calling it that. I held each child’s potential as though it was a part of my own soul. I nourished their dreams and fed their potential every day until they were able to take flight on their own.

We find hope when others believe in us. We also find hope from the stories of others. That is why I created this blog at Soul Purpose, the Forums at New Dream Foundation and the blog at Self-Healing Secrets.

In these places we can hold dreams for each other. After all, it is often easier for someone else to have faith in our potential than it is for us. They are also places where we can share our stories—imparting and receiving the hope we need from one another.

Where do you find your hope? Post your experience of hope right here a Soul Purpose.

A prayer on Hope

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Art of Complaining

Complaining well is really an art, I’ve discovered. If you are very skilled at it, you can actually complain without someone knowing that you are disgruntled, while simultaneously leaving the other person feeling responsible and guilty.

Here is the truth, I am a master at complaining and doing so without someone realizing I’ve just blamed them for the entire problem I am experiencing. I spent the better part of my life learning this skill, and now I find the craft has become useless to me. That’s right—completely useless.

When I chose to embrace profound honesty and integrity as part of my spiritual practice, the art of complaining had to go. Complaining is a form of blame and when I complain it means I’m not taking full responsibility for the reality I have created and accepted into my life. Since integrity to me means taking full responsibility, complaining has needed to become an old, but retired practice, or so I thought.

A few months ago, as part of a class assignment on intention, I kept track of my complaints in a single day. I was shocked. I consider myself to be a very positive, supportive, self-responsible person, but my complaint factory was still in operation. Even if I didn’t say anything out loud, the complaint was still there, hanging out in the break-room of my mind. My internal company policy is to live complaint-free, but clearly part of my mind had other ideas.

I couldn’t even say my complaints were about serious global or societal issues. Somehow, I’ve been able to recognize the grander issues as part of greater earthly dysfunctional drama bringing itself to closure. I was complaining about insignificant details in my life, like bread-crumbs being left on the counter.

My inner household law-enforcement agent was on the look-out for any violations of home cleanliness. So my husband was getting busted repeatedly for what I considered to be blatant disregard of the household rule, “Clean up after yourself.”

Now, I’m an educator. I learned years ago that you get better results when you invite people to participate and thank them when they do. Complaining rarely gets the results you really want, but there I was violating an even greater principle and that was to refrain from blaming and take responsibility.

How do you reconcile that, when he is the guy making the messes? “Didn’t I have a right to complain?” I wondered.

Fortunately, he was looking at his own complaint ratio, too, since we were taking the class together. So, I invited us to talk about what was going on behind the complaints. I listened to him tell me about how over-worked he was feeling and overwhelmed with the number of business challenges coming up for him.

He listened to me as I explained that being left to clean up after him caused me to feel undervalued, as though my work and service is not as important as his, so it was okay if I did the clean-up.

Of course, our interpretations about what was going on were just that— interpretations. No one was expecting him to overwork or find immediate solutions, and my husband wasn’t expecting me to constantly clean up after him.

With clearer understandings, he stopped complaining about his business challenges, and instead asked me to spend some time consulting with him on a couple of issues. I stopped complaining about household dirt. I invited him to clean up after himself whenever he felt he could spare the time so that neither of us would have to bear the burden later on. I also thanked him whenever he did. And I ignored a few messes.

It’s a lot nicer at our house now. It’s actually pretty darned clean for two busy people, and we are both remembering to embrace the challenges with enthusiasm. I think now I can fully abandon the art of complaining!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

When to Say No and When to Go

Periodically, this popular topic seems to come up with clients, as it has been lately. So once again, let's explore...

Have you ever become confused when you are trying to interpret spiritual guidance from everyday events? Perhaps you have encountered a situation where you were planning to participate in something, but one obstacle after another seemed to keep coming up?

When you are choosing to do something and it flows with grace, you might feel a sense of confirmation that you are on the right path, and that may be true. Then again, maybe you’ve chosen a path without any challenges to help you grow.

