Thursday, March 31, 2011

Supporting What Spiritually Supports You

By guest writer, Reverend Ariann Thomas, NDF President

Last in a 3-Part Series on Prosperity

I hope that as you read Andrea and Reverend Misa’s articles on the gift of giving you were as inspired as I was. As Andrea said, when we release that which is holding us back we receive a healing by allowing new energy to flow into our lives.

When it comes to money, most people hold onto money because of the fear of lack, particularly in today’s economy. When we give money, we open ourselves to the flow of the Universe to receive money or other forms of abundance.

The act of giving itself grants spiritual nourishment since we are opening our heart to the flow of Spirit in whatever form is best for us at the moment and in the future. Giving is an act of trust in Spirit.

Where we give our resources tells Spirit what is important to us. If we give to what nurtures us spiritually, then Spirit understands we seek support in our life’s work. Spirit will flow into our lives to fill us with what we need financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

If you attend the New Dream Foundation’s tele-ceremonies, tele-meditations, classes or are encouraged and inspired by Reverend Misa’s writing, then by giving to the foundation you are supporting your spiritual foundation in this lifetime. Giving a regular tithe to a teacher or spiritual center wherein you've received spiritual food is one of the most fundamental laws of abundance and a way that we can give thanks for the love, healing, and guidance Spirit has sent to us through this representative. Making such donations also allows our mind to learn the concept of expanding our prosperity by giving and trusting that "As we give, so shall we receive...and ten-fold."

We only ask for direct contributions once a year. These donation pay for our operating costs which have previously have been paid for by the Trustees and Officers of the New Dream Foundation, such as the fees for the web site, hosting, internet, telephone lines, auto-responder, corporate filing, mail box, office supplies, domain names, bank fees and other ongoing expenses. Reverend Misa does not get paid for the ceremonies or meditations she facilitates regularly.

We are also grateful for our wonderful volunteers without whom we would not be able to offer the service we do. The New Dream Foundation would like to continue to offer these services and expand our offerings in the future with your contributions.

Please Donate to New Dream Foundation.

At this time there are several ways you can give to the New Dream Foundation by making a:

—Single donation of any amount

—Automatic monthly donation

—Purchase of classes endorsed or offered by New Dream

—Booking a Celtic Mystical Journey through the link on the New Dream home page
—Donation of stocks, bonds, life insurance policies or make a gift in your estate.

We Are Grateful
In gratitude for your generosity and to open the flow of prosperity in your lives, we are offering these bonuses for our donors from New Dream members and friends:


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Thank you for being a member of the New Dream Foundation Family. We are happy you have found a spiritual home with us. With your contribution we will continue to serve you with heart-felt programs based in the Sacred Feminine drawing people from all spiritual traditions into one global community for the healing of the planet. Go here now to engage your prosperity flow by supporting what supports you:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Dream—Giving to What We Believe In

Second in our Three-Part Focus on Prosperity Series

NDF Treasurer Judy Cole delivering New Dream check to Canton Rotary

I truly appreciated Andrea’s Article last week on Giving, Receiving, and the Law of Attraction. It is so good for me to be reminded from time to time that if there is something I want to receive in the world, I can choose to set the energy in motion by giving, freely and lovingly, and without attachments, what I most want to receive.

As I was contemplating what I wanted to write about in our three-part prosperity series, I decided to share with you the ways in which New Dream has been able to give money to other charities. Like most non-profits, we ask people to donate, so that we can continue providing service that is meaningful. Since we don’t meet needs that most granting agency consider significant, we rely on class registrations and private donations.

So we are used to asking, but we also know that it is important to give what you want to receive, so our trustees and officers do their best to contribute to NDF monetarily as well as with time and energy. And because of contributions we have received, we are all delighted that we have twice been able to make financial contributions to other non-profits, further contributing to the difference being made in the world.

Planting Trees—Off-setting Our Carbon Footprint

Our Mother suffers and so do we with the vast numbers of trees that are stripped from our forests. Trees play a vital role in the water cycle of the planet, our ability to breathe and they reduce sound pollution. Although New Dream has only two events per year, one of our Spirit Council members reminded us that we are leaving behind a carbon footprint every time someone drives or flies to an event. He wisely suggested we make a contribution that would offset any damage we have done.

