Friday, December 20, 2013

Unwrap Yourself! Discover Who Is Truly There from a Sacred Feminine Perspective

Every now and then, I catch myself comparing what I have or have not accomplished in relationship to what someone else has done. I become aware of what makes other people special, while missing what makes me uniquely wonderful.

From a Sacred Feminine perspective,  these moments are the perfect opportunity for me to stop and hold myself in the feminine energy of loving acceptance—to simply see who I am, as I am, without judging myself as having done more or less than anyone else.

If you have ever shared these feelings, or with the coming new year, if you tend to get depressed by everything you think you have not done or become, I invite you to join me in noticing the wonder of you. I suggest choosing a time of day, perhaps either in the morning or evening, when you pause to unwrap yourself like a child receiving a gift, and notice what is unique, special and wonderful about you.

Perhaps you would like to do this in the child-like awe of receiving a box in the mail, knowing that there is a very special present, or in this case—presence—inside. Your delight and enthusiasm in getting to the “presence” will make this delightfully fun. Give yourself permission to enter into the joy of discovery, savoring and loving every moment of the unwrapping.

Begin by taking off the layers of doubt, frustration, unworthiness, concern, and anything that feels like binding. They serve a purpose in helping you experience even greater self-awareness and deeper love. You could tear them out roughly, but that would be painful and would miss the service the provide, so gratefully take them off as though you were removing postal paper, tape and a shipping box—appreciating their function and excited to discover what is inside.

Notice that beneath all of the outside packaging, there is a pretty layer of wrapping. This is the layer of your caring, kindness, talents, and unique expression. Notice that this layer has been lovingly created and is worth your admiration and appreciation. It is a present unto itself, so give yourself time to fully enjoy this aspect of you. And even this layer needs to be taken off, if you are going to get to the true present that you are.

Now, in heart-felt expectation, open up you. Notice what is there. Your very presence is absolute love—timeless, endless, limitless—love. Everything you ever wanted is right here in you. You are the fulfillment of lifetimes of searching and lifetimes of creating the perfect gift. Enjoy the gift of you with all of your senses--inner and outer ones. Be in the joy of your own presence. The Divine has expressed itself in the most beautiful way—through you. You are the most precious gift you could ever want.

In the ancient Sacred Feminine practice of acceptance, may you receive and delight in the greatest gift of your creation—you!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Most Powerful Prayer For the Holidays-Sacred Feminine Perspective

If the only prayer you say in your life is “thank you,” that would suffice. —Meister Eckhart

There is a powerful truth in Meister Eckhart's words. When we are grateful, we feel full. In that moment, we do not seek for anything more. When we invoke this form of prayer, we become the light of self-awareness (Sacred Masculine energy) bursting forth from the womb of complete acceptance—happy and limitlessly fulfilled. That is when we live as our unique and beautiful  presence of the Divine light in the world. 

Inviting yourself to become the most grateful person you know is a most enjoyable way to turn daily activities into devotions of Divine awareness.

Growing up Catholic, I do not remember very much emphasis on gratitude. As a teacher, I now understand that those rituals in which we offered prayers of “blessed be” to saints that had gone before us was a way of blessing their lives in gratitude. But because the language was not common, nor the intention of the prayers explained, I did not realize that by opening my heart I could have felt the flood of delight that gratitude can bring.

We certainly said grace at our evening meals, but I can’t say that reciting the same rote prayer every night opened my heart in gratitude. We said the prayer together as a family and passed the food. It didn’t occur to me that plants’ and animals’ lives were surrendered so that I could live. I didn’t recognize that the Mother Earth was providing for my physical needs and that her life-force was sustaining mine. If I had, I might have been more specific and heart-felt in offering my prayers of gratitude before I ate.