If you are affirming that life be fluid and easy, you might be stunned to discover that it actually becomes more challenging for a while before your goal becomes a reality. Perhaps you have decided you want to heal from a chronic condition once and for all, and suddenly the healing path looks like it is filled with gigantic pot-holes impeding your journey. However, if you choose to meet every challenge that comes up, you could soon discover that the path eventually does get easier and smoother.

Have you ever had a plane to catch and had one heck of time just getting out the door, but finally managed to get yourself to the airport in just the nick of time? Have you ever felt a spiritual calling to meditate, for example, and found yourself frustrated and distracted as you attempted to quiet your mind? Have you known you needed to get some therapeutic help, only to discover that the therapy was downright uncomfortable in the beginning?

Sometimes, when you set a goal into motion, the doubts, fears, and resistance that have kept you from manifesting similar desires rise to the surface to be finally put at ease, so that you can ultimately realize your intention. That means there may be some obstacles to overcome as you step firmly onto your right path.

Easy is not always right and right is not always easy. It is equally true that sometimes what is right is easy. No wonder it is so darned confusing to know when to say no and when to go forward regardless of the resistance and obstacles you may be encountering.

Here is the deal. Using ease as a measurement for what is right by-passes greater wisdom. The greater wisdom lies in your connection to your intuitive guidance from the Divine. When deep inside you know something is right for you to do, uncomfortable or as challenging as it might be, you feel compelled to move forward. The obstacles are opportunities to engage more of your Divine connection and power.

When the path is easy, then you don’t have any fears, doubts, or resistance to overcome. It is not more right because it is easy. It may be evidence of your mastery.

There are also times when something deep inside is telling you this goal you have set is not yours to do. Perhaps the obstacles you are encountering are physical representations of an intuitive knowledge about your right path, rather than a representation of inner resistance to what you know you need to do.

Rather than relying on ease of a situation to determine the rightness of your path, consider developing a deeper understanding of your intuition in recognizing and following your true path. Developing your relationship with your intuitive guidance will help you better discern when to say no and when to say go.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Someone Else

Miciella's story about trust and manifestation is immediately below this one.

My elder once told me I had a lot of vulture medicine. I was not impressed. “Yuck,” I thought, “Who would want that for a medicine animal?”

She was wiser than me. She just grinned. “Well,” she said, “Do you find yourself, in your consulting work, going in and cleaning up messes that have been made? That is vulture medicine and it is powerful. It means that you make sure the cycle of life is maintained so that there is no waste.”

You see what I mean. She was wiser and she was right. I taught business owners and employees how to use their human resources more effectively and efficiently so that businesses would operate in harmony, with reduced employee turn-over and less harm to the human spirit. It was vulture medicine that helped me see what needed to be done and how to do it.

Here is what I’ve discovered about vulture medicine since those days. I notice where messes get created and I notice how frequently we humans leave messes for someone else to clean up. It explains a lot about why this planet has been so badly damaged. Now, there are simply too many messes for those of us with vulture medicine to keep up.

What does that mean? We could all stand to adopt a little “inner vulture.” If we all cleaned up our own messes, the world would be a better place to live in.

Where did we learn to make messes and then leave them for others to clean up? At home. Who cleaned up after us? Mom. Teachers. Big brothers and sisters. Sound familiar? That’s right. We learned our habits as children and then we carried them right into our familial and business decisions.

You spilled your milk when you were old enough to clean it up yourself, but mom cleaned it up. Your dad came home, threw his coat and lunchbox on the counter and your big sister put them away. Mom smoked cigarettes and you cleaned the ashtrays when you got home from school.

Now we spill oil in the ocean, dump our waste in the ocean, pollute the air, throw away re-useable items into landfills…you get the picture…and then expect someone else, someday, to clean up the damage because we are too busy making money right now or involved in more important matters.

So what can we do? The answer is profoundly simple. We begin changing beliefs and habit in our own homes—in our daily lives. We create a field of consciousness in which this notion simply dies a natural death and is replaced.

While we need to think and act green, and there are lots of websites with information to teach us how to do this, we also need to look at ways in which we are littering—making messes in our home and community—physically, emotionally and spiritually—and expecting or wishing someone else would clean them up.