We elected to give to an organization that plants trees. A percentage of every registration fee for SpiritQuest is now set aside for a donation to the Adopt a Village Program. As President, we invited Reverend Ariann to choose the location last year, and prior to the earthquake, she intuitively chose Haiti. That means that once the devastation was over, our dollars went to help reforest the island. We were so excited when we realized how her guidance had led us to the perfect choice and it felt great to know we had made a tangible difference!

Providing Pure Drinking Water in El Salvador
Every month at our ceremonies, we bless the water of this planet. If humanity did one thing that would make the most significant difference for this planet, we would bless the water with our love, because water exists in all life on our beautiful Mother Earth. When we bless the water, we bless the Mother that sustains us and every living creature.

Take a prayer of blessing, mix it with a bunch of love, and put your prayer into action, and you have loving expression. That’s what we did this year by making a contribution to the Canton, Michigan’s Rotary Club’s water project in El Salvador.

We were truly pleased to make a contribution to a project that will provide a solar powered ultra-violet purification system, purifying water for two villages, El Roble and Palo Grande, and serving just under 1,000 people. Complete with an education program, villagers will be trained in proper hygiene, ensuring that the benefits of pure water make a significant health difference in their lives. Discover more about this wonderful project at:

New Dream was able to make this contribution through a generous grant from the Lawrence Foundation, and we are grateful to have been both the recipients and donors.

Spending Our Dollars or “Votes” Wisely

An economics professor once said, “Your dollars are your votes. Spend them wisely.”

I think about that when I receive a request for money. “Do I believe in this?” I ask myself. “Do I derive benefit or does someone I care about, and is this something I want to vote for with my dollars?”

New Dream does not have a fat bank account by any stretch of imagination. But it made me proud, when our SpiritQuest Council and New Dream officers voted with our dollars, deciding to financially support these two wonderful projects. These were acts of giving freely. We gave without expectation of receiving anything in return—simply for the joy of giving to what we believe in—for the opportunity to walk our talk, because Prayers+Action=Love.

And the giving goes on! A special gift for you! Make the largest donation to New Dream between now and April 3rd and receive a free copy of the new movie “Awaken Your Riches”, with Rev. Michael Beckwith, T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Martin Dunkerton and co-star and producer Dr. Tianna Conte. After watching the movie you will also, receive one free 30 minute private session with Dr. Tianna, where together you will explore the parts of the movie that spoke to you and discover how to apply the principle to your life.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Giving, Receiving, and the Law of Attraction

by Guest Writer, Andrea Conway, Law of Attraction Business Coach

First of our Three-Part Focus on Prosperity Series

Most of us grew up hearing. "It's far better to give than to receive." But have you ever wondered why? It sounds like a simple reminder to share our blessings with others. Important as that is, what if there's more to the story?

Law of Attraction teaches that we receive what we expect, believe, and focus on. It also teaches that if we don't like what we receive,
we have the spirit-given free will to change our expectations, beliefs and focus – and receive differently.

In other words: we can change what we give out to the universe in order to receive what we prefer.

Giving and receiving always work in pairs – more about that in a moment.

As healers of our own lives, most of us have discovered that we receive a healing when we release the emotional and mental patterns that contribute to our dis-ease. This release usually takes place outside of the physical plane, but our bodies undeniably receive the benefits.

You might be wondering what you "gave" in order to receive a healing. Most likely it was something you "gave up" – a way of thinking that no longer served you.

Giving and receiving

Giving and receiving together complete a cycle. They appear to be opposites, but from a higher perspective they work together as the negative and positive polarities of what we might call "divine flow."

Naturally, for flow to occur, both giving and receiving have to happen, and we humans are wired with the capacity to experience both.

So why are we taught it's better to give?

My theory is: in giving we make the conscious choice to participate in "divine flow."

As I understand it, the universe creates and sustains all life – we are endlessly blessed by its gifts – there's nothing we have to do to "deserve" divine love. But when we exercise our spirit-given choice to give, we consciously express our personal alignment with the universe.

According to the Law of Attraction, the more we align with the universe, the more of its grace and abundance we're able to receive.

