Friday, September 25, 2009

The Call of the Dove

Recently, I have been remembering a mystical experience I had some years ago. I’ve come to believe that when such experiences are being remembered, it means some aspect of the engagement is significant now.

I was staying with my sister-friend in Sedona, and while I was there I discovered I frequently had profound mystical experiences when I meditated in the late afternoons. That day, I laid down, propping my head up on the arm of the couch. (This is a wonderful posture for deep meditation, as long as you don’t fall asleep.)

Opening my heart, I allowed myself to be present in a loving exchange of energy between Divine Masculine presence and my Sacred Feminine, with every inhale and exhale. Eventually, I drifted into a state of what I would call luscious, loving stasis. As I sank deeper into the space, I was startled by a rustling of wings as I watched a spirit-dove fly out from my heart. To my spirit-body this was as real as if a physical bird had flown from my chest.

It is no surprise that such experiences linger with us all our lives, yet I have been wondering why the dove was calling to me now. So, I did a little research about doves and discovered that among the many pairs of animals on this planet, they maintain a wonderful balance as male and female in preparing for the birth of and caring for their young.

The male gathers the sticks for the nest. The female arranges them. They take turns throughout the day sitting on their eggs or tending to their young. Both parents create pigeon milk for their little ones and for the most part, one parent or the other remains with the nest at all times. They are in many ways a most equalitarian couple.

I understand doves have been given as wedding gifts since the times of the Romans and Greeks. They have served as messengers and talismans. The dove has been associated with Aphrodite, Venus, Sophia and Mary. It was the badge of the Knights Templar and the symbol of Saint Scholastica, the patron saint of rain. It is said Mohammed had a dove eat from his ear, and it has been associated with the Holy Spirit. Historically, and across many cultures and spiritual practices, they have symbolized love, commitment, purity, prophecy and divination.

I must admit, I enjoyed the research, but I still find myself asking, “Why a dove?” Perhaps, I will spend my life learning and understanding the significance of a dove flying from my heart. Perhaps, in the end, what is most important is what I felt in that moment. My sense of inner balance with the masculine and feminine natures of love was tremendous and the dove seemed to burst forth out of that love.

In many ways my quest to experience the powerful distinctions and union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are as important to me now as they were then. For a sweet and memorable moment in my life, perhaps the dove was a sacred messenger affirming the joy of loving—the perfect message then and today.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Everything Counts

I just read an inspiring story from Simple Truths taken from Andy Andrews’ new book, “The Butterfly Effect.”

The story is a powerful reminder about how everything we do counts. Here is what Andrews says in his own words: “Simply put, when we understand that every action matters, every result of our actions immediately improves.”

Just months ago, I was on my hands and knees scrubbing spots out of our white carpet for the umpteenth time. Doing my best not to cuss, I was frustrated that instead of doing something important, like writing my next article—which was certainly in greater alignment with my purpose—I was scrubbing a carpet.

Then I got caustic. I really wanted to wring the neck of the sorry person that decided white carpeting should be a new home d├ęcor trend. Clearly this person had never cleaned a carpet in his or her life.

I was not doing a very good job of using my momentary carpet cleaning service as an act of devotion. I wasn’t even maintaining a quiet, non-complaining state of consciousness. I was pissed. (No wonder those spots keep coming back!)

Fast forward with me to just a few weeks ago. I was sitting at the computer with a list of tasks that needed to be accomplished. All of them, in my opinion, were in clear alignment with my purpose. I had articles to write, letters to answer, comments to address on my blog, an action pan to address for a sales campaign for my book, and Foundation business to complete.

The challenge was that they were all priority items and pretty much on the same deadline. So how was I supposed to choose which task to complete first?

Throw in an unexpected call or two from people that needed immediate input to do their work, a daughter’s need for a little love from her mom, along with my body’s cry for a little rest, a desire for a little fun, and need for some exercise somewhere in the mix and voila—I had the typical crazy-day formula that reminds me I’m human.

It felt like my own circumstances were pushing me into trying to figure out what the heck was most important! That’s when I came to grinding stop. I got quiet inside—really quiet.

When I’m not clear about what is important, I know from experience it is time to find my guidance—not TRY to figure it out. At those moments, figuring it out usually leads me down some interesting trail, but rarely does it put me squarely on my truest path.

How could I possibly figure out whether it is more important to spend some time with my daughter or write the next article? Which one makes the greater difference? It seemed to me they both do.

In the silence, I remembered a moment just days earlier when I was in the middle of a mundane task. All of sudden, someone’s beautiful face was in my inner vision and I could feel their presence. Something good had just happened for them and I could sense that it was linked to, or enhanced by, the inner calm and happiness I was feeling in that moment.

I get so hung up sometimes in the egoic desire to do only what is important that I miss what is really important—how I am choosing to be with everything I do. It all matters. Everything is an expression of the Divine exploring Itself through me. So, how I am being is just as significant as what I am doing.

I reminded myself that my intuitive guidance would know the proper order in which to approach my desires if I surrendered to its flow. In the surrender, it all got done. The exercise, the phone calls, the work, the rest, the play, even the new spots in the carpet got cleaned—peacefully, lovingly, seeing the Divine in every motion and every choice. Because it is all the expression of the Divine, it all counts.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeling a Gap in Time?

Have you noticed lately that things you attempted to accomplish 7-10 years ago are suddenly coming up to be done now? Have you ever felt like someone put your life on hold for a few years, and you weren’t the one putting it into neutral? There you were living your purpose as you understood it and suddenly you couldn’t seem to actually make a living fulfilling your life’s greatest desires.

You aren’t alone. I’ve been chatting with people about this and many of us have noticed a seeming gap or time lag in our ability to complete our life’s work. How could that have happened?

