Friday, January 22, 2010

From Bliss to Anger in the Spiritual Process

The other night, Dr. Valerie Olmstead invited me to join her on her BBS program, the Enlightened Medicine Show to talk about the Importance of Gratitude in the Ascension Process.

I thought we were going to be talking about gratitude and healing, so minutes before the program I was scratching my head, thinking, “Oh, my gosh, what the heck do I know about the ascension process?”

But I promised to show up and I have a profound trust that Spirit will guide me if I open up. So there I was on the air, listening to Dr. Valerie introduce me, wondering what on earth I had to contribute.

Fortunately, I’ve learned to let go and let guidance come through. Dr. Valerie started talking about out-of-body experiences that had occurred for her and some of her clients, and suddenly I was at home. This was at least a realm in which I had my own experiences.

I don’t have any authority to say such experiences are happening with more frequency for people as consciousness expands on this planet, but I do know they happening for me and for some of you. They can be wonderful and they can be challenging.

One phenomenon I find myself meditating on and talking to clients about is the transition from blissful, out-of-body experiences and deep meditations, back to this reality with all of its limited energies. Have you had the experience of leaving a luscious other-worldly experience only to come back to this reality feeling cranky?

I’ve caught myself more than once thinking to myself, “That’s real spiritual, Misa! Open your heart wide in compassion during your meditation and then, in this world, get critical with someone when they are trying to do their best.”

Oddly, these instances seem to occur in proximity to the end of my meditations and dreams. When I realized this, I knew I needed to understand what was happening emotionally, and made quite a realization.

Being in meditative, out-of-body or dream-time states are very vulnerable conditions. I would leave my vulnerable, open-hearted state and immediately become psychically bombarded by the critical thoughts, fears and negativity all around me. As wide open as I was, that negativity could be occurring in thought forms half-way across the planet and I would be sensing them.

Further, I realized, I was disappointed in what I sometimes experience in this reality--it is often not as cool. I like being a bliss bunny in the other realms. I don’t necessarily like coming back to the challenges of this dimension on earth. The challenges can frustrate me.

There we have it. I was disappointed, frustrated and empathically picking up a lot of other people’s disappointment and frustration. What do you do with that kind of dilemma? Stay in meditative bliss? Never go there to begin with, so you never have to feel disappointed?

Good answers are rarely found in extreme reactions, so I asked myself what I needed to do or understand in order to have smoother transitions. Once I asked the question, I realized I was making a choice that could be altered.

I let go of the bliss I was experiencing in altered state because I was letting go of that feeling within me when I crossed back over into third dimensional reality. The opportunity is to be that vessel of love and happiness, and to hold that love within me regardless of what reality I’m in at the moment and what is happening around me.

The adventure before me is to face this challenge by being the sacred vessel I know I can be all of the time—as I walk in other realities and dimensions and as I walk in this sacred dimension.

What does that mean practically? When I feel frustrated angry or disappointed, I touch my heart and invite it to open. The journey from bliss to anger or anger to bliss is a choice.

Years ago, at the pinnacle of my illnesses, I chose to move myself from profound depression to happiness. Now that I enjoy happiness, I invite myself to the next step—ongoing bliss.

To hear the radio program, visit here and listen to the program for January 19: Enlightened Medicine