When we do harm at any level, we find it within ourselves to clean up the damage. We make a conscious effort to clean up after ourselves and when we have become a conscious steward of our own energy, we encourage our family members to do the same.

There is a little bit of vulture medicine in all of us. And as one woman who cares about the world to another who loves this planet, I invite you to find your “inner vulture” and join me in cleaning up because a beautiful world is waiting for us.

Celebrating "Someone Else"

Friday, July 24, 2009

A True Story of Trust

By Miciella

I have never before written this story, but Misa asked me to do so in hopes it will in some way inspire others. I must say at the onset that each of us experience miracles of Spirit in our own unique way and I hope that you not compare or measure what took place with me to your own experiences. 

In July of 1991, my dear friend Anne Card and Jim Morbey had invited Shield and Sharula Dux to do a workshop in our town of Clear Lake, California. On the second day of the workshop we were doing a group regression. This was very difficult for me to do with so many in one room and so many loud voices screaming out their parental aversions they had regressed to. At one point, I allowed myself to block all of that out and focus only on my own breath. As I allowed this process to unfold and I was able to relax into it, all of a sudden my entire body began to tingle. Then in less than a blink of an eye, my being was fully embraced with an immeasurable amount of Love. The only thing I could do was surrender to it, feel and be in the embodiment of this Grace.

I know there were tears flowing down my cheek and at one point I felt Shield at my head and he was whispering, “Just keep breathing, just keep breathing into it.”  In the midst of this I realized this was the Mother holding me and embracing me in all the Love that She is.

In the middle of all the bliss, I heard the tiniest voice saying, “You are going to Egypt.” It was so tiny I almost missed it.. When we were called back to the group it took me a bit to awaken out of this extremely blessed and humbling experience. As I did, the man laying next to me surprised me as he said, “I am so sorry, but I peeked and you were so beautiful.” This really took me aback, because I was so surprised that anything could be seen from the outside, but he went on and on about it. 

We were then asked to share our experience with the group. When it came to my turn, all I could share was the Love that filled every particle of my being and momentarily that small voice was forgotten. As others were taking their turn sharing, I remembered it and rudely interrupted and blurted it out--that I was going to Egypt.

The reason this was relevant was that in three weeks from that date, Shield and Sharula were leading a group to Egypt. I had been expressing to Spirit I would love to go on the trip but dismissed it and let it go because there was no way I could afford it. At the time, I was a single mother of three sons (one grown and out of the house and two still at home, ages 9 and 11).  I had to borrow the money to even attend the workshop. Clear Lake was a very financially depressed town to live in and at that time I was doing nails with a very unstable income because nails were the first to go when finances got slim.

When I blurted out that I was going to Egypt, Shield said to me, "Okay, from this moment on take every step, every action and every thought in knowing you are going. Have complete Faith and Trust in that voice and don't let anything or anyone do anything to shake that. Get your passport, send the deposit and get everything in order in your life in preparation for your trip."  Not allowing myself a moment of doubt to flood in, my answer to him was, “Okay!”

My cousin Diane was visiting for the weekend and was also taking the workshop with us, so when the day was over and we were leaving I said to her, “Holy shit, I need a drink.” So we found the closest bar and just sat there looking at each other in shock and with cow eyes, and as it all began to settle down, we slowly starting talking about it. She was looking at me and we were both in tears with many emotions, a fear of the unknown, and, at that point of my evolution, not really understanding what just took place. Still, I told her I was going for it.

When I got home I wrote on my calendar in big bold letters, blocking that 14 days: “EGYPT.” That night I sat down with my two sons, Anthony and Andrew, and told them what was going on. As you can imagine, their eyes were filled with tears big as saucers but they had lived through many other out-of-the-norm things that had taken place in my life and they had enough trust in me; they believed me. From that moment on they were so excited they shared it with their friends or whoever came over the house, with full, undeniable belief that I was going to Egypt. 

