Friday, July 31, 2009

Someone Else

Miciella's story about trust and manifestation is immediately below this one.

My elder once told me I had a lot of vulture medicine. I was not impressed. “Yuck,” I thought, “Who would want that for a medicine animal?”

She was wiser than me. She just grinned. “Well,” she said, “Do you find yourself, in your consulting work, going in and cleaning up messes that have been made? That is vulture medicine and it is powerful. It means that you make sure the cycle of life is maintained so that there is no waste.”

You see what I mean. She was wiser and she was right. I taught business owners and employees how to use their human resources more effectively and efficiently so that businesses would operate in harmony, with reduced employee turn-over and less harm to the human spirit. It was vulture medicine that helped me see what needed to be done and how to do it.

Here is what I’ve discovered about vulture medicine since those days. I notice where messes get created and I notice how frequently we humans leave messes for someone else to clean up. It explains a lot about why this planet has been so badly damaged. Now, there are simply too many messes for those of us with vulture medicine to keep up.

What does that mean? We could all stand to adopt a little “inner vulture.” If we all cleaned up our own messes, the world would be a better place to live in.

Where did we learn to make messes and then leave them for others to clean up? At home. Who cleaned up after us? Mom. Teachers. Big brothers and sisters. Sound familiar? That’s right. We learned our habits as children and then we carried them right into our familial and business decisions.

You spilled your milk when you were old enough to clean it up yourself, but mom cleaned it up. Your dad came home, threw his coat and lunchbox on the counter and your big sister put them away. Mom smoked cigarettes and you cleaned the ashtrays when you got home from school.

Now we spill oil in the ocean, dump our waste in the ocean, pollute the air, throw away re-useable items into landfills…you get the picture…and then expect someone else, someday, to clean up the damage because we are too busy making money right now or involved in more important matters.

So what can we do? The answer is profoundly simple. We begin changing beliefs and habit in our own homes—in our daily lives. We create a field of consciousness in which this notion simply dies a natural death and is replaced.

While we need to think and act green, and there are lots of websites with information to teach us how to do this, we also need to look at ways in which we are littering—making messes in our home and community—physically, emotionally and spiritually—and expecting or wishing someone else would clean them up.

When we do harm at any level, we find it within ourselves to clean up the damage. We make a conscious effort to clean up after ourselves and when we have become a conscious steward of our own energy, we encourage our family members to do the same.

There is a little bit of vulture medicine in all of us. And as one woman who cares about the world to another who loves this planet, I invite you to find your “inner vulture” and join me in cleaning up because a beautiful world is waiting for us.

Celebrating "Someone Else"

Friday, July 24, 2009

A True Story of Trust

By Miciella

I have never before written this story, but Misa asked me to do so in hopes it will in some way inspire others. I must say at the onset that each of us experience miracles of Spirit in our own unique way and I hope that you not compare or measure what took place with me to your own experiences. 

In July of 1991, my dear friend Anne Card and Jim Morbey had invited Shield and Sharula Dux to do a workshop in our town of Clear Lake, California. On the second day of the workshop we were doing a group regression. This was very difficult for me to do with so many in one room and so many loud voices screaming out their parental aversions they had regressed to. At one point, I allowed myself to block all of that out and focus only on my own breath. As I allowed this process to unfold and I was able to relax into it, all of a sudden my entire body began to tingle. Then in less than a blink of an eye, my being was fully embraced with an immeasurable amount of Love. The only thing I could do was surrender to it, feel and be in the embodiment of this Grace.

I know there were tears flowing down my cheek and at one point I felt Shield at my head and he was whispering, “Just keep breathing, just keep breathing into it.”  In the midst of this I realized this was the Mother holding me and embracing me in all the Love that She is.

In the middle of all the bliss, I heard the tiniest voice saying, “You are going to Egypt.” It was so tiny I almost missed it.. When we were called back to the group it took me a bit to awaken out of this extremely blessed and humbling experience. As I did, the man laying next to me surprised me as he said, “I am so sorry, but I peeked and you were so beautiful.” This really took me aback, because I was so surprised that anything could be seen from the outside, but he went on and on about it. 

