Friday, October 29, 2010

A Call to Women: Midwives of Planetary Change

This past weekend, some beautiful and powerful women gathered together to explore the true nature of their Sacred Feminine selves. It seems each woman that came expected to leave reborn in self-awareness and commitment, and so they were. We held each other, like midwives, throughout the weekend, witnessing the evolution of the women’s spirits. I was touched by the degree of compassion and truth I witnessed, and will hold this retreat as a benchmark for what the birthing of authentic, conscious evolution in the Sacred Feminine can truly be.

The Grandmother spirits of this sacred path gave us with their teachings about what we need to realize as we women, (or for you men—the women in your lives), when we hear the calling and urgings of our sacred selves to take more action in the world. The Grandmothers told us that when we receive a calling from the well of our truest desires, that such a calling is not a toy to play with. To dabble with our callings is disrespectful to ourselves. They suggest it is better to refuse the calling entirely than it is to play with them as if they are interesting hobbies to explore when we are in the mood.

They suggested that when we feel our true callings, and choose not to act we create a stagnant gap in the energy field. When we know what we should do and then ignore or delay our calling, we set up an energetic field that can actually cause harm to someone else. This was a very new concept for many of us to consider, but upon reflection, we understood the wisdom behind what was being suggested to us.

Let’s say I live in a remote, rural area where there are no nearby emergency services for injured animals. I feel called deeply and profoundly to create an emergency service hospital for animals, but don’t have the money or resources to do it myself, so I let this calling linger in the background, doing nothing about it. Because I recognize it as my calling, perhaps no one else in the area receives the calling or is drawn to that area to fulfill that calling. I am sitting on the energy, so to speak. Because I am not acting on the calling, injured animals are not receiving immediate care.

Here is another example, using the same basic concept. Perhaps I am feeling compelled to bring humane education about animals to the area that I live. I’ve been watching some rather unconscious behaviors toward animals and since animal care is a passion of mine, I know I should develop or bring in a humane education program for adults and children. Because I have so many pulls on my time from my job, husband and children, I keep telling myself I’ll get to this one day when things calm down a bit in my life. One day I hear from a neighbor that a local man known for abusing horses had a son that died while abusing his horse in the same way he learned from his father.

In the collective consciousness there are unspoken agreements about where and how significant energetic responses will arise. These responses are sometimes means for preventing further harm and increasing harmony. If you choose to act upon your calling, you are filling a perceived need identified by the collective consciousness. If you recognize the calling and claim it as your own, the collective-unified mind of humanity acknowledges you as the one fulfilling it. If you don’t act on the calling, the need is left unaddressed, and this is where someone may experience unnecessary harm or a greater degree of harm than might otherwise occur.

So, what do you do if you accept the calling, but can’t seem to bring it into manifestation within an amount of time you consider to be appropriate? Consider giving it back to the collective consciousness, so that someone else has the opportunity to respond. Or if you sense a calling and just can’t do it at the time, it is better to say, “No thank you,” than it is to sit on the calling and do nothing. Maybe it will or won’t get done, but at least you will have been clear and honest about what you are willing and able to do, allowing space for someone else to step in.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes several people seem to get the same idea at the same time, or someone runs with an idea you have had? There are times when the collective consciousness knows that it is time for an idea to come to its fruition, so the idea is seeded among many. If for any reason you are not ready or able to bring the idea to its fulfillment, then someone else will. This is nothing to become jealous about or degrade yourself about. This is cause for celebration. It means that some aspect of the Oneness experiencing life on earth has brought life to a desire so that you and everyone needing and wanting that experience can be fulfilled. If you open up to the Divine, you will discover there is something else waiting for your loving touch and energy.

Certainly, there are times when you recognize your calling and you don’t have the full compliment of skills and resources required to fulfill the calling. This can be the time to hold a clear vision and open up for help. It isn’t necessarily your job to figure out how something is supposed to get done, but rather to fully embrace the vision, share it with others that might want to participate, and hold space for the community to step forward in an act of co-creation with you and Spirit.

