Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In a Father’s Love

While it is true that New Dream and I are dedicated to the Sacred Feminine, our emphasis on the feminine nature is to ensure greater balance in the world.

The Sacred Masculine and today, Sacred Father, captivates our hearts. There is no balance, without loving relationship with Divine Father. When a man shows fatherly love to anyone, he embodies Sacred Father as a living and tangible experience of Divine Father. What child does not long for such love? Even as adults we may find ourselves longing for that kind of love?

Whether you are a father of your own children or show fatherly love to children and adults that need that kind of loving touch, I honor you.

Children are fabulous teachers about what fathers give to the world. My adopted daughter and her children have come to SpiritQuest for several years now.  The children’s fathers do not join them, but my husband is always there for them. He teases, appropriately, as good fathers and grandfathers tend to do. He stands with them proudly during their special moments.

He’ll rub the back of the littlest one when she is upset that her mom is away in ceremony. He gives one of those firm looks of—that’s a little much—when one of them is cutting up at an inappropriate time. He provides big hugs, laughs with them and praises them. He does what good grandpas do—he loves them as they are and encourages them to be their best.

A few years ago, a single mom brought her three-year old daughter to Quest. Her little girl latched on to one of the men and they became buddies. She rode on his shoulders, begged him to swing her around by her arms, sat in his lap during talking circle—and basically adopted him as her camp dad.

Children know when they are safe. If a father or farther figure feels safe to them, they will curl up in his arms and fall asleep to the rhythm of his heartbeat and breath once the playing and exploration is done.

Over the years I have noticed that fatherly love simply exudes itself when a man has healed the wounds of his childhood and is able to delight in the growth and wonder of the children, or adults, that come into his life—whether those children are his own or are adopting him into their lives in some way.

Fathers and men that share fatherly love seem to understand that life is a big game, meant to be played with zeal and joy. No wonder children will beg their dads, uncles, older brothers, cousins and friends to play with them. They seem to know that men take delight in investigating life and testing perceived limits, and when children are ready to challenge themselves through play, they often look for their father or a father figure.

Do women do this too? Sure they do, and some of us with the same physical and mental zeal as our male counterparts. That said, there is simply something wonderful, and truthfully—indescribable, about fatherly energy that men embody. Though I humbly attempt to capture that quality in words and images, I respect them deeply for that part of the Sacred they so beautifully embody and share, that I may never be able to adequately express in words.

In a father’s love a child discovers many things. And even as adults, we can welcome in the father’s love that we still need today:

In a father’s love, children know they are safe in the world.
In a father’s love, children know they are capable of reaching their potential.
In a father’s love, children know it feels great to be their very best.
In a father’s love, children know we are meant to play in life with great joy.
In a father’s love, children discover what it means to be special.
In a father’s love, children know that they are safe to stretch their limits and to rest.
In a father’s love, children become ready to explore and inspire the world.

To all fathers and those that show fatherly love, thank you for being you, being here and being the expression of Sacred Fatherly Love here on earth.