We were then asked to share our experience with the group. When it came to my turn, all I could share was the Love that filled every particle of my being and momentarily that small voice was forgotten. As others were taking their turn sharing, I remembered it and rudely interrupted and blurted it out--that I was going to Egypt.

The reason this was relevant was that in three weeks from that date, Shield and Sharula were leading a group to Egypt. I had been expressing to Spirit I would love to go on the trip but dismissed it and let it go because there was no way I could afford it. At the time, I was a single mother of three sons (one grown and out of the house and two still at home, ages 9 and 11).  I had to borrow the money to even attend the workshop. Clear Lake was a very financially depressed town to live in and at that time I was doing nails with a very unstable income because nails were the first to go when finances got slim.

When I blurted out that I was going to Egypt, Shield said to me, "Okay, from this moment on take every step, every action and every thought in knowing you are going. Have complete Faith and Trust in that voice and don't let anything or anyone do anything to shake that. Get your passport, send the deposit and get everything in order in your life in preparation for your trip."  Not allowing myself a moment of doubt to flood in, my answer to him was, “Okay!”

My cousin Diane was visiting for the weekend and was also taking the workshop with us, so when the day was over and we were leaving I said to her, “Holy shit, I need a drink.” So we found the closest bar and just sat there looking at each other in shock and with cow eyes, and as it all began to settle down, we slowly starting talking about it. She was looking at me and we were both in tears with many emotions, a fear of the unknown, and, at that point of my evolution, not really understanding what just took place. Still, I told her I was going for it.

When I got home I wrote on my calendar in big bold letters, blocking that 14 days: “EGYPT.” That night I sat down with my two sons, Anthony and Andrew, and told them what was going on. As you can imagine, their eyes were filled with tears big as saucers but they had lived through many other out-of-the-norm things that had taken place in my life and they had enough trust in me; they believed me. From that moment on they were so excited they shared it with their friends or whoever came over the house, with full, undeniable belief that I was going to Egypt. 

There were only three weeks until the trip and I had no idea how it was all going to transpire but here are the daily events as they began to unfold:

A week before the workshop, I had sent a request to cash out the balance of my 401K with Sears.  At that time I only had about $2,000 left and Monday, the day after the workshop, it was in my mailbox. No hassle, no fighting them for it--nothing--it was just there. So after I paid all my bills and everything else that needed to be taken care of, I had just enough for my passport, my round-trip flight to LA and the exact amount for the deposit that was needed for the trip. I called the girl at the Spirit Travel Agency they were using and put the deposit in the mail. 

The next day a psychic friend of mine, Susan, came over for a visit and when I told her what was going on she did a reading on it to see if she could see where the money was going to come from. She told me that, yes, I was going and someone I least expected would be giving me the money. She also suggested I write everything down that I needed and put it on my altar. I had never left the country before. I really had no idea what I would need for spending money. So in my letter I put the amount of $2,600, the balance of the trip, and added $1,000 for spending money, put it in an envelope, sealed it and placed it on my altar.

I also quit my job in the salon that day and brought my nail business home. I can't remember why I decided to just quit instead of taking time off, but at the time it really felt like it was what I was supposed to do. On Wednesday, a client, Joan, who had also taken the workshop, came to the house to get her nails done. After I finished, she wrote me a check for the price of her nails and handed me a second check for $200.  As she handed it to me she said, “Here-- this is for your trip to Egypt.”  Well,,you can imagine it took my breath away as I was witnessing the magic of what was unfolding in the mist--Trust and Faith.

On Thursday another friend, Linda, who also took the workshop, called and asked if she could come over to help her daughter learn to control her naturally curly hair. I always bought fresh cows' milk from her, which she sold to bring in much-needed extra money to help her solely support her three teenagers. I had not expected nor asked for anything for helping her daughter with her hair but she brought a couple gallons of milk and handed me a check for $35. I was strong in wanting to refuse it but she insisted, saying, “Please take this, because you are going to Egypt for all of us.”