It wasn’t until I experienced my first Native sweat lodge, where we were invited to share our prayers of personal gratitude, that I discovered the power of this prayer. I marveled as my heart opened wide and tears fell with each word of thanks I offered in that lodge. Life itself became holy to me. Rabbi Harold Kushner describes this experience so beautifully:

Can you see the holiness in those things you take for granted--a paved road or a washing machine? If you concentrate on finding what is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul.

Gratitude nurtures and elevates spiritual consciousness. I don’t think it is possible to utter an honest, heart-felt prayer of gratitude to God, a person, an animal, the earth or even yourself, without feeling the magnificent fulfillment of the Divine pulsing within you. In gratitude, you realize that all life forms are expressions of Divine creation. In gratitude that comes directly from the heart, you transcend the limits of your mind’s perceptions into direct experience of the Divine. If you chose one prayer to pray throughout your lifetime, gratitude would be a powerful prayer to choose.

If you are not used to offering prayers of gratitude, consider saying a prayer of thanks in the morning when you wake up and again before you go to sleep. This anchors gratitude into the two most significant transition periods of your day.

If you already offer prayers of thanks in the morning and at night, try adding more prayers before each meal blessing the lives of the food and water that nurtures your body. Then bless and give thanks for your body and the unique experiences of your expression as a Divine being.

If you pray at meals and in the evening and morning, you may be ready for gratitude as an ongoing practice. When something troubles you, give thanks for its gifts. When you are involved in a mundane task, give thanks for the way in which the task blesses your life. When you are hoping for something, be in gratitude for the blessings that have not yet arrived.

Consider being in awareness of the hidden gifts that may not look like gifts on the outside—the will of the Divine blessing your life in unobvious ways. And as Rabbi Kushner suggests, “see the holiness in the things you take for granted.”

In my own experience, it has mattered little whether my gratitude was offered to a Father or Mother God, my best friend, a sales clerk I didn’t know, a person I disliked, a tree that provided me with shelter, money I received, or if I simply felt grateful for a piece of art that inspired me.

All of life is of Divine origin and creation. It is not to what or how the gratitude is conveyed that matters, it is the feeling of gratitude that opens the doorway to Divine awareness.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holding the Potential of the World on 12:12—Sacred Feminine Guided Meditation

The most ancient form of Sacred Feminine prayer is Holding...

... holding humanity within your energetic womb in complete love and without condition, so that we can shed our pain and emerge reborn in our light. Holding is the healing touch of our Sacred Feminine energy that the world most needs right now.
 —Reverend Misa Hopkins, Path of the Sacred Feminine

We invite you to pause for 12 minutes at 12:12 pm (your local time) on December 12. hold the potential of humanity in your unconditional, compassionate love.


Join Reverend Misa, Guardian of a Path in the Sacred Feminine, for a 12 minute tele-meditation at 12:12 Pacific Time for holding humanity and our beloved planet.

Our Love Can Hold It All
Through holding in love we offer creation a gift from our Sacred Feminine essence--a gift that has the power to transform the pain of this world into its potential for peace and joy!

Please invite the men and women you know to join us for Holding the World
on December 12.

If you would like to join us for the special guided meditation, this is how to participate:

Thursday, December 12
12:12 pm Pacific; 3:12 pm Eastern

Conference dial-in number: (951) 262-4343
Participant access code: 730645#

If you need an inexpensive calling option, Skype has a low-cost plan that allows you to call from your computer.

We look forward to seeing you there as we hold the world in the arms of the Sacred Feminine.

Creating Your Desires Through Gratitude—Sacred Feminine Perspective

Do you remember the last time you were deeply grateful for something? Do you remember how you felt? Do you remember how alive, excited and perhaps somewhat humbled you felt?

This incredible feeling is not only what you feel when you receive, but it is the feeling that can create your fulfillment. What does this mean? 

When you stop seeking and allow yourself to gratefully notice how your longings are already being met, you experience the power of this creative force that we call gratitude. What you thought to be unknown reveals itself to you and you become witness to the true Mystery of Divine creation.

