Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are You Holding or Holding On?

The essence of the Sacred Feminine is very much womb-like, holding life in its suchness. This is wonderful to experience, whether you are the one being held or doing the holding. However, when we become frightened or confused we can become obsessed with holding-on rather than holding, and that’s when life becomes difficult.

Take a moment to remember a time when you cupped your hand and scooped up some water. In order to actually hold it in your hand, you must keep your hand formed in a cup shape and become as still as possible. You can observe the water and appreciate it, but the minute you attempt to squeeze it, the water will run out.

That is exactly what happens when we attempt to hold on to any aspect of our lives—whether it is a belief, dream, person, career, money, possession, or our health. If we don’t hold it lightly with great appreciation, stillness and care, it is likely to run out of our hands.

When we hold on to something with a vice-like grip, we are literally squeezing the life out of it. Whatever it is we are holding on to doesn’t stand a chance of being witnessed or seen for its own nature.

Consider relationship. Think of a time when you wanted someone to conform to your idea of who he or she should be. Did they become angry with you for trying to shape them into your image and likeness? Did they become alienated from you?

That’s what happens when we try to hold on to our image of what someone else should be. Most of us want to be seen and loved for who we are, even if we are acting out in some challenging ways. We might not expect people to live with our challenging behaviors, but we do hope we will be loved as we are in the moment.

Many of us try to make other people conform to what we want. We hold on to an idea or belief about how the world should be and how the people in our lives should behave. Rather than remove ourselves from incompatible relationships or learn to accept them as they are, we hold on tightly and attempt to change the other person.

This is like trying to squeeze the water in your hand. At some point, either you or they can’t maintain the pressure.

Something quite amazing happens when you choose to hold your feelings about the other person rather than hold on to our attempts to change them. If you give yourself permission to create a quiet moment and simply witness your feelings, in the same way you might observe water in your cupped hand, the fear, anger, resentment, regrets and frustrations you might have about someone else, simply dissolve. That’s right they dissolve.

All that remains is a deep, loving understanding of you and them. You are likely to find yourself gaining clarity about your challenge with that individual. You might find you have more tolerance, initiate a heart-to-heart conversation where you both share your concerns, take a retreat in order to give you both time to think about what you really want, or you might leave the situation.

Whatever you do, it will come from your truth, and you will be able to do it in love, rather than from an attempt to manipulate someone you love. Holding the feelings you have about someone else is a powerful way to resolve conflict with another.

It is not at all unusual to see a different response emerging from the other person, simply because you are no longer projecting your fears and frustrations on to them. You are able to see and hold them in their suchness, and they can feel the difference.

This is not a skill most of us were ever taught, so while we might understand it conceptually, it can be very difficult in practice. I’ve seen myself, and other women, seasoned in knowing how to hold, engage in energetic manipulation when the situation was pushing my buttons.

During our Path of the Sacred Feminine Women’s Retreat, we spend several days learning how to hold the feelings that create separation. LINK Individually and collectively, we remember that when we hold in love, we are the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. We then take that awareness into our day-to-day lives, slowly letting go of the habit to hold on, and replacing it with the capacity to hold.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Galactic Womb

Winter Solstice 2012

According to Alberto Villodo, the Maya tell us that humanity comes into existence on December 21, 2012. Perhaps, he suggests, that means we are not yet fully human.

So what makes us fully human? Perhaps we could begin by exploring the aspects of ourselves as humans that we do not tend to recognize. Consider that we have not yet fully recognized the Sacred Feminine aspects within ourselves. What would those aspects be?

For years, my body led me into a journey of discovery about the feminine and masculine energies, as I struggled to live in balance. In my twenties, I went through a period of time where I was producing as much testosterone as a male in puberty. My female organs were literally shutting down. It was several years before I completely restored psychological and physiological faith in my feminine emotions and body.

My own body led me on a discovery about the physical, emotional and spiritual natures of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. Eventually, the exploration of these two Divine energies led me into mystical experiences of realization to help me understand the significance of these two profound states.

I received some profound insight into the Sacred Feminine when I was immersed for an entire day in the mystical reality of the Feminine, while on a pilgrimage in Egypt. This reality I experienced was vast space—complete stillness, dark and limitless, deeply compassionate, and pregnant with all possibilities of life.

Some time later, I was immersed in the Sacred Masculine. I became the white, hot, ecstatic and blissful expression of the Sacred Masculine. Every cell was on fire and in motion, and I felt as though I was bursting in endless love and bliss.

So what do these energies have to do with our physical lives, and our emergence as humanity in 2012? Consider this: most of us grow up being taught to value achievement as most important in our development as humans and as a species. We are often taught to suppress our emotions, use reason and logic over intuition, keep busy and active, and to follow our bliss and passion.