At this point I had $235 and it was two weeks before it was time to go. I also went ahead and made all the arrangements for my ex-husband to take the boys and the boy next door was going to take care of my dog while I would be gone. 

Friday night my mother paid for myself, Anthony and Andrew to fly down to San Diego for my oldest son Rod’s graduation from Navy boot camp. While I was there I was thinking about what Susan had told me and thought, "Well, my mother would be the absolute most unlikely person on this planet to give me any money for this trip," so I made sure I found some time and told her about the whole thing. She reacted in her normal way by changing the subject and refusing to talk about it, so I let it go. Looking back on it now I guess I thought that some miraculous intervention or a lightning bolt would strike her consciousness and she would come through.

Well, that’s not exactly what happened! On the flight home I tried again to talk about it and she said we would think about it. Monday afternoon I received a call from my brother and he asked me what the heck I asked Mom about. He told me she was going from A to Z in her phone book telling everyone that they were not to give me any money because I belonged to a cult and they would never get their money back. Well, I guess no lightning bolt hit her!

The following week I went to San Francisco and got a rush passport. I stayed overnight at my cousin Denise's and asked her to invite some of my good friends I still had from high school to meet us for lunch so I could let them know what was going on. As I explained my story, they all looked at me with the blankest looks you could have ever imagined. That night when I arrived home and unpacked there was an envelope from my cousin with $50 and a note saying she wished she could do more. Her support touched my heart so much.

The rest of the week I proceeded to move forward in preparation for the trip. On Sunday I went over to a friend Kathie's house for a little gathering she was having and, of course, shared the story with all of them. It is always such an interesting experience sharing things like this with people who have never stepped on a spiritual path. There was a San Francisco Examiner Sunday newspaper on the counter and they always had the best horoscopes. My friend Tanya picked it up and started reading everyone's birth signs for the week. Well, can you believe it--it was right there under my sign--something about taking a trip to Egypt!  If you could have seen their faces--it was priceless. Kathie just looked at me and said, “If this happens and you go to Egypt, I will become a believer!!!”  At that point I could see a lot of fear in everyone's eyes, so I dropped the subject.

By then, it was Monday...I had $285 and I was leaving in five days. Another friend. Victoria, came up to visit from the Bay area and she really surprised me with her reaction. She had been on the spiritual path for at least five years--she got angry at me and blurted out, “What if it doesn't happen?” She was concerned about what everyone would think of me telling this story and then it not happening. I turned to her and said, “Victoria, there is no room for ‘What If.’ I know in every part of who I am that I am leaving for Egypt Saturday morning.  I just don't know how it is going to happen yet."

On Tuesday night I had a meltdown. My sons were already with their father, my passport and my confirmation for the plane tickets to LA arrived and I was all set--except I only had $285.  I paced up and down my hallway yelling at God… “Okay,” I said, “I have everything all set. I have tried to help you and share this story with as many people as I could think of. I just don't know what else I can do! I GIVE UP!!!”

The next day I was at Longs Drug store buying film and I happened to be walking through the greeting card section. Suddenly I felt like I hit a brick wall and I had to stop in my tracks--I couldn't walk any further. I turned toward the cards and there were two cards sticking up facing me. One said in two-inch letters, “TRUST HIM” and the second one said, “Dreams Really Do Come True if you only Believe.” So humbly I picked those cards up and bought them along with my film.

Thursday--just two days before I was to leave--my friends Asa and Sandra arrived. They were going to be holding a workshop at my house that weekend after I left. I was standing there greeting Asa and I noticed he had an Egyptian icon hanging from his neck. I remarked how beautiful it was and he asked me how things were coming along for my trip. I told him I still knew I was going but just didn't know how.  I told him that I still needed $3,600 and I also told him I had the strongest feeling that if the bulk of it came in, the rest would come flying in.

A little while later I came out of my bedroom to find him sitting at my dining room table, with Sandra doing muscle testing on him. When they finished he opened his eyes and said to me, “You have 2,000 dollars.” He left my house went to the bank and came back and handed me $2,000. Well, as you can guess, I was a tad excited as I was witnessing what was unfolding. That night as people were coming to the preview evening for the weekend workshop, I was telling everyone. 