For thousands of years, women as a whole have been conditioned to respond to the needs of our family, with our family members being the focal point of our lives. As a result, we can find it foreign and challenging to allow our family members to learn lessons without us. Instead of getting on with what we came here to do, we allow the needs of others (who can often do more for themselves without us) to consume our attention. Our obsession with them provides a place for us to hide so that we don’t have to face our fears by stepping out to do what we are truly called to do.

The Grandmothers tell us it is time to stop hiding. The world needs us now. During the next six to seven years, our planet and humanity are going to experience some revolutionary changes. We can bring our wisdom forward to be midwives to the process of planetary rebirth or we can hide in a back room of our consciousness. The choice is ours. And we are encouraged as the potential midwives of consciousness to choose wisely.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do You Ever Wish Dreams Came True Immediately?

Every now and then I get in one of those moods when I wish I could think about something and know that it was creating itself without needing to take any action whatsoever, and without any time passing. And every now and then it actually happens. I’m thinking about how nice it would be to have dinner with friends and those particular friends call with the same suggestion. Those moments of mutual and instant manifestation are cool. But it doesn’t always happen that way, does it?

Some years ago I was moaning about how fulfilling my dreams seemed to take so much time. Shortly after that I had a vision in meditation, putting the function of time into perspective. I saw myself looking at a world in which the creative process had gone awry. With a single thought from me, the world was destroyed. It completely vanished. I came out of the visionary state in a bit of shock. The emotional impact of the vision caused me realize that time is an undervalued friend in the process of manifestation.

Time creates space between the thought and the result. Let’s say as a child I got angry with my mother and thought, “I wish you were dead.” Now if my thought had manifested immediately I would have regretted my mother dying shortly after making a statement like that. As a child with strong emotions that ruled me, if I had come into this world with the power of instant manifestation I would have left a wake of ruthless destruction and joyful creativity in the path behind me, reflections of my momentary moods.

Time provides space for us as children, and as adults, to develop spiritual equilibrium. Time gives us an opportunity to explore options before we settle in on our commitments. Time gives us a chance to be very clear that what we have stated we want in the way we want it is indeed exactly right for us. If we have any conflicting feelings or beliefs we have time to consider them and bring ourselves into greater alignment with an intention that is most in alignment with our higher purpose. Time can simply mean that what we have intended is being created at another non-visible level. For a lovely article about the appropriateness of lag time that can occur in manifestation, I recommend this article by Simona Rich:

Time is the means by which we can get to know what is constant and true. Emotions and thoughts are fleeting. But beneath them is the Divine nature of limitless love. When we make decisions from the clarity of Divine knowing, we are more likely to make wise decisions that benefit the greater good of creation itself. If we allow ourselves to become still within the passing of time, we find ourselves transcending the normal pace of time and indeed, we do manifest more quickly. When we are in the truth of our hearts—the love of agape—we see from the vantage point of Divine clarity.

Once the clarity is there, action is required. This is yet another way in which the manifestation process is slowed down a bit. Action provides a means for getting to know the many wonderful people with which we are co-creating life on planet earth. Like the example of my friends calling about getting together for dinner, action creates opportunities for us to share in the joy of living with others. Action gets us out of the house, engaging in the gifts of Mother Earth. Action stretches us to create beyond our perceived limits. Action across time slows us down enough to savor life.

Sometimes we become confused and think we came here to leave our mark or complete our purpose. That is partially true, but not complete. We came here to experience. Our purpose becomes a focal point for our experiences. Even the evolution of global consciousness is a focal point for our combined experiences as humanity. Time gives us the opportunity to experience life deeply, in all its subtle nuances, and slows us down from making decisions we might later regret.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Do You Get Nervous About Commitment in Spiritual Practice?

The fourth of four healing prescriptions from the Path of the Sacred Feminine.

Funny thing about commitment in spiritual practice—it is often required before you think you know enough to make the commitment. That’s the part where we get nervous—as we are getting ready to make our leap. If you have ever stood on the precipice of commitment, you know that is point at which you want someone to prove to you that you will make it. However, when it is time to make a spiritual commitment, you seldom get the particular type of proof you are seeking.