Can you honestly say you were also taught to value, with as much dedication and fervor such qualities as rest, quiet contemplation, trusting your intuition and the emotions that lead to intuitive wisdom, loving unconditionally, and listening to and witnessing others just as they are without judgment? Were you taught that stillness is as important as action?

For many of us, the answer is, “No, we were not taught to value stillness and the intuitive insights that emerge from the silence and space within us.” This isn’t because our parents did something wrong. They had simply been taught what they passed on to us.

The Sacred Masculine has simply been the focus of our exploration for approximately 2,500 years or more. The active, vibrant energy of the Sacred Masculine is wonderful, necessary energy in creation and human evolution. And so is the Sacred Feminine.

When we engage the Sacred Masculine without the benefit of the energies of the Sacred Feminine we move out of balance, and tend to accept such beliefs as: 1) God is male, 2) the end justifies the means, and 3) it is appropriate to take good care of myself even at the expense of others. We become self-absorbed and greedy, willing to damage anything we perceive to be outside of our own passionate expression of our unique selves.

We forget we came from the womb, where all are held in loving regard as Divine potential.

During the winter solstice of 2012, the sun appearing to just touch one part of the Dark Rift (Great Rift)or what we might sense as a connection the womb of our creation. Is it possible that our own physical and energetic wombs will stir with the knowledge that while we are ecstatic light expressing our own potential, we are also the quiet, still space that holds everything in love.

According to Nicaraguan Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo, of the International Council of 13 Grandmothers, the final glyph from the Mayan story of creation shows planetary stewardship being delivered into the hands of the feminine.

I do not suggest to you, that the coming age is one in which the Sacred Feminine will become more important than the Sacred Masculine. Rather, this coming age is one in which we will very likely feel the impulse to remember that we are the essence of the Sacred Feminine as well as the Sacred Masculine.

When these two energies are in balance, we exist in awareness of the fullness of our humanity and our Divinity. We remember to act, but also to be still. We remember to use our logic, but also to follow our intuition. We remember to speak and to listen. We remember to live our passion and our bliss, and to give our bodies and minds plenty of time to rest and contemplate. We further our own goals, but we also tend to our communities – human and planetary.

If it is true, that winter solstice of 2012 marks the birth of humanity, and on that day we will be aligning with the Galactic womb of creation, then perhaps this is a good time to consider how to prepare for our own rebirth.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Galactic Alignment of 2012

Returning to the Womb of Creation

by Guest Author, Reverend Ariann Thomas

As we approach the upcoming date of December 21, 2012, the announced date of the end of the Mayan calendar, people all over the world are showing various reactions. Although many Mayan Elders, authors, shamans and anthropologists have been issuing statements and writing articles about the meaning of this date, the doomsayers appear to have captured the attention of the media. Fear of disasters, darkness, disruptions and destruction seem to overshadow the real meaning of the end of the Mayan Calendar—the calendar terminates on that date. One era ends and another begins.

The Mayan Calendar is a prophetic calendar that helps us understand the past and foresee the future by describing how the progression of Heavens and Underworlds condition the human consciousness. The Mayan Calendar provides an exact schedule for the Cosmic Plan and the unfolding of all things that come into existence. Carl Johan Calleman, is a Mayan scholar who has written two very interesting articles on this matter that are available on the internet. This first came out of a conference in Stockholm, 11 Ahau (March 7, 2010). The Conscious Convergence,

I wondered why so many people were making such a big deal about the Mayan Calendar. I intuitively know the world is not going to end. I also feel that the date is important in a significant way that many people are overlooking due to the disaster-predictions of the media, Hollywood and some of fear-generating articles in print and on the internet.

I began looking into the factual basis for the Mayan end cycle. What I found was fascinating because it corresponds to some basic astronomical facts that the Mayans must have been aware of when the Calendar was developed. So why did the Mayans end their calendar on the winter solstice of 2012?

The winter solstice marks the completion of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Mayan Long Count Calendar—December 21, 2012. This corresponds to present day astronomical science that places the solar system in alignment with the center of the Milky Way on that exact date.

In Western astronomy the Sun moves through all twelve primary constellations (the Mayans used thirteen constellations rather than twelve) in a 25,800 year.
From our perspective on earth, the sun moves backward through each constellation every 2,160 years. Over the course of 25,800 years, a period often called a Great Year; the Sun completes a full, 360-degree backward circuit through the zodiac.

Precession brings one of the seasonal quarters (either the March equinox, the June solstice, the September equinox, or the December solstice) into alignment with the center of the Milky Way once every 6,450 years. However, the alignment of the winter solstice, such as in 2012, occurs only once every 25,800 years, the traditional "beginning" point of Earth's yearly cycle, December 21, 2012!