Friday morning the workshop was to begin and there are no words to describe what transpired at that point. As people started pouring in my house they began handing me money--a little from one person, more from someone else. I felt like I was floating on clouds as my excitement mounted.

My friend Joan was also coming back to have her nails done.. She was the one who had given me $200 already. When I finished, she wrote me another check for $500! I tried to refuse it but she said, "No, you need spending money,” and insisted that I take it. I called the travel company and told them I would have to bring them a cashier's check for the balance when I met them at the LA Airport. The lady was very surprised at my call and confused as to why they hadn’t deleted my name from the list because it was way over the time the balance needed to be in.

Saturday morning I left the house at 5:00 AM with a cashier's check of $2,600 and traveler's checks for $1,000--exactly what was stated in the sealed envelope on my altar. How I drove safely to my father's house in Petaluma to catch a shuttle to SFO, I will never know. I was in such an altered state, still reeling from all that took place, I know it was not me driving on that windey mountain road. I must add that through all that had transpired in those three weeks there is one moment that I will never forget. It was my father’s face as he waved goodbye to me as the shuttle was leaving, with a look of such pride and unconditional love pouring out of him.

The experiences that took place on the trip is another incredible story in itself, but through it all, the journey of getting there was the most amazing journey of all. I was living in a total state of gratitude and bliss throughout the whole trip and beyond.

I would also like to share something one of my first spiritual teachers shared with us back in 1986. One evening she was asked to share how things happened that created the experiences she was sharing with us. She told us that she would not share that part because it would only set up expectations that would open the door for us to judge and possibly feel “less than” if our experiences were not exactly like hers. So in remembering those very wise words, I ask you to please allow all that is meant to be yours in whatever manner it is to come your way. And remember that it is unique to you alone--not better than, not less than--but simply your own. 

There are many more stories I could share with you that have since transpired with me along these lines. But all I would like to add right now is, it is all a matter of Asking, of Believing, of Trust and of Letting Go. The words, “Ask and you hhall receive,” is truly not a cliché--it is how it was all meant to be.  Also, the words, “Be careful what you ask for,” is not a cliché--so I invite you to be conscious of your words-- they are more powerful then you can imagine.
There Are Only Blessings In Love
Dedicated to the Sanctuary of the Heart

Friday, July 17, 2009

Celebrate Someone Today

In fact, why not celebrate someone who makes you feel jealous? Here is the thing about jealousy. We are feeling that way toward someone who has or is doing something we want.

It occurred to me one day—as I was feeling jealous toward someone who was having success in their career the way I wished I could experience success in my own career—that my energy was in the wrong place. Instead of letting their success drag me down, I should be riding on the wave of energy emanating from their success. To ride the wave, all I needed to do was celebrate what they had created.

I could mope about and feel bad for myself if I wanted to, but that certainly wasn’t helping me make any progress. And if they were living their life purpose with aplomb, isn’t that what I wanted for myself? So, if I applauded their choices and outcomes, wasn’t I, in a sense, affirming my own desires and goals?

Well, that’s how I reasoned it, so I started letting myself get excited for other people’s achievements. It felt as good as it did when I was a school-teacher and I was recognizing my students for their accomplishments. I went from feeling sad and unworthy in face of other’s successes to feeling empowered and excited, knowing that if one person could fulfill their life purpose, so could I.

This empowerment carried over into my own work. I noticed that as I gave someone a psychic reading, I looked for the ways in which this person was already successful in their lives and made sure this was addressed in the reading. When I sang a medicine song or created a sound healing recording for someone, not only did I address the illness, I invited sounds to celebrate the Divine nature of the person I was singing.

When a friend shared a personal success on the phone, I was no longer beating myself up internally for what I hadn’t accomplished. I was able to congratulate them and join in on their excitement with my heart wide open and proud for them. I became part of a greater whole of creation that included the people I knew, and even people I read and heard about. I became part of a wave of energy with a focus on the pleasure in success.

