Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When the Sacrifice Is Too Great

Do you ever find yourself making choices so that other people will feel better, but in the process you end up feeling like you are cutting off little bits of yourself?

Those moments happen when you are giving up too much of yourself in order to attempt to make someone else happy.

Maybe you want to go to women’s ceremonies or events, but your partner convinces you that anything just for women is sexist and not in keeping with where spirituality is going today.

Perhaps you really enjoy esoteric and mystical experiences, but you have to take pleasure in them secretly so that your partner doesn’t find out, because he doesn’t approve.

Or perhaps you don’t use your healing gifts because your children think those kind of abilities are not real, and they ridicule you if you talk about it.

I’ve met a lot of people over the years that sacrifice their intuition and spiritual callings over and over again in an attempt to keep peace in their homes, especially when that calling is connected to the exploration of their Divine Feminine nature. This saddens me greatly, because this sacrifice is the one that allows the Sacred Feminine within us to be suppressed.

There was a time when experiencing spirituality in a feminine way, using your intuition or healing gifts, or having a mystical moment could get you condemned and even killed for being a witch.

The suppression of our feminine mystical natures is still going on. However, although your life is probably not at stake, your harmony at home might be at risk if you choose to follow through with those deep inner urges calling you to your most profound sacred nature.

When you give in to outside pressures and move away from your intuitive calling, you are giving up on yourself. Your inner wisdom knows what you actually need in order to find true respect, peace, honor, love and fulfillment in your life. Most of the time that gentle and quiet voice within doesn’t speak as loudly as your family members and friends.

Your inner voice is not trying to persuade you with logic, shame or guilt. It simply continues to suggest and invite you to consider what will ultimately help you find answers to your prayers.

It took me a long time to finally tell my partners and well-meaning friends that they did not know what was better for me. It took a lot of courage for me to walk out the door and follow my intuitive calling, without feeling like I had to offer an explanation to anyone. And it was quite the self-empowering day when I laughingly agreed with my family that I was the weird one in the family and I liked it that way.

When I finally had trusted my intuition long enough, my incredible partner came into my life--ready and willing to trust me, my intuitive insights and my choices. Oh, he questions me from time to time, and when he does I go inward to my intuitive wisdom and ask for clarity. When I receive my clarity, I tell him what I discovered and make my choices based upon my inner wisdom.

He may not understand all of my choices, but he respects them, because I respect my choices. More importantly, I respect myself.

My family still thinks I’m the weird one. I finally ceased to care. I stopped attaching to a need to deny myself in order to make others more comfortable. I didn’t come here to make them happy at my own expense. I came here to fulfill my destiny. I came here to live in the joy that self-awareness brings.

What I want for my husband and my family is to know the joy and bliss of their own awakening. That won’t happen if I hide behind my fear, allowing their doubts and fears to motivate me into silence and inaction in my own spiritual journey.

If I want them to experience the happiness of deep self-love, then the place I have the most influence is with myself. If I love myself so much that I listen to and follow my truth, I’ve influenced the web of life in a beautiful way. Who knows, perhaps that love will touch the hearts of those I care about most.

Without the beauty of the Sacred Feminine within our lives, we achieve ourselves to death. We think our way through situations and dismiss the Divine wisdom that comes through our intuition. We compete when it is time to collaborate. We become fixated on our own needs and forget about the needs of others. We lose sight of our ability to live with ease and we are unable to be in the receptive state of receiving. We refuse to be still and quiet enough for the Divine to speak to us. When we sacrifice the Sacred Feminine, we sacrifice a part of ourselves, and we sacrifice a deeper connection to the Divine.

For thousands of years, men have been defining what a woman’s relationship with the Divine should be. Now is our time to discover through our own bodies, emotions, and mystical experiences, what it means to us. When we know deep within our bones what the Sacred Feminine energy truly is for us, we might then be ready to share what we have discovered with our men and our families.

This is our time to discover for ourselves. We can choose to walk away in the name of peace and harmony at home. Or we can discover true harmony within ourselves by discovering our own true nature and bring that awakened state back into our homes.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reflections on the Value of Your Life

I was visiting with a friend the other day that was expressing his frustration with how little he felt he had accomplished in his life. He has large aspirations that he is passionate about, and as he gets older, he wonders if his dreams are slipping out of his reach. He wonders if he is becoming irrelevant in his career, frustrated that he has not been able yet to replace his current career with a new career that would be more meaningful to him.