A few years ago, I was meditating when a visitor stopped by, in the ethers. He explained to me that the timeline for earth had been altered and needed attention. I asked him why he wasn’t tending to it himself, and he explained that he could not interfere. He could only report what was happening.

Well, I’m used to interesting things popping up in my dreams and meditations, but I like to get additional perspective so I called a very close friend of mine and asked her if she had any intuitive insights regarding my visitor. Her answer surprised me. She said this same topic had come up in at least three dreams that she could remember.

Neither of us had any idea what you to do mend an altered timeline or if it was even appropriate for us to intervene. But we decided if the spirits were trying to get our attention about it, we would be wise to meditate on it further to see if there was anything we were supposed to do.

We were indeed being asked to heal what appeared to us like a ruptured fault line, so we applied ourselves in creating a ceremony to do our part in healing any damage that had been done. We knew after the ceremony that it would be some time (likely, years) before the course correction would complete itself.

I’m only sharing this with you so that perhaps you can find greater patience and understanding for yourself and others if you have found yourself feeling delayed in fulfilling aspects of your life purpose. Indeed we are the creators of our reality, and our choices create our experiences. Yet we are also part of a larger tapestry of time and creation.

If you have found yourself not quite able to pull the pieces of your life together in a way that you thought by now would have been completed, you may have simply been caught in a gap of time.

The good news is that you may find it easier now than ever to meet your soul mate, create an income doing your life work, or fulfilling various aspects of your destiny. On the other side of this equation, you may find yourself expecting instantaneous results now that the energy is shifting. You may discover that rather than judging less, you are judging yourself and others for not changing fast enough.

Further, during this “gap,” you may have become involved with someone else, chosen another career path, and set new goals for you life. You may find yourself feeling pressured to now fulfill two different sets of outcomes—one set put into motion 10 years ago—and an alternative set put into motion when your original outcomes weren’t coming to fruition.

What do you do? I’d like to make a couple of suggestions. First, become close friends with patience and compassion. Your spirit may be managing a great deal more than you have realized in order to keep you in alignment with your purpose, so be extra kind to yourself.

If you have been under some indefinable pressure, you can imagine that your friends and loved ones may have been experiencing the same kind of frustration with a seeming slowness in their ability to fulfill their hopes and dreams. They may need your understanding.

Ask for a clear path to emerge. Allow yourself to remember your purpose here on earth and then affirm a direct course of action in your life in the fulfillment of that purpose. Consider the gap in time as a gift that allowed you to have many experiences and insights that will only further help you in the fulfillment of your destiny. Then let go into the present moment, enjoying a new and richer experience of your purpose as it is now.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Thousand Times Yes!

I had a dream recently where just as I was about to say, “Yes,” in response to an invitation, I woke up. I’m not entirely sure why at that moment I awakened myself to full consciousness, but perhaps, I needed to be sure both my conscious and subconscious minds were in complete alignment. Knowing now that I am fully in alignment, the answer is, “A thousand times yes.”

Why such an emphatic response? Well, the invitation was an opportunity to explore love at greater depth—the kind of love where souls truly merge together to experience something beyond their individuality. For me, this invitation was an opening to live more of my intended desire and purpose.

A Tantric Master once asked me a question—the same question—multiple times in a row, and repeatedly I gave him the same answer. But each time my answer became more emphatic. You see, we weren’t going to begin opening my kundalini until I was absolutely certain my answer was, “Yes,” and every part of me was ready and in full alignment with that answer. If any part of me was in doubt, my concern or fear would have come up at some point within the repetition of being asked to state my intention, so many times.

We discussed the concept of complete alignment in our recent 7 Steps to Healing Anything Tele-Seminar because in order for healing to occur all parts of ourselves need to be in alignment. The same principle is true whether we are creating wellness, prosperity or attracting a soul mate. If one part of us is not in alignment, manifestation is difficult.

In healing, it is easy to find yourself having seemingly conflicting desires. Part of you wants to be fulfilling more of your life-work, while another just wants to rest and sleep. Still another part just wants to be making more money in a job that doesn’t demand too much, and another wants enough flexibility in your schedule to focus on your healing. Part of you wants meaningful relationship and another part of you doesn’t have the energy to give to a partnership.

At times, the parts actually seem to be in conflict with one another. It takes a great deal of inner listening, self-honesty and creativity to pull all the desires into alignment in such a way that your choices completely support your healing, so that ultimately you can fulfill your purpose for being here on earth.

During our last Tantra session together, this same Master explained to me that when you are looking for direction in your life, there is only one thing to do and that is to follow your purpose. Of course, you don’t know all of the possible ways your life will unfold when you are following your purpose. For all you know, you will align with your purpose only to discover yourself, later on, back in the parts department again, examining all the inner desires that pull on your energy.

You don’t know in advance what the unknown has in store for you. It isn’t appropriate to assume the path to your purpose will be easy or difficult, or be exactly the way you expect it to be. It is simply your purpose and your path. However, I have discovered you can reduce some of your anxiety by simultaneously affirming that embracing even more of your purpose will be as good for your life as what you currently experience or better.

You can choose not to live your purpose, but stepping away from purpose seems to create a gaping hole in your fulfillment quotient. Living your purpose has a rightness about it and brings a sense of fulfillment that cannot seem to be satisfied in any other way.

In my own experience, some new aspect of my purpose calls strongly when I have said a prayer—I have intended to be of greater service, experience more fulfillment, or live my deepest desires. If I allow myself to move through my fear of the unknown and accept the invitation, then when purpose calls it seems to me the answer to give is a resounding, “A thousand times yes!”

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