Who do you know that you would like to celebrate? Is there someone in your life who deserves your heartfelt congratulations? Someone who has been overcoming challenging odds that would love to hear from you about how remarkable they are? Is there a person in your life who isn’t noticing how well they are doing and would benefit from a word of praise from you? Is there someone you feel jealous of that you could choose to acknowledge instead?

Then, after you have celebrated someone else, I highly recommend celebrating you for jumping into the wave!

Prayer for Celebrating Someone Special

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Putting an End to Her Chronic Pain

The following is a story written by a friend of mine who shared this with me when she heard I was writing a book about self-healing. Her experience is powerful testimony to the importance of self-involvement in one’s healing process. Too often we go to healers and doctors for help, only to give away our healing power to them. This is one of the most significant reasons many of us, hard as we try, are not healing.

Discover how my friend, Judy Neiman, claims her power, her healing, and freedom from pain. Here is her story in her own words.

I had quite an intense time for a few years where I thought I had fibromyalgia and was in chronic pain. I went to a physical therapist, an orthopedic surgeon, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, and an osteopath. It was exhausting and it seemed everything I did made it worse.

I really didn’t know if I could take the constant pain and didn’t want painkillers.

Then, my whole life changed.

Something arrived in the mail about Taketina -- a spiritual, shamanic rhythm movement group. There was going to be a training for teachers of Taketina. I was spending every day just lying on the couch and couldn’t imagine driving the many hours from where I was living in Washington state to get to Still Meadow in Estacada, Oregon.

But, something deep inside said that I had to go to this. My inner voice wouldn’t let me be. I knew then that this was a matter of life or death for me. I also knew that the pain was related to a grieving process I was stuck in. So I did the unthinkable, given my state of physical despair -- I drove to Estacada and explained that I just wanted to be present, to hear the music and watch the Taketina class. I was given permission to just watch. The music started and I thought I would try to stand and join in a little.

A miracle happened. I was able to join the group for three hours that first day in the morning. Then after lunch I joined for another three hours. I fully participated. I couldn’t believe my body could do this. I was still in pain but didn’t feel worse.

On Day Two, I did the same -- three hours in the morning, three in the afternoon. The third day I woke up and for the first time in two years I was pain-free. I was ecstatic. I went to the class, same as the previous two days. I finished out the five days -- the whole week, not having to be a mere observer, but fully participating.

It was amazing. After this, I knew that I had made the decision to live and I felt that I had Divine presence and guidance to help me do this. So I spent a year on Tuesday evenings attending Taketina sessions with a teacher of this practice.

Taketina wasn’t called ‘healing’. It brought me to a place where I was whole and healed. Taketina is based on the theory that out of chaos -- disorganization -- the body wants to reorder itself. My pain, in part, was due to memory of the original disorder, and I couldn’t get rid of the pain memory in my cells. I think that Taketina, through the movement, chanting and organization actually broke up the pain memories -- brought me into chaos, then reorganized me -- my cells reorganizing themselves.

I think that for me healing had to do with not feeling helpless, which I felt when I was around the orthopedic surgeon who wanted to do surgery. I always felt as if I was powerless, even with the massage therapist or the other people I mentioned I went to for help. I expected them to help me, to cure me, and when they didn’t I became morose.

You, Misa, once asked me why I didn’t allow myself to receive help. I have thought about this a lot. I realized that I thought that by asking for help, I was admitting that I couldn’t do it -- and that was as debilitating as the actual physical cause of my problems.

Dear Readers, Judy sums it up so well. For true healing to occur, you become your own healer first, then the healing assistance of others will actually help you fulfill your journey.

In summary, Judy imparts these lessons:

1) To truly heal you must discover, listen to and follow your inner guidance.
2) You must choose to live – fully and completely.
3) Sometimes healing happens in places and ways you least expect it.

I hope this wonderful story has inspired you in your healing journey. If it has, please leave a comment so that your own thoughts and story will inspire other people. Remember, if I receive enough comments, I will know such stories are meaningful to you and will post more case studies for you to experience.