There were only three weeks until the trip and I had no idea how it was all going to transpire but here are the daily events as they began to unfold:

A week before the workshop, I had sent a request to cash out the balance of my 401K with Sears.  At that time I only had about $2,000 left and Monday, the day after the workshop, it was in my mailbox. No hassle, no fighting them for it--nothing--it was just there. So after I paid all my bills and everything else that needed to be taken care of, I had just enough for my passport, my round-trip flight to LA and the exact amount for the deposit that was needed for the trip. I called the girl at the Spirit Travel Agency they were using and put the deposit in the mail. 

The next day a psychic friend of mine, Susan, came over for a visit and when I told her what was going on she did a reading on it to see if she could see where the money was going to come from. She told me that, yes, I was going and someone I least expected would be giving me the money. She also suggested I write everything down that I needed and put it on my altar. I had never left the country before. I really had no idea what I would need for spending money. So in my letter I put the amount of $2,600, the balance of the trip, and added $1,000 for spending money, put it in an envelope, sealed it and placed it on my altar.

I also quit my job in the salon that day and brought my nail business home. I can't remember why I decided to just quit instead of taking time off, but at the time it really felt like it was what I was supposed to do. On Wednesday, a client, Joan, who had also taken the workshop, came to the house to get her nails done. After I finished, she wrote me a check for the price of her nails and handed me a second check for $200.  As she handed it to me she said, “Here-- this is for your trip to Egypt.”  Well,,you can imagine it took my breath away as I was witnessing the magic of what was unfolding in the mist--Trust and Faith.

On Thursday another friend, Linda, who also took the workshop, called and asked if she could come over to help her daughter learn to control her naturally curly hair. I always bought fresh cows' milk from her, which she sold to bring in much-needed extra money to help her solely support her three teenagers. I had not expected nor asked for anything for helping her daughter with her hair but she brought a couple gallons of milk and handed me a check for $35. I was strong in wanting to refuse it but she insisted, saying, “Please take this, because you are going to Egypt for all of us.”

At this point I had $235 and it was two weeks before it was time to go. I also went ahead and made all the arrangements for my ex-husband to take the boys and the boy next door was going to take care of my dog while I would be gone. 

Friday night my mother paid for myself, Anthony and Andrew to fly down to San Diego for my oldest son Rod’s graduation from Navy boot camp. While I was there I was thinking about what Susan had told me and thought, "Well, my mother would be the absolute most unlikely person on this planet to give me any money for this trip," so I made sure I found some time and told her about the whole thing. She reacted in her normal way by changing the subject and refusing to talk about it, so I let it go. Looking back on it now I guess I thought that some miraculous intervention or a lightning bolt would strike her consciousness and she would come through.

Well, that’s not exactly what happened! On the flight home I tried again to talk about it and she said we would think about it. Monday afternoon I received a call from my brother and he asked me what the heck I asked Mom about. He told me she was going from A to Z in her phone book telling everyone that they were not to give me any money because I belonged to a cult and they would never get their money back. Well, I guess no lightning bolt hit her!

The following week I went to San Francisco and got a rush passport. I stayed overnight at my cousin Denise's and asked her to invite some of my good friends I still had from high school to meet us for lunch so I could let them know what was going on. As I explained my story, they all looked at me with the blankest looks you could have ever imagined. That night when I arrived home and unpacked there was an envelope from my cousin with $50 and a note saying she wished she could do more. Her support touched my heart so much.

The rest of the week I proceeded to move forward in preparation for the trip. On Sunday I went over to a friend Kathie's house for a little gathering she was having and, of course, shared the story with all of them. It is always such an interesting experience sharing things like this with people who have never stepped on a spiritual path. There was a San Francisco Examiner Sunday newspaper on the counter and they always had the best horoscopes. My friend Tanya picked it up and started reading everyone's birth signs for the week. Well, can you believe it--it was right there under my sign--something about taking a trip to Egypt!  If you could have seen their faces--it was priceless. Kathie just looked at me and said, “If this happens and you go to Egypt, I will become a believer!!!”  At that point I could see a lot of fear in everyone's eyes, so I dropped the subject.