Think about something you longed for as a child. Say for example, you always wanted a pet but your mother was allergic to cat and dog hair, so that wish was not fulfilled as a child. However, when you became an adult living on your own, you decided to get a pet, and now you have several.

You probably helped to create the reality of having pets by completely enjoying those moments that you spent with a neighbor’s dog or a friend’s cat, prior to having your own. Your delight in them—that feeling of being alive, excited and a little humbled—helped you stay present to your desire. The feeling kept you motivated and helped you bring your desire into fulfillment.

Not all desires are met right away. Sometimes you take interesting twists and turns in your process of fulfillment. Sometimes you are getting yourself ready for what you truly want. Often, you find that you need to keep yourself motivated. 

Feeling gratitude for something before you have fully received it keeps your motivation high. It also brings the satisfied feeling of fulfillment right down into your cells where your body vibrates the truth of that satisfaction. (Here is a prayer that might help you in accessing the depth of your gratitude:

Your vibrational energy of satisfaction is attracting what you want as though it is already a part of your life. That means that when you shift from desire to gratitude, you are already creating what you want. If you pause long enough to be grateful, you can usually see evidence that what you want to receive is in progress.

When my husband and I were manifesting a home for us, he had a strong sense about what he wanted, and every day he gave thanks for our new home as if we already had it. Each time we went out to look at houses with the realtor, he saw evidence of his manifestation. 

As we looked at houses together, we became clearer about what our perfect house would be like, we communicated our desire better, our realtor began to get a visual picture of what appealed to us, and indeed we got closer and closer to the right house for us, until we finally found it.

I understood as we were moving into our new home that his gratitude played a significant role in establishing the motivation and vibratory field that landed us our home, because he didn’t think of our home as existing in our future. He saw our home as existing right now. We just had to align with it so that it could become evident to us. His gratitude created that alignment.

Today might be the perfect day to stop for a moment and reflect on what you experience and enjoy that causes you to feel grateful. Notice that what you once wanted you enjoy now. Right now you are experiencing the reward of that desire.

Then you might want to consider something new that you desire and give thanks that it already exists. Really feel those words of thanks because that lovely mixture of ingredients—aliveness, excitement and humbleness, that we call gratitude—is creating what you are manifesting right now.

Holding Life Lightly—Sacred Feminine Guided Meditation

Find a quiet space. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Breathe gently into yourself until your mind and body quiet down.

Become aware of your heart and breathe. Just breathe until your mind and body become still and your heart and mind open.

Become aware of someone in your life that is frustrating you. You would really like for them to change, but you know it is not appropriate to try to make them change. Consider your feelings about this situation. Allow the most primary feeling to emerge.

Hold this feeling in your compassion, without attempting to fix or change anything. Simply hold your own feeling in love. Hold the feeling lightly in your heart until the edges begin to soften. Experience the intensity of your original feelings melting in the presence of your love. Hold it lightly until all that is left is love.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Guided Meditation in the Sacred Feminine—Art of Desire

In the Path of the Sacred Feminine that Reverend Misa shares, we are invited to explore Four Prescriptions: Surrender, Acceptance, Desire and Commitment.

We explore these prescriptions through sacred journeys and sacred songs to help us release the limits that keep us bound in suffering. And we open to our limitless ability to hold it all.

As a prescription, desire in this sense is about the impulse of life from Source. It is not about attachments.

In this meditation, you are invited to go into the nature of desire as it exists in you in this moment—the impulse of creation flowing through you—and experience its raw energy.

The meditation guides you into a process where you release that which keeps you from fulfilling your soul's desire for fulfillment, so that you can experience the fullness your heart is calling you to.

Keepers, Kim Wight and Amari Gold take you into a Sacred Feminine guided meditation and journey to awaken the spark of desire.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Sacred Feminine Guided Meditation Into Intuitive Insight

By Reverend Misa Hopkins

Find a quiet space. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe gently into yourself until your mind and body quiet down. Become aware of your heart and breathe. Just breathe until your mind and body become still and your heart and mind open.