By making the conscious choice to give first, we become vehicles for divine grace to flow through us to others. At the same time, we expand our own capacity to receive – and expand our capacity to give even more.

Perhaps the real reason it's more blessed to give than to receive is that giving is a choice. It's not a requirement. Choosing to give – especially when it's not easy or convenient – means we choose to believe in our spiritual connection instead of in the world's messages of fear and scarcity.

Give out, give up, give in, give . . . whatever words we use, the energy involves letting go of those things we tend to clutch: our habitual thoughts, self concepts, behavioral habits, time, money . . .

In making the very individual, often very uncomfortable, choice to give, we initiate a new cycle of giving and receiving. The more of us who make that choice, the greater the divine flow that surrounds all beings with love, grace, healing, and prosperity.

For our Focus On Prosperity series, you can listen to a fabulous interview with Andrea where she gives some valuable insights about today's economy and prosperity, when you make donation to New Dream. Find out more about how you can support the dream to awaken the Sacred Feminine within us all:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quieting the Mind to Access Intuition

If it is important to you to be able to trust your intuitive insights, you will find it easier to trust messages that come from a quiet mind. If your mind is full of chatter, it is difficult to tell which messages are thoughts floating through for consideration and which of those thoughts might actually be an intuitive message. Busy minds clutter the arena and make it difficult or even impossible to notice knowledge that is coming from your Divine inner knowing.

Many of us understand the benefits of having a quiet mind. We realize that we would be likely to experience greater peace, better sleep, more rest and ease in our bodies, ready access to intuitive wisdom, clarity regarding our choices, even complete awakening. But getting to that quiet place that is an immense challenge for many of us. What makes it challenging? In my own experience it was a fear of what I would encounter if I allowed myself to become that still.

In my book, The Root of All Healing,I recount my first experience with meditation. I thought it would be no sweat at all to sit still for 20 minutes. “What’s the big deal,” I thought. Then I sat down and nearly went crazy for five minutes. I had no idea how busy my mind and body had become. No wonder I was confused, frustrated, and depressed in my life. Until that moment, I had not given myself an opportunity to get quiet enough inside to experience inner tranquility.

It was many months before I had a breakthrough experience that solidified the importance of meditation. The same, irritating thought kept swirling around in my mind. So I let it spin over and over again in a rush of energy that finally became a tornado around me. There I was in the serene silence with this noise racing around me. Finally the racing stopped. I was clear. And I was free.

Something deep inside me knew that such serenity existed. Something more within me knew that opening fully was going to require dedication. I was going to have to learn how to sit with my thoughts and my emotions until the silence was more appealing than the commotion.

In the silence intuition can speak most clearly. When we are not attached to any outcome, and when we are willing to accept what is the greatest truth, intuition—our conduit to the Divine—emerges clearly. In that moment, we have a profound awareness that the truth we are experiencing is much more than a thought traveling through, but rather Divine insight, and therefore we can completely trust the wisdom flowing through.

Consider what you might already be doing in your life to help yourself find that space of inner stillness. Do you have a habit of grabbing a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and sitting quietly to watch nature begin its day? Do you love to lay out under the sun in the summer, while all your thoughts drift away leaving only you, the glorious sun, and Mother Earth beneath you? Do you find yourself becoming serene and quiet whenever you build and tend a fire? Do you come home from work, and immediately put on some music that carries you away from the work of the day and into a more restful state of mind? Do you go for a run and let life melt off your body with every stride?

Now consider something you have not yet done, but have been curious about, that you believe would help you grow even more still inside. Write it down and then put it on your calendar. Pick any day and commit to engaging in one new activity with the intention of experiencing even greater serenity and stillness of mind.

Getting to that place of inner silence is a journey, and for busy-bodies like I was, an arduous one. However, I know from my own experience that it is very much worthwhile. Having access to my intuition for healing insights, career choices, guidance in my relationships and the delight of discovering the beauty of my awakened self has made every itchy minute sitting cross-legged on the floor worth the effort.

Intuition is more than a handy tool. It is direct access to Divine wisdom living inside of you. Intuition is a gift from the Sacred Feminine, the receptive, loving place within that accepts life as it is, and the place from which we can know what constitutes wise action. Once you know that quiet, loving place, trusting intuition will no longer be an issue.