By then, it was Monday...I had $285 and I was leaving in five days. Another friend. Victoria, came up to visit from the Bay area and she really surprised me with her reaction. She had been on the spiritual path for at least five years--she got angry at me and blurted out, “What if it doesn't happen?” She was concerned about what everyone would think of me telling this story and then it not happening. I turned to her and said, “Victoria, there is no room for ‘What If.’ I know in every part of who I am that I am leaving for Egypt Saturday morning.  I just don't know how it is going to happen yet."

On Tuesday night I had a meltdown. My sons were already with their father, my passport and my confirmation for the plane tickets to LA arrived and I was all set--except I only had $285.  I paced up and down my hallway yelling at God… “Okay,” I said, “I have everything all set. I have tried to help you and share this story with as many people as I could think of. I just don't know what else I can do! I GIVE UP!!!”

The next day I was at Longs Drug store buying film and I happened to be walking through the greeting card section. Suddenly I felt like I hit a brick wall and I had to stop in my tracks--I couldn't walk any further. I turned toward the cards and there were two cards sticking up facing me. One said in two-inch letters, “TRUST HIM” and the second one said, “Dreams Really Do Come True if you only Believe.” So humbly I picked those cards up and bought them along with my film.

Thursday--just two days before I was to leave--my friends Asa and Sandra arrived. They were going to be holding a workshop at my house that weekend after I left. I was standing there greeting Asa and I noticed he had an Egyptian icon hanging from his neck. I remarked how beautiful it was and he asked me how things were coming along for my trip. I told him I still knew I was going but just didn't know how.  I told him that I still needed $3,600 and I also told him I had the strongest feeling that if the bulk of it came in, the rest would come flying in.

A little while later I came out of my bedroom to find him sitting at my dining room table, with Sandra doing muscle testing on him. When they finished he opened his eyes and said to me, “You have 2,000 dollars.” He left my house went to the bank and came back and handed me $2,000. Well, as you can guess, I was a tad excited as I was witnessing what was unfolding. That night as people were coming to the preview evening for the weekend workshop, I was telling everyone. 

Friday morning the workshop was to begin and there are no words to describe what transpired at that point. As people started pouring in my house they began handing me money--a little from one person, more from someone else. I felt like I was floating on clouds as my excitement mounted.

My friend Joan was also coming back to have her nails done.. She was the one who had given me $200 already. When I finished, she wrote me another check for $500! I tried to refuse it but she said, "No, you need spending money,” and insisted that I take it. I called the travel company and told them I would have to bring them a cashier's check for the balance when I met them at the LA Airport. The lady was very surprised at my call and confused as to why they hadn’t deleted my name from the list because it was way over the time the balance needed to be in.

Saturday morning I left the house at 5:00 AM with a cashier's check of $2,600 and traveler's checks for $1,000--exactly what was stated in the sealed envelope on my altar. How I drove safely to my father's house in Petaluma to catch a shuttle to SFO, I will never know. I was in such an altered state, still reeling from all that took place, I know it was not me driving on that windey mountain road. I must add that through all that had transpired in those three weeks there is one moment that I will never forget. It was my father’s face as he waved goodbye to me as the shuttle was leaving, with a look of such pride and unconditional love pouring out of him.

The experiences that took place on the trip is another incredible story in itself, but through it all, the journey of getting there was the most amazing journey of all. I was living in a total state of gratitude and bliss throughout the whole trip and beyond.

I would also like to share something one of my first spiritual teachers shared with us back in 1986. One evening she was asked to share how things happened that created the experiences she was sharing with us. She told us that she would not share that part because it would only set up expectations that would open the door for us to judge and possibly feel “less than” if our experiences were not exactly like hers. So in remembering those very wise words, I ask you to please allow all that is meant to be yours in whatever manner it is to come your way. And remember that it is unique to you alone--not better than, not less than--but simply your own. 

There are many more stories I could share with you that have since transpired with me along these lines. But all I would like to add right now is, it is all a matter of Asking, of Believing, of Trust and of Letting Go. The words, “Ask and you hhall receive,” is truly not a cliché--it is how it was all meant to be.  Also, the words, “Be careful what you ask for,” is not a cliché--so I invite you to be conscious of your words-- they are more powerful then you can imagine.
There Are Only Blessings In Love
Dedicated to the Sanctuary of the Heart