Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quieting the Mind to Access Intuition

If it is important to you to be able to trust your intuitive insights, you will find it easier to trust messages that come from a quiet mind. If your mind is full of chatter, it is difficult to tell which messages are thoughts floating through for consideration and which of those thoughts might actually be an intuitive message. Busy minds clutter the arena and make it difficult or even impossible to notice knowledge that is coming from your Divine inner knowing.

Many of us understand the benefits of having a quiet mind. We realize that we would be likely to experience greater peace, better sleep, more rest and ease in our bodies, ready access to intuitive wisdom, clarity regarding our choices, even complete awakening. But getting to that quiet place that is an immense challenge for many of us. What makes it challenging? In my own experience it was a fear of what I would encounter if I allowed myself to become that still.

In my book, The Root of All Healing,I recount my first experience with meditation. I thought it would be no sweat at all to sit still for 20 minutes. “What’s the big deal,” I thought. Then I sat down and nearly went crazy for five minutes. I had no idea how busy my mind and body had become. No wonder I was confused, frustrated, and depressed in my life. Until that moment, I had not given myself an opportunity to get quiet enough inside to experience inner tranquility.

It was many months before I had a breakthrough experience that solidified the importance of meditation. The same, irritating thought kept swirling around in my mind. So I let it spin over and over again in a rush of energy that finally became a tornado around me. There I was in the serene silence with this noise racing around me. Finally the racing stopped. I was clear. And I was free.

Something deep inside me knew that such serenity existed. Something more within me knew that opening fully was going to require dedication. I was going to have to learn how to sit with my thoughts and my emotions until the silence was more appealing than the commotion.

In the silence intuition can speak most clearly. When we are not attached to any outcome, and when we are willing to accept what is the greatest truth, intuition—our conduit to the Divine—emerges clearly. In that moment, we have a profound awareness that the truth we are experiencing is much more than a thought traveling through, but rather Divine insight, and therefore we can completely trust the wisdom flowing through.

Consider what you might already be doing in your life to help yourself find that space of inner stillness. Do you have a habit of grabbing a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and sitting quietly to watch nature begin its day? Do you love to lay out under the sun in the summer, while all your thoughts drift away leaving only you, the glorious sun, and Mother Earth beneath you? Do you find yourself becoming serene and quiet whenever you build and tend a fire? Do you come home from work, and immediately put on some music that carries you away from the work of the day and into a more restful state of mind? Do you go for a run and let life melt off your body with every stride?

Now consider something you have not yet done, but have been curious about, that you believe would help you grow even more still inside. Write it down and then put it on your calendar. Pick any day and commit to engaging in one new activity with the intention of experiencing even greater serenity and stillness of mind.

Getting to that place of inner silence is a journey, and for busy-bodies like I was, an arduous one. However, I know from my own experience that it is very much worthwhile. Having access to my intuition for healing insights, career choices, guidance in my relationships and the delight of discovering the beauty of my awakened self has made every itchy minute sitting cross-legged on the floor worth the effort.

Intuition is more than a handy tool. It is direct access to Divine wisdom living inside of you. Intuition is a gift from the Sacred Feminine, the receptive, loving place within that accepts life as it is, and the place from which we can know what constitutes wise action. Once you know that quiet, loving place, trusting intuition will no longer be an issue.