You might receive a sign that points you in the directions of making the commitments, as in a sign from God. Someone says exactly what you needed to hear, you are given something that is symbolic to you in confirming the direction you are contemplating, or receive clear guidance in a dream or meditation. Certainly, if you ask, you might be the beneficiary of Divine grace, to support you in saying, “Yes,” to the commitment before you.

What you are not likely to receive is absolute proof that once you make the commitment you will make more money, be in a flaw-less relationship, be guaranteed perfect health, never have any more challenges, and everything will be easy. The proof we want isn’t typically available to us.

Sure, you can go to a psychic or an astrologer or numerologist to gain some insight. And they can point the way, but they can’t prove to you that everything will be better. It’s not possible because these moments are intersections of faith. Faith is about acting on what you know to be your guidance as you step into the unknown.

For many of us there is a significant element of fear that arises as we contemplate the commitment we are compelled to make. What I have learned to do with that fear is to breathe and choose. Then I accept whatever choice I have made, without allowing myself to slip into regret when the challenges arise. Challenges come to help us grow, so there are likely to be challenges whether we choose to stay on the precipice or leap over to the other side. Challenges are not necessarily indicators about whether or not we have made the right choice.

There is no right or wrong choice. The chance to make a commitment is simply a moment of choice. In some cases, we have said a prayer—affirming or asking for a new opening in our lives—so when we ask for confirmation about an opportunity that is arising, we may receive guidance to move in a certain direction because it answers a prayer. But if we do not feel ready to fully receive that opportunity, or if we are wondering about our original request, it may not be time to leap. It may be time to be still and reflect.

The same is true in regard to fear when it comes to commitment. Fear is not necessarily an indicator that something is wrong and therefore nothing should be ventured. Fear can simply be a natural reaction to the amount of change and unpredictability involved with making a commitment to an unknown reality.

Here is something wonderful to know about fear. A friend and teacher once explained to me how to convert fear simply. He described fear like a panicky inhale, as he sucked in his breath with an overtone of panic. But then he demonstrate the rest of the breath with an exhale. As he released his breath, I could audibly hear the excitement in his voice as he ended the breath with an audible, “Ah.”

Such is the subtle difference between fear and excitement. So I learned to breath through the nervousness or fear, allowing my fear to become transformed into excitement. Isn’t this a beautiful way to move through the anxiety and become empowered to take action? Here are the four steps to consider the next time it is time for you to consider a commitment: 1) breath fully your inhale and exhale, 2) choose with conviction whether you will remain or leap, and 3) trust in your choice—whatever it is—because life is about exploring not about making a right or wrong choice, and 4) when the challenges arise, remember they are opportunities to learn, not reflections about whether or not you made the right commitment.

Friday, October 08, 2010

How Desire Calls You to Be Your True Self

The third of four healing prescriptions from the Path of the Sacred Feminine.

Do you assume that what you desire is a luxury and not realistic? Have you had so many seeming failures in experiencing what you desire, that it seems like a meaningless part of life, let alone spiritual practice? Or do you ride the wave of your desires into a discovery of personal spiritual evolution?

Many of us have love-hate relationships with our desires. We can’t help but have them. And desires have a potency that just can’t easily be denied. Yet, if we have been hurt by an accumulation of unfulfilled desires, we can lose faith in trusting our desires as impetus for our spiritual fulfillment here on earth.

When we have an accumulation of unfulfilled desires it can point to the fact that we have been trying too hard with limits in our consciousness and methodologies that don’t truly support our fulfillment. We can also cloud our true desires by focusing on what we think we should want, rather than what we truly want. It is also possible to fulfill momentary and temporary desires, and in doing so, sacrifice the greater longing within us to know our limitless potential.

When desire emerges genuinely from surrender to the Divine, we find ourselves in direct alignment with Divine intent as it longs to express itself through us. Desire becomes more than, “This is what I want,” and is more akin to “This is who I am.” The momentum comes from the deepest truth of you, and you simply must live as who you are.

This is not about aspiring to be something you are not or reaching to attain a goal that is not a natural expression of your being. This kind of spiritual desire comes from the longing to express your authentic and true nature in an unfolding of fulfilling experiences. You are a unique expression of the Divine, getting to know yourself in human form with your experiences and personality.

