Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Are Keepers Anyway?

If you have been joining us on any of the tele-ceremonies and tele-meditations, you may have heard some of us referring to Keepers. Keeper is short for Keeper of the Sacred Path of the Feminine or Keeper of the Water Ceremonies.

In a Google search you would find that there are all kinds of keepers and water keepers from activists to ceremonialists, so I thought it would be wise to explain what we mean by being a Keeper here at New Dream.

The Sacred Path of the Feminine came to us a little at a time from four sweet and powerful Grandmother spirits on the other side of the veil. Initially, they introduced me to the ancient ceremonies that had been done around the ancient medicine bowl I had received. As I received the ceremonies I was invited to share them with women I knew.

The bowl, which is in the shape of a womb, was filled with water at every full moon, and together we women explored the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine that awaited us, in ancient ceremonies created by women for women. We opened to what it meant to shed our limited bodies to become our limitless selves through our own feminine natures, with our natural female inclinations.

Women that wanted to share these ceremonies with their own circles and/or in their own communities, apprenticed with me to become Keepers of the Water Ceremonies. For the first time in history, more than one woman was offering these ceremonies.

Because the ceremonies were born again through me in this lifetime, I am called the Guardian, as we were called in the old days, where one woman held space for the women in her community through these ceremonies. Guardian implies that it is my job to remember, or guard, what has been learned so that it can be passed on to the next generation. Since we now had several women offering the ceremonies, we named them Keepers—keepers of the traditional practice and its gifts.

Over the years, more has been revealed, and we have come to realize the significance of the ceremonies, journeys and meditations the Grandmothers were passing on to us. Initially we referred to the Water Ceremonies as the focal point of our path, hence, Keepers were called Keepers of the Water Ceremonies.

But in time we understood that there was much more than the ceremonies. That was when we renamed our sacred work to be called the Path of the Sacred Feminine. While Keepers apprentice to offer the ceremonies, they also become Keepers of the path—experiencing and sharing the meditations and healing prescriptions (or journeys) that take us into deeper self-awareness.

The first two Keepers received a little bit of coaching from me, and no formal training. It was challenging for them in the beginning, and the teacher in me understood that proper training for such a significant responsibility was appropriate. So I created our apprenticeship program. I noticed that the details about how to do the ceremony were learned fairly; however, learning how to hold space (which is at the heart of the Sacred Feminine) was another matter.

Learning how to be the space you are intending to hold is a dedication to self-awareness and self-mastery. Most of us haven’t been taught to do that for ourselves, let alone for a group, and you don’t learn that within a couple of coaching sessions. So now, we offer a two-year program to help women prepare for this sacred privilege.

Women that feel called begin with pre-apprenticeship. The women notify us that they are interested in apprenticeship and begin attending the monthly Full Moon Ceremonies and Creation Meditations, because this is where the training begins—experiencing the gifts of the practice. They can do this with a local Keeper or with me on our tele-ceremonies and tele-meditations.

At our website, you can access more detailed information about the apprenticeship program:

Then in the second year, women take the Secret Art of Ceremony class with Keeper, Cindy Mills, followed by monthly circles with Cindy, continued attendance at Full Moon Ceremony and Creation Meditation, and they prepare for their initiation as a Keeper, officiated by me at SpiritQuest. (For women outside the US other arrangements are made if attendance at SpiritQuest is not possible.)

The newly initiated Keepers are then invited to the Keepers Circle. We meet monthly over the phone to continue our exploration of personal development and service to men and women drawn to the Sacred Feminine. And we meet for a special day of training at our annual Women’s Retreat in the fall.

The two years of preparation give a potential new Keeper time to be sure that this path truly resonates and can be incorporated into one’s personal spiritual practice. This August, it is our time to begin preparing women to become Keepers. This is the appropriate time to let us know if:

1) you have been attending Full Moon Ceremonies and would like to begin studying officially as an apprentice or
2) you would like to make your commitment to attend Full Moon Ceremonies and Creation Meditations regularly in pre-apprenticeship.

How do you know if you are being called? It’s like a quiet whisper in the back of your mind that just doesn’t go away. It’s subtle, but it is insistent. If you think you might be called, please visit the web-page above and then e-mail us. We are ready to welcome you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father and the Sacred Masculine

In Honor of the Men that Share Fatherly Love on Fathers Day

For a prayer honoring fathers visit:,1482.0.html

Sacred Father and the sacred nature of the masculine can end up getting a bad rap when you are longing to discover your Sacred Feminine. In choosing to know the feminine side of the Divine, it is possible to completely deny the masculine nature.

It is far too easy to view the energy of Sacred Father through wounded filters and think that we have an understanding. But all the while, we are really shaping God in our own limited and wounded likeness.