What makes this one so unique? John Meyer Jenkens, a Mayan scholar, discovered the part of the Milky Way that the December solstice sun will conjunct with is also where the center of our galaxy is located. The Mayans called the hole or blank spot in the middle of the galactic center of the Milky Way the Black Road or Dark Road to the Underworld. The Mayans knew and we now know scientifically, that not only will we be in direct alignment with the Dark Road, but we will be directly aligned to the cosmic womb from which new stars are born, and from which everything in our galaxy, including us, was born.

To visualize the galactic center that Earth and our solar system moves into during the 2012 winter solstice, we need to know that when we look up into the sky at night we are looking at the Milky Way on its edge. Picture the Milky Way as a series of solar systems and celestial objects that move in a flat plane in a circular manner spinning around an open area like a CD with the hole in the middle. Normally our solar system is one of the systems on the outer edge of the CD but during the ‘galactic alignment’ at the 2012 winter solstice our solar system moves into the ‘hole’ in the middle of the CD.

The Significance of December 21, 2012
So what difference does it make that our solar system and Earth is in the ‘hole’ or center of the Milky Way?

If you think of the center of the Milky Way as the dark womb of the galaxy, the center of creative energy, then Earth is and will be receiving repetitive, undiluted and un-deflected original Source energy directly from the Mother-Father Creative Force of the Universe.

According to the Mayans and other indigenous cultures, including the Tibetans and the Hopi Native Americans, 2012 is a momentous time of world-changing events.

I talk to more people who are being called to greater works in the outer and inner world during this time. Inner work by way of meditation, prayer and holding energy to shift fear, pain and oppression is drawing more and more people every day. Folks tell me about their meditations where they heal the Earth, the water, land, air or animals.
I hear about high-powered, successful professionals who are quitting their jobs and going into service positions to feel greater soul-satisfaction. I have felt my consciousness shift from a personal perspective to a more global perspective as I meditate, write and do spiritual counseling.

December 21, 2012 will not be the only day or even the final day of the intense energy of the womb of the Galactic Center. This is the end date of the old era and December 22, 2012 is the first day of a new era. It may be an important and momentous day but the energy will continue for days, months or years after as our solar systems flows back into the other star systems of the galaxy.

This transformational shift in consciousness will come without our cooperation, traumatically as with the fall of Atlantis, or with our cooperation, gently and easily as we consciously release our negative beliefs and patterns of the past era and bring new harmony and oneness into the world for the new era.

Everyone will participate whether consciously or unconsciously in this new consciousness as the energy permeates our solar system. The Mayans counsel us that the new era belongs to us all. As Grandfather Don Alejandro shares, the essence of the Mayan Prophecy says: “Arise, all arise, not one nor two groups be left behind, together we will see once again the place from where we have come from.” This website contains a great deal of information on the Mayan calendar and prophesy.

The greatest challenge to the shift of December 21, 2012 is to avoid fear. The shift in consciousness is the opportunity to open a new era of super consciousness with this wave of Source/Creative/Mother/Father energy.

Perhaps our media and movies are showing us the hidden fears that live within us. If our fears came to life, we might indeed experience this transition as a painful and disastrous time. However, if we refrain from becoming fearful, the shift in consciousness is an opportunity to explore the super consciousness of our own origin and the origin of all life, as we align with the dark womb of creation.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Conversations With the Goddess

I recently received a copy of Dorothy Atalla's, "Conversations with the Goddess: Encounter and Petra, Place of Power."

As many of you know, understanding the Sacred Feminine truly begins with a calling or longing deep within. If you are courageous, you respond and allow the Mystery to unfold itself. You might find yourself meditating more often, beginning a practice of automatic writing, dancing her energy as it flows through you or reading voraciously as you try to understand the powerful presence calling you to know yourself more deeply.

Dorothy Atalla opened to the Sacred Feminine and received a vision, and then many hours of conversations with the Goddess. She dictated the wisdom being shared with her, and then generously shared her discoveries with us in her latest book. This is a powerful gift for those of us that long for a better understanding of the Goddess within.

Here is a brief synopsis of her gift:

Dorothy Atalla intives you into the journey of her own awakening to the Goddess, sharing mystical insights and unique historical interpretations about humankind’s relationship with her. She guides you into a profound understanding of the nature of the Divine Mother through the earth, the physical body, and consciousness itself. “Conversations with the Goddess” makes the Divine Feminine real, tangible and significant for spiritual seekers in today’s world.

Thank you Dorothy! If you would like a copy for yourself or a sister in spirit, you can purchase a copy of Conversations with the Goddess at

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Visions for Now and The Future

The Sacred Feminine Reaching Out Into the World

Visions can tell us stories about what is happening in our lives right now, that we might not be aware of consciously. They can also provide indicators about our past and our future.