Become aware of a concern or question that is foremost in your thoughts. Simply breathe compassionately into the feelings you have about this. Allow all thoughts and feelings to pass through without attaching to any of them. Keep loving, feeling and breathing until you feel at peace. This may happen quickly or it may take a while.

When you are completely at peace and neutral, open your heart to insight. Be willing to be surprised! Breathe into your inner senses and invite them to open—your inner eyes, inner ears, knowing, feelings. Allow your inner senses to give you insight. Notice the depth of loving peace you experience when you are witness to such truth.

When you feel full, breathe deeply, exhaling through your mouth, bringing yourself into the awareness of this moment. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Gently open your eyes. Live in your intuitive insight.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Receiving Guidance and Answers in the Sacred Feminine

Guided Meditation in the Sacred Feminine with Reverend Misa

Find a quiet space. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe gently into yourself until your mind and body quiet down.  Become aware of your heart and breathe into it gently.

Reflect upon a time in your life in which you asked a question and received very specific, clear and easy guidance for your answer. Reflect upon how it felt for your path to be so clear. Now reflect upon a time when you asked a question and the guidance was clear, but difficult to accept. Hold any feelings you have about that time in your compassion.

Regardless of what choice you ultimately made, honor the range of feelings that flowed through you at that time by holding each of those unique feelings in your loving compassion. When you are free from any expectations or encumbrances from the past, ask a question needing Divine guidance. Each day, simply notice and give thanks for the way in which the Divine responds to your question.

When you feel more free, breathe deeply, exhaling through your mouth. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Gently open your eyes. Live in awareness of your answers.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Inner Quest in the Sacred Feminine

Guided Meditation in the Sacred Feminine

By Misa Hopkins

Begin by letting your attachments become apparent to you: hopes, dreams, intentions and desires. Simply notice them and witness them as they are.  Breathe your love and compassion into each of them. Breathe into each longing and allow them to soften as you breathe.

As you continue breathing, one-by-one, give them to the Mystery—the Divine. The Divine knows what is most important and most perfect for you. Surrender to that wisdom. Allow yourself to experience life for a moment without desire.

BE present to life in this moment. Allow life to observe you as you observe life. Grow quiet inside. Notice that the Mystery is revealing itself to you in every moment. Open wide, allowing yourself to be guided moment by moment by the Mystery of what you do not yet know.

When you feel full, breathe deeply, exhaling through your mouth, bringing yourself into the awareness of this moment. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Gently open your eyes. Live in the Mystery of life.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Hope That You Are In the Sacred Feminine

Guided Meditation in the Sacred Feminine

By Reverend Misa Hopkins

Find a quiet space. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe gently into yourself until your mind and body quiet down. Become aware of your heart and breathe. Just breathe until your mind and body become still and your heart and mind open.

Bring your attention to a moment of hope that someone helped you fulfill. Feel the joy and happiness as your deepest desire comes true because another has given you just what you need.

Then reflect upon a moment when you helped someone fulfill one of their deepest desires. Feel the exhilaration as they experience the joy of their hope brought to its fruition. Now open your heart to the hope within you that longs to be satisfied next. Open to Divine guidance in bringing Divine desire to its ultimate fulfillment through you.

When you feel full, breathe deeply, exhaling through your mouth, bringing yourself into the awareness of this moment. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Gently open your eyes. Live from the hope that you are.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How Can I Live More Fully in My Sacred Feminine Nature?


Understanding the Sacred Feminine is not the same as living from your healed and whole nature within the Sacred Feminine.

In my experience, many of us have wounds and traumas that keep yanking us back into states of judgment, blame, regret and resentment.

As long as those energies are at play, we are not living from the depths of our Sacred Feminine nature. Because our Sacred Feminine nature is limitless love for all of life.