If the Sacred Feminine within us deserves better acknowledgement so does the nature of the Sacred Masculine.

Here are some perceptions that I believe fashion Sacred Father in limited views. When we believe God is punishing us, that is what we do as humans when we do not approve of someone’s choices. When we turn God into being only male, that is a reflection of our human experience of masculine and feminine as being in separate bodies. And when we perceive that God is judging our every choice as right or wrong, that is what we do as humans.

Talk to someone that has had a near death experience, and they describe the experience of being in the presence of the Divine as something beyond our human perceptions. They describe pure love, endless bliss, and profound peace.

Consider a perception of Sacred Father and Sacred Mother that is not dependent on limited human views or emotional woundedness.

If the spirit of Sacred Mother is like loving vast stillness of limitless space, pregnant with all the possibilities of life, then the spirit of Sacred Father is like the passionate expression of life—white light racing through the vastness of space—life longing to know itself.

Sacred Father is the pure expression of love, compelled to experience the limitless nature of itself—the limitlessness of what can be. The intentions of our souls are expressed through the inspiration of Sacred Father. Sacred Father reaches into the unknown with some aspect of self-awareness that is known. Like the super-nova, the Divine Father is so dynamic, vibrant and unable to be contained that he explodes in the expression of himself.

The Divine Father calls within us to explore, adventure, aspire and become. He calls to us to live life with zeal and intention. In his presence, we know that mediocrity is not the full expression of our life force.

In the presence of the Divine Father we know we must live in service, for to do any less would be to constrain the dynamic love of Father that courses through us. Generosity is his natural expression, for generosity is the manifestation of his unbridled love.

When the doubts, fears and concerns have dissolved, what emerges is the passionate release of life exploring itself—what we lovingly refer to as Sacred Father.

The spirit of Sacred Father flows through the arms of the loving fathers here on earth who wrap their arms around us, kiss us on our heads, and then release us to the world, telling us to fly. Fathers inspire us to experience life to its fullest.

Regardless of how well any earthly father has done with his role as father, part of our spiritual journey encompasses discovering the Sacred Father within us, allowing him to be fully alive in our world, through each of us that awakens to his presence.

As we enter this age when the Sacred Mother awakens in us, it is vital that we remember the true and loving nature of the Sacred Father, and that we discover his presence in his true limitless light. As we celebrate Fathers Day, let us remember to honor Sacred Father, and how his limitless love has inspired us to live fully during our time on earth.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Collective Awakening

Lessons from the Aspens

Aspen trees are intriguing to me. Do you know that a grove of aspen trees shares a single root system? That’s right. These magnificent and unique trees share a root system through which they are nourished for greater growth.

Consider this definition from the Aspen Grove Project Organization, The aspen grove is the world’s largest living organism. A single grove can grow large enough to cover an entire mountainside while the trees within the grove are interconnected through their shared root system. Each tree stands as an individual and at the same time is connected to the whole.

It sounds a lot like humanity doesn’t it? We are each so profoundly special and unique and yet we are part of a greater humanity.

For those of us that have been actively involved with our individual processes of conscious evolution, we can find ourselves experiencing peak mystical moments of conscious awareness that help us remember our true Divine nature.

Add up a few of those moments and you can find yourself motivated to continue your personal journey of awakening with passion and commitment. If you remain dedicated to your awakening, there is a point at which you realize the great awakening is when we all realize our Divinity from the very depths of our being.

Then at this juncture in the spiritual walk, you may find yourself committing to the service of a bodhisattva (one who dedicates their life, throughout lifetimes, in service to the enlightenment of all, so that the suffering of humanity might be alleviated).

Even if you don’t take the vows of a bodhisattva, somewhere deep within most of us know that true freedom occurs when we are all free. And the good news is that when we choose to attend to the evolution of our collective consciousness, we assist in the awakening of our unique selves along with humanity—because we are like the aspen trees.

In my training with my elder, I was taught to attend to my inner development while also growing with and being in service to my spiritual community. I now understand why my elder encouraged attention to growth personally and within community.

There is an evolution of consciousness that occurs with others that simply doesn’t happen in the same way when you are alone. Have you ever gotten up from your private meditation, centered in peace and harmony, to then interact with people around you that were not centered in peace? It’s challenging isn’t it?

Have you ever been with a group of people who were so centered and loving that in their presence you were able to heal old childhood or karmic wounds? Have you ever experienced a group meditation in which you were able to awaken in Divine awareness in ways you had not been able to awaken on your own? Have you ever experienced first hand the healing power of collective intention?

Years ago, I travelled through Egypt with a group of 300 psychics and intuitives. Between the land, the temples, the meditations and prayers, the consciousness of the people of Egypt, and the consciousness of the group I was with, I had multiple peak experiences day after day.