Desire that emerge from surrender and the acceptance of the Divine is a powerful spark of light emerging from the womb of the Divine. Desire emerging from this depth of surrender is a true expression of the Divine. If you haven’t read the previous article here on the blog about surrender I suggest you read it, because the context of desire, as I have been sharing here, emerges from surrender and then acceptance.

I suggest giving yourself some time to really be with the question, “What do you want?” If you need to make a list, do so. If it all distills down into one or two words, that’s fine too. Most of all be very honest about what you want, and let me clarify this is very different from stating what you want other people to do or be so that you will feel fulfilled.

One of the places where we can become tripped up in regard to honoring and even recognizing our truest desires is in thinking that fulfillment comes through the choices of others. Their choices are about their fulfillment, and your choices are about your fulfillment. When you are clear about your desire, you want to support that desire.

Let’s say your core desire is to have peace in your home and in your life. If you choose to follow the impulse of your desire, it will lead you to choices you need to make that either fulfill that desire or not. Honoring the desire becomes less about what you want others to do and more about making your own choices that support your desire.

Fulfillment comes more quickly because you are honestly acknowledging your truest desire without attachment to any specific person, place, or belief. Now the Divine can truly work through you. Imagine how that affects your perceptions about success and failure? You are free to live fully, and measurements of achievement simply become irrelevant. When you are living from the truth of your being, whether what you desire is a luxury or not also become irrelevant, because you are living from a greater truth—the full expression of who you are, motivated by desire to be your full experience and expression in the world.

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Friday, October 01, 2010

What Is Acceptance in Spiritual Practice?

One of four healing prescriptions from the Path of the Sacred Feminine

It is as easy to think of acceptance in Spiritual Practice as resignation as it is to consider surrender as giving up, particularly if we are facing challenging times. It’s that place we go to when we are thinking, “Well, I guess this is just the way it is going to be. I’d better get used to it and accept it.” What we are really saying in those moments is, “I don’t like what is happening one bit and since there seems to be nothing I can do about it I might as well put up with it and hope for the best.”

But acceptance isn’t about resignation. It is really about acknowledging what is true, and truth usually lies beneath our disappointments or fears. If you approach acceptance from the perspective of resignation, you will very likely miss the gift that acceptance has to offer. Be willing to become more aware of what is true and acceptance becomes sweet relief.

Today I was on the phone with a friend whose mother is slowly getting ready to make her transition to the other side of the veil. Her mother has been ill for a long, long time and tending to her needs has been extremely demanding on my friend. At one point in our conversation I suggested that her mother’s passing would be extremely difficult because my friend would miss her so much, and it would also be very easy, because her mother would finally be out of pain and my friend would be able to focus on her own life again.

In the silence that passed between us for a moment, we both felt the peace this observation evoked. What my friend had accepted was the truth of the difficulty and ease in her life that her mother’s passing would create. Rather than nobly denying that it would make her life easier, she admitted it, effectively short-circuiting any need to feel guilty or ashamed about what was true.

When something is true, the fearful dramas of our minds and emotions disappear. The regrets, guilt and resentments simply have no place to exist and all that remains is peace. That is the gift of acceptance. The minute we accept what is true, especially when we are ashamed of it, embarrassed by it, or afraid of it, we acknowledge the challenging drama we feel trapped in, and simply in recognizing it honestly, it ceases to have any more influence over our thoughts and feelings.

Acceptance is resting in the truth of who we are and what we are honestly experiencing, without embellishment or qualifications. In acceptance, we acknowledge that we are the captains of our own ships. Whatever we are experiencing we have chosen at some level and we are willing to compassionately be present with that awareness. We can wrestle with that awareness, and get angry with ourselves for the choices we have made if we want to or we can simply admit that this is where we are at the moment. We did the best we could and here we are.

By accepting what we are experiencing in this moment honestly, the full and compassionate acknowledgment of what is happening in this moment is enough for the tumultuous feelings to find their rest. And all that is left is peace.

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