Reverend Ariann had visions before and during SpiritQuest that I asked her to share with all of us, because they offer insights about what is happening spiritually for many of us as we prepare to enter through the cosmic doorway opening in December of 2012.

But first, I’d like to prepare you with some insights we received during Quest. After our questers safely returned to camp and we had completed our blessed task of holding safe space for revelations and healing, our week of ceremonies shifted to a more global focus.

Throughout the week, several of us had recounted to each other disturbing dreams where people’s rights, integrity and even lives had been violated. If you were joining us in Spirit, you too may have been joining us in this rather disturbing dream-time. This is very unusual, but we held our feelings about our dreams with love, trusting in our ability to hold all of what life can be.

We knew that something significant and new for Quest was happening when Ariann, our First Elder, shared with us her dreams and visions over the past 8 months:

This year my dreams and visions were about Elders of other Native American tribes holding shared ceremonies and inviting Rev Misa, other regular participants of Quest, and I to join them in their ceremonies. In the dreamtime these other tribes would show us a place they had set aside for us to hold SpiritQuest on their sacred ground. Clearly the ancestor spirits had been observing our efforts and intentions at SpiritQuest. They had found us worthy to become a part of their circle.

I knew from these visions that all the Native American tribes from North and South America were uniting their energies and ceremonies to aid in the coming earth transformation of 2012. We were now being called to add our ceremonies in the merging of this energy.

When I arrived at camp, I saw the ancestor spirits of North and South American indigenous tribes, along with ancestors from the Buddhist tradition, Hindi, African tribes and other ethnicities. This gathering of spirits from many spiritual traditions stayed with us throughout SpiritQuest. We were well supported, protected and guided during our week of ceremonies.

SpiritQuest has always attracted beautiful spirits to join with us and guide us in our ceremonies throughout the week. However, we knew we were specially blessed to be surrounded in the spirit-realms by so many ancient ones from so many spiritual traditions. We could sense that if they were there with us, we were going to be asked to attend to some spiritual need in the word or in the universe.

Finally, our work became apparent. During our last ceremony at Quest, we chose to be silent together at the sacred fire in a Holding Meditation. Each of us lovingly held, in the way of the Sacred Feminine, whatever Spirit presented to us. Some of us held places on the planet in distress. Some of us held wounds within humanity. All of us did our best to hold without intent or judgment. We simply held the aspect of life presented to us—in love.

I wonder if you found yourself being called to hold something in unconditional love, without judgment or intention to fix it. If you did, you may have been with us in Spirit, becoming the very nature of the Sacred Feminine itself, holding aspects of life in love, so that they could emerge once again born anew.

The art of holding is new to many of us, and learning how to lovingly hold without agenda takes some practice. To help you learn how to hold more deeply and purely, become familiar with the first step of the Creation Meditation:

This is the sacred nature of mother energy. Think of a child that runs to their mother’s arms for comfort because they fell down and scraped up their body. Sure, they want the hurt to heal so they will feel better, but first they want their mom’s compassion. When the emotional hurt is better, they are ready to tend to the physical wound.

Tending to the emotional woundedness of humanity is a gift of the Sacred Feminine. When she is present, compassion is present. At this time in our planet’s evolution, compassion is the necessary healing balm that frees our spirits to enjoy more beautiful experiences in life and greater consciousness.

As we ended our Holding Meditation, the final ceremony at SpiritQuest, Ariann shared her vision about SpiritQuest and the emergence of the Sacred Feminine. Her vision touched our hearts and affirmed our sacred work. I think you might find the same to be true for you. Here is what she shared with us:

In this vision I saw the impact SpiritQuest would have after Quest was complete. The Divine Feminine walked from the sacred fire in a lovely mist or fog with the moon lighting her way as she moved out into the world. As she walked through the world her feminine energy permeated everything she touched or passed. Her influence changed architecture, industry, equipment, machinery and our whole culture. The Divine Feminine was a subtle and strong inspiration that gently and pervasively crept into every corner and every heart like the mist. Those of us at Quest did not have to DO anything. We carried her essence within us and we could sense the Divine Feminine presence walking the Earth.

All of us at SpiritQuest this year know something special has occurred. The energy of SpiritQuest shifted from a personal and individual search to an event that had a global impact. We merged our energy with the intentions of the spirits of other spiritual traditions. We have moved onto the global stage where we are now participating in the transformation of Earth as it happens now, in 2012 and in the years following. We were all elevated by the magnificence we experienced at SpiritQuest 2011.

The Sacred Feminine moves through and around us. She is the gentle mist that rises when our emotions are in balance. She is compassion in and for all of life. Can you feel her sacred mist within you, reaching out into the world with compassion and love for all of life?