When I returned home, I was changed forever, with a level of awareness that carries me and sustains me even today. As the collective consciousness of the group awakened, so did I. And as one of us awakened so did the collective consciousness of the group.

For too much of my life, I was more concerned about how special I wanted to be. I wanted to be more conscious, more awake, a more powerful healer. It’s true. I was more concerned about my own awakening than I was about others, because I wanted to be special.

It took many years of diligent self-introspection to realize there is no difference. When one awakens, all awaken at some level. My elder helped me greatly when she said to me, “Misa, it can be very lonely being awake among those that are not awake.”

Now I know that true joy occurs when we all awaken. True joy is when we know we are all special—wonderfully special, and yet, we also share one root system—one source of life. We are unique and we are one.

This is one of the reasons I have been so dedicated to holding space for New Dream’s SpiritQuest, Rites of Passage Ceremonies, and Women’s Retreat. These are moments we create when, like the aspen trees, our individual and collective consciousness awaken together.

At New Dream we are here to support you in your individual awakening through the Sacred Feminine, and we are also here to hold space for our collective awakening. We look forward to your sacred revelations. Thank you for sharing this aspen grove with us.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Are You Defining Your Life By What You Are Not or What You Are?

How often do you find yourself measuring the worth of your existence by what you have not yet accomplished?

I have a confession to make. This has been one of my biggest challenges—letting go of the self-critical voice that never seems to think I have accomplished enough. I’ve barely accomplished one task when my mind is already spinning on what is next.

The day I received my first copy of my book, The Root of All Healing, my husband took me out to dinner, reminding me to pause long enough to enjoy my accomplishment before launching into discussions about my many marketing ideas.

Having published several technology books, he knew all to well how easy it is to run right over the top of the present accomplishment in order to plan for the next one.

As we shared dinner together, we also reflected on how easy it is to get caught up in what we are not, whether we are talking about accomplishments, skills or simply how we are being.

Isn’t it easy to get hung up on the perception that we are not good enough in some way or another? And isn’t it all to easy to run right over the top of who we are in a quest to be better than we already are?

Many times I have been so busy in my life focusing on what I think I am not and have not accomplished that I missed the sweet essence of who I truly I am. In times of clarity, I realize I am not the sum total of what I have done, nor am I the sum total the moments I was able to simply be.

I simply am what I am. The only moment of awareness that counts is this moment—not what I was or did in the past, nor what I will do or will be in the future—just who I am right now.

When I sit in stillness, present to the aspects of myself that I think are lacking, I soon discover that those perceived lacks are actually pointing the way to who I really am.

Recently, I learned in a meditation that I have some spirochetes in my gut. These are tenacious little critters that burrow into cysts they have made whenever they feel a threat, like herbs that will kill them. So they are challenging to release from the body.

I immediately went to work with my Sound Medicine and was beginning to see some results, but the healing was moving too slowly for my taste. Instead of opening up in love to who I am, I was criticizing myself for not creating stronger or more accurate Sound Medicine for myself. I assumed my gift had weakened somehow. I was defining myself by what I perceived I was not.

What I have learned about my Sound Medicine is that, while it is healing me energetically, it often also leads me to healers and other solutions. A friend suggested in her healing process, she had opened up her consciousness to the remedy that would heal her health condition.

I listened carefully and decided to open up my field beyond my precious Sound Medicine. In meditation I asked for my perfect and right remedy. Minutes later I came out of my deep meditation fully aware that crop circles are healing symbols and I knew which one would help me with the spirochetes.

In just days I have seen dramatic results as I meditate with the crop circle and listen to my Sound Medicine. So what is the moral of the story for me? Well, I’m not an incompetent healer nor am I a great healer. I am not the sum of what I cannot do, nor am I the sum of my accomplishments.

I am simply a woman that chooses to heal with the gifts that live within and around me. I am a woman falling in love with my own Divine nature, and that nature is limitless. If I allow myself to surrender to who and what I truly am as a Divine being expressing herself in the Universe, then every moment is a moment to love.

In Divine love, there just isn’t much room for perceptions of criticism or inadequacy. There is no worth to my existence. There is only my existence and the freedom to choose how I would like to experience it.

One of the places I have learned to hold critical thoughts in love until they dissipate in the Divine love of who I truly am is at SpiritQuest.

At my very first quest I discovered that true spiritual liberation came with being willing to shed my self-criticism and allow my ego to rest so that the truth and mystery of Spirit could emerge through and around me. Since my first quest, I have discovered that being willing to enter into stillness and compassion is a choice to step into the wonder of the Sacred Feminine.

For one precious week per year, I immerse into the Sacred Feminine—by myself, with my community, with the spiritual ancestors, and with Mother Earth. I discover and I remember that who I am is vast and immeasurable, and that the love I am and can hold is endless.