I spent some time honoring his feelings, yet reminding him about all he had accomplished that had made a positive difference in the lives of people he loved and cared about. In my experience, we aren’t either a failure or a success. Sometimes however, we feel as though we are one or the other, and in reality, most of us feel like we are a bit of both. I suggest that failure or success really has little to do with anything other than our feelings about ourselves in any given moment.

A few years ago I read a study that was done with the CEOs of some large corporations. The secret they admitted in an anonymous survey that they might not admit in person is that a lot of time they felt like frauds. They didn’t feel prepared for the responsibilities they had been given and weren’t sure one could ever actually be prepared for the responsibilities they shouldered. They didn't always feel competent for the decisions they had to make.

I’ve worked with and known enough CEOs, employees, business owners, mothers, fathers, spiritual devotees, professors, students, politicians, teenagers, children and adults to be fairly certain that there are pivotal points in every person’s life when you just aren’t sure you know what you are doing or that the decision you made was the best one. Most of the time people are just doing the best they can in that moment.

Sure, in retrospect, you can see a dozen different choices you might have made, but all you truly ever have in any moment of truth is your understanding in that moment, based upon what you have learned up to that point.

You are not terrible because you didn’t meet your goals, become prosperous, find the right relationship, fulfill your purpose, lose weight, heal your illness or become an overnight success. Neither are you wonderful because you did any one or all of those things.
You are incredible because you are an expression of the Divine, experimenting and experiencing life on planet earth. That’s it!

Some of us will be rich and wildly famous. Others of us will live quiet, sweet lives and be known only to a few. Some of us will meet most every dream we have ever had. Others of us will come back for another lifetime in order to complete our most significant dreams. Regardless of how we do it, the experience alone can give us joy, if we are willing to experience the joy inherent within life.

Can you honestly tell me that the janitor at your school who made it his job to consciously watch over every child he could when they arrived or left school to make sure that they were safe led a less significant life than your favorite movie star?

Or what about the female executive, who takes time on the weekends to sit quietly with an uncle getting ready to cross over, listening to him share his life stories, regrets and loves so that he can slip gently over to the other side. What is the greater success—her business accomplishments or her compassionate tending to a family member?

Maybe the janitor hoped to do more with his life, but ended up in a building taking care of it, the teachers and the kids. Maybe the executive had the potential to be a famous singer, but instead spends her days helping others succeed at work and shares her peaceful presence with her family. What is the measure of one’s life?

It is wonderful to dream and aspire. It is great to achieve. That’s how we keep life exciting. It is also wonderful to recognize what we have already given. That’s how we know who we really are. Joy exists in discovering who we really are.

A dear friend once crossed over to the other side and returned. She said to me some years later, “Misa, you know what they really care about when you get to the other side? They care about the kindnesses you did for others. They don’t care if you met your goals or fulfilled your purpose. They care about whether or not you were kind.”

So here we are thinking it is all about what we achieve, and it is all about how well we live from our hearts. So tell me, did you live from your heart this past year? Did you make someone’s life a little bit better? A lot better? Did you love a little bit more, a little bit deeper or more expansively than you have before? Did you help someone this year laugh, trust, love, believe, hope, enjoy life or feel better? Then you have lived a good life. From someone’s perspective, you are a gift.

Yes, we need to aspire and dream, but may I suggest that you don’t need to measure your worth by what you did or did not achieve. Rather, know that you are valuable because you are a precious and unique expression of the Divine. And if you have made anyone else’s life a little bit better, your heart has honored your value and theirs. That is a joyful way to live.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012—A Year of Truth

The recognition of your Divine beauty.

From the deep, quiet silence, I hear a simple response, “2012 is the year that truth emerges.” Then I hear, “Focus on truth and forward thinking.” I had asked into the silence what 2012 holds in store for us, and the silence responded with elegant clarity. It holds truth.

Living in and with truth sounds easy until you commit to it. Truth has a way of showing you how incredibly beautiful you are. In fact, you are so immensely beautiful you might find it difficult to accept the depth of your splendor as truth. Yet, it is within your potential to know that the reality of your beauty is as natural as your breath.

That much beauty, unrecognized and unseen can be denied. When we deny our innate nature as lovingly beautiful beings, we manifest another truth—one in which we become disappointed in ourselves. Disappointment can become depression, regret or even self-loathing, as we struggle in the pain of our separation.

Living in truth takes courage. Living in truth means that you are willing to be lovingly present to everything you are feeling and experiencing, whether you deem it to be beautiful or ugly.