Healing Prayer for Ending Chronic Pain

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sacred Warrior & Spiritual Freedom

There we were, standing in ceremony around the sacred fire to honor the Divine Reunion of our Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine natures, and most of us were women. For so many years now, I have attended ceremonies in which the greater number of participants have been women. This week of SpiritQuest ceremonies, culminating with our Divine Reunion ceremony was not a namby-pamby week of fluffy rituals. So where were our male counterparts? Where were the sacred warriors?

Some of them were there—inside of one woman and one man—the ones who quested, fasting and praying for three days for the betterment of their community, humanity and our planet. Sacred warriors could be found in the three initiates who made their vows to open doorways to the Sacred Feminine by offering water ceremonies, journeys and meditations in their communities.

Other sacred warriors could be seen in the women who bravely met their limiting feelings and beliefs, and allowed a community to support them in making substantial, soul-level changes. I saw sacred warriors in the little children who bravely sat in sweat lodge with me, lifting their voices in songs to dispel their fears of the dark and heat.

I saw sacred warriors in the courageous few men who came to participate in ceremony by willingly giving in support. In the power of their own Sacred Feminine, these men sang honor songs and held space with me as we acknowledged the commitment and chosen paths of women who were dedicating their lives in service.

They smiled broadly when a 12-year old young woman made it clear she wished to quest next year in her journey into adulthood. And they took my curious 10-year-old grandson to where one of our men had quested, when he had expressed interest in making his own quest soon.

As we sang our honor songs on the last day of ceremonies, I couldn’t help but think, “If only men knew what difference they make when they come to ceremony and hold space for their women and children.”

My adopted daughter now has a vision in her heart of what it means when a man honors you as a woman and spiritual being. My grandson has role models of men who honor women rather than abuse them or take them for granted. A little 3-year old girl bonded with one of the men, and finally she knew what it felt like when a man truly cares about you and loves to be with you. Our girls and boys now know that as they choose to grow spiritually, there will not only be women there to hold space for them, there will be men there as well.

Women, who have not known what it means to be supported spiritually by men, discovered how beautiful it is to be held in the Sacred Feminine of a man’s witnessing and honor of them. What powerful gifts!

In a world where, “What’s in it for me?" has become the focus of our decision-making, ceremony challenges us to surrender that question. The true value of ceremony does not lie in what we will get out of it, for it cannot truly be defined. Rather, its value lies in what we have to give. When we give freely from our talents and gifts in service to others, we do receive—but in ways that cannot be quantified ahead of time.

At Quest, our questers prepare for a year in prayer (2,555 of them to be exact). You can imagine how many of those prayers are for their community, loved ones, humanity, earth, consciousness, etc. When they go to their sacred place to fast and pray a beautiful portal of sacred energy opens. Anyone who is there to support them in their Quest is blessed by the grace of the spiritual energy flowing through that doorway. This also happens each time an initiate prepares for a year and makes a vow of service in ceremony.

All of us who choose to hold sacred space for them (the true feminine nature of the Divine), receive the blessings that pour forth through the sacred doorways that have been opened. So you see, we do receive—all of us, and yet, that is not our focus.

What man’s heart is not overflowing, when a child receives his love? What man is not filled to his bones in pride, when his beloved commits to be in service to the wounded hearts of men and women? What woman is not healed to her core when she tells a man how much his support means to her?

The sacred warrior is one who chooses to lovingly embrace his or her truth, no matter how difficult or easy that truth may be to accept. The sacred warrior stands for what he or she believes in both commitment and action, even when that commitment or action stretches them beyond their comfort. The sacred warrior stands behind those who commit to furthering personal and planetary freedom because commitment to such freedom deserves as much strength as we all can give. The sacred warrior receives because when he or she stands in presence of deeper truth, they are an open vessels for the Divine.

I honor from the depths of my heart the sacred warriors who were present at SpiritQuest and long for the day when more of the sacred warriors living within our men join us. I believe then we will experience the fulfillment of our spiritual freedom in the Divine Reunion as men and women together.

A Prayer for Spiritual Warriors