Friday, March 04, 2011

The Sacred Feminine and Women’s Emergence

International Women’s Day—March 8

Can you see it? It’s already happening. We call it by many names: emotional intelligence, intuitive leadership, emotional IQ, creative expression, intuitive wisdom, and social intelligence. They are all great descriptors for what some of us call the Sacred Feminine. At the root of these expressions, you will find empathy, compassion and creativity—hallmarks of the Feminine. Indeed, the Sacred Feminine is emerging, and this sacred energetic force must come forward if we are to continue our evolution as a species.

Why is the Sacred Feminine so important? Intuition and creativity come from an intelligence of the heart that complements the intelligence of the mind. The rise of the Sacred Feminine is a reminder that the heart is as important in the decisions we make as the mind. Can we find heart-centered wisdom in the Sacred Masculine? Absolutely. Meditate with the light of creation and there you are in the center of the Sacred Masculine, filled with holy bliss and Divine energy overflowing from the core of your being. There is a great deal of heart in the Sacred Masculine.

That said, when the Sacred Masculine is interpreted in human context and application as a function of mind and logic, without heart, we lose sight of the true sacred essence of the masculine. Without heart, we excuse our abuses. Without heart, we excuse our greed. I’m not speaking about healthy prosperity here. I’m referring to the kind of greed that compels us to fulfill our own desires at the grave expense of others and without consideration for our planet.

The Sacred Feminine is emerging through us at this moment in history so that the intelligence of our hearts will be restored in our human consciousness. If we continue our existence allowing greed and abuse to rule our lives, we will eventually abuse ourselves right into extinction. Heart wisdom reminds us that we all come from the same Source and therefore are all of noble and sacred birth. Heart wisdom reminds us that compassion before action leads us to more well-considered and effective decisions, intended to benefit everyone in the short-term as well as long-term.

Consider this perspective from a report by Clare Hedin at

If we don’t pay attention to the feelings of the heart, then we are more likely to operate out of a paradigm of a purely ‘head-oriented wisdom’ which, by tradition, tends to be very analytical, and potentially dangerous; since it is based on reason and logic but not heart wisdom. This wisdom is entirely sequence-based, meaning it is based on results not consequences. This is a completely different kind of wisdom than that of the heart. Its intelligence is not informed from as many deep, collective levels as the heart’s. Thinking needs to be informed by the heart in a very deep way in order to be safe, effective and profound.

We women are the primary carriers of Sacred Feminine wisdom. A woman in emotional balance that is pregnant loves the child in her womb, without consideration about whether the child is good or bad. The child is the life of the Divine being born through a human body. A mother loves her child simply because the child exists. When a mother loves her child, she loves the very life-force of the Divine.

When a mother is emotionally clear, she loves her child regardless of the choices they make. A mother may not approve of a choice. She may even need to set boundaries regarding the child’s behavior. She may become exasperated, frustrated, and even worn out by a child’s choices, but she still loves. When a mother takes the time to listen to her child with empathy, the child has an opportunity to realize the greater truth behind their fears and hopes. When a mother guides her child from the basis of her compassion, she encourages her child to discover what serves themselves and others with regard for the highest good of all concerned. A mother nurtures a child’s hopes, dreams and talents because these are the gifts of the Divine presence longing to emerge.

Women that have not given birth, as well as men, understand the power of the Sacred Feminine through their work and their creations when they open to empathy, listening, stillness within, compassion, intuition, creativity, and equal regard for all life. These are fundamental qualities of the Sacred Feminine that exist within each of us.

We as women are emerging in our sacred wisdom because the planet and humanity need us to do so. Many of us feel the calling within our bones. We long for a deeper understanding of what the Sacred Feminine feels like energetically within our bodies. We wonder how we can experience it more deeply through our visions and our dreams. And finally, we want to know how we can express this profound energy in a meaningful way in the world. It is a deeply challenging process, requiring tremendous commitment and consistent, sustained effort if we are to emerge fully as our sacred selves.

At New Dream, I see women around the globe making the commitment, staying true to their callings. I witness women, honoring the wisdom of their minds, but also discovering and honoring the wisdom of their hearts. Women are emerging and the wisdom we bring to the world is the perfect offering—the perfect gift—for the evolution of humanity.