When the truth of who you are is met with love, the ugly parts can finally rest—no longer needing to scream for your attention and love. The beautiful nature of you emerges naturally in an environment in which you love and honor what you are experiencing.

One of the fallacies in modern spiritual practice is that you can somehow bypass the uncomfortable truths in your spiritual development. As often as I have attempted to do that, I have not found that it is possible to see the fullness of my beauty without also acknowledging those places in which I have separated myself from my Divine beauty.

Why? Divine beauty is limitless. Therefore, the place in which I have separated from my Divine beauty is the very place within me that longs to remember my Divine essence. By being lovingly present to what I experience as distasteful or disappointing in me, I create an environment of self-love and self-acceptance that allows me to rest from my struggle.

The minute the mind and emotions fully stop and rest, the truth of my beingness opens up to me and I can feel, see, and know a greater experience of my limitless, Divine, and beautiful nature.

From the clarity of that realization, I know how to live my life. Forward thinking to me is crystal clear wisdom that guides me in decisions that will benefit me, not just in the moment, but far into the future of my life. Clear wisdom has a way of benefiting me and also those I am here to serve.

Isn’t it wonderful when you make choices from that place of clarity that knows and sees beyond what your mind typically understands for its day-to-day survival? That is one of the gifts of being present to whatever truth is longing to emerge in the moment. It is the gift that comes when we allow our painful feelings to be witnessed, giving them our full attention, so that they can finally rest. And in return for our commitment to such self-love, we become radiantly aware of our own Divine beauty.

I hope you will consider allowing 2012 to be a year in which you are willing to discover and explore the profound and wonderful truth of you.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

As You Move Into 2012, Have You Noticed?

In the past two months have you noticed:

• feeling tired more often
• wanting to sleep longer
• having difficulty sleeping
• getting interesting messages in the middle of then night
• experiencing surges of insight and awakening
• longing for more quiet space and time to contemplate
• wanting change and wanting it now
• slipping in and out of your body
• experiencing periods of dizziness or light headedness
• having wildly unusual dreams

• and all of it seeming to have increased since sometime around 11/11/11?

You are not alone and you are not going crazy. There is a huge surge of energy occurring and it here for you to ride. If you resist, as you know, it will be darned uncomfortable. Ah, but if you surrender…

It is a blessing.

I recently had a reading with Lea Chapin. I don’t often receive readings because I know myself and my journey pretty well, but something told me I would appreciate the time I spent with Lea. I did!

She suggested that healers are going through metamorphic change. I posed a question about this on Facebook and received some interesting responses. Plus, I’ve been receiving e-mails from some of you about some significant spiritual changes you are experiencing. One of you suggested that not only healers are experiencing this opening.

That is certainly possible, and I am noticing that healers, empaths, and highly sensitive people seem to be among the most affected. If you have been surrendering and opening to the Divine, you might be experiencing this metamorphic change.

So what do you do? Well, here’s the advice Lea accessed for me and it seems perfectly appropriate to pass along to you. Spend your time wisely. Get plenty of rest. Protect your energy.

I don’t recommend protecting yourself through seclusion. Rather I suggest you learn how to allow energy to pass through you with the grace of your compassion, and transform through the energy of your healing gift. The key is to not attach. Here’s an article I wrote at Inspired Healing that might give you some helpful insights about what you can do as an empath to protect yourself.

According to Lea, this energy is going to be active until early April, so may I suggest to you that you be very patient with this process. Remember to be kind to yourself. That rest you are longing for you truly need. That desire to have more time for contemplation is important. You may be realizing that you should be letting other people do the driving when it is time to hop in the car to go somewhere. You may need to ask for the support you need in order to integrate this energy fully into your body and your consciousness.

This Solstice Meditation and the Sound Healing Blessing at the end can help you with your integration process. In just 30 minutes you will learn a way of being present in your expanded state so that you can use your increased energy in service for the well-being of humanity and the planet. Then at the end, you receive a special blessing to help you integrate into the expansion.

One woman on the phone with us said that with the very first sound in the Sound Blessing she felt every cell in her body open up. You can listen to it here:

For some of you or for people you know this energy may be affecting feelings of depression and helplessness. If that is the case, consider taking advantage of any of the links in this article. Any one of these sources could offer assistance in being more present to this energy, allowing depression and despair to be loved and witnessed in compassion. Compassion is the great healer. In its arms, pain dissolves.

I hope you will share your own experiences in this doorway of awakening, since each of us experiences openings such as this in the most unique ways.