But here is the good news. It is our Sacred Feminine nature that helps us release the burdens of our karma and childhood wounds—the profound inner struggles that are behind our states of dissatisfaction.

Our compassion, first for ourselves, and then for others, is the healing balm that we need.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, it does until you are triggered and you forget all about compassion.

There are four areas in which we tend to become trapped by our triggers—1) difficulty in surrendering to Divine wisdom, 2) the ability to accept how things are as they are, 3) a healthy respect and relationship with our most compelling desires, and 4) the willingness to commit to our true purpose for being here—our expressions of joy and love.

We tend to resist, run from, become paralyzed by or attempt to hold on tightly to our true Divine nature—as though our true nature was trying elude us. But we are the ones hiding from ourselves.

It takes attention and practice to uncover the true limitlessly loving selves that we are. It takes support from those that have gone before us and it takes a willingness to be lovingly held accountable.

That’s why we attend spiritual retreats,, develop daily rituals, and incorporate meditations based in Sacred Feminine practices— to awaken to the Sacred Feminine within, for our own sake and for the healing of the world.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

How do I claim my power in the Sacred Feminine?

In the early days of Women’s Liberation, we claimed our power by protesting, burning our bras, and by actively addressing the inequalities that women were experiencing at work, at home, an in government. We demanded that we be listened to. We demanded what we needed.

But what does it mean today to claim our power?

The Sacred Feminine is an energy that can transform the world, but it is a powerfully subtle energy.

With respect to the choices that earlier generations felt they needed to make in order to ensure fairness and equality for women—claiming our power, within the spiritual context of the Sacred Feminine, is something that takes place prior to taking action in the world.

Because Sacred Feminine energy lovingly holds all of life in its suchness, holding our struggles before choosing to take action, gives us an opportunity to heal some of the emotional pain or trauma connected to our struggles.

When the pain and frustrations have softened, we are in a better position to then hold the pain and struggles of others. As the struggle dissolves, choices become clearer and right action is more likely to emerge.

Basically, we stop blaming ourselves or others. We stop judging ourselves and those that have wronged us. We stop condemning ourselves and others for our short-comings and short-sightedness.

Instead, by embracing our struggles in unconditional love, we set the stage for communicating compassionately with others, while simultaneously lovingly setting boundaries for own self-care.

When the internal struggle within you is finally laid to rest, you are able to help others end their own internal struggles. In the field of compassion that you create through the limitless love of the Sacred Feminine, you have claimed the ultimate state of power through which new ideas, perspectives and solutions can arise.

Imagine the world that women can give birth to through the power of the Sacred Feminine?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What does the Sacred Feminine have to do with creating meaningful partnership?

In this series, we have been talking about how valuing yourself for who you are is a Sacred Feminine or yin quality that is just as important to your well-being as the Sacred Masculine or yang quality of valuing yourself for what you achieve.

Many of us get out of balance with these two energies when we attempt to find personal value solely through accomplishment. In that endeavor, or in resistance to it, some of us crash and burn to the point we are unable to accomplish anything. We try to push ourselves into action, and that only makes the exhaustion worse.

Either we are so busing achieving that we don’t really have time and energy to allow someone else into our space, or we are too exhausted to be able to actually enjoy someone. If we are not in balance with our own energy, we have a difficult time finding a balanced partner.

When we do attract someone, they are often reflecting our own state of imbalance. They reflect not only what we love about ourselves, but they also reflect our fears. Those fears keep us from enjoying the deep and meaningful relationships we long for.

Of course, this is the journey of relationship—balance within yourself and balance with another person. But if you don’t have a regular practice for maintaining your own balance, it is likely that anyone you attract won’t have a regular practice either.

Two people out of balance only have fun for a little while. Isn’t it true that it is much easier to be patient and understanding, and less inclined to try to fix each other, when you know your partner is making true effort to address his or her fears and limits, and is actually opening to their Divine nature?  Isn’t it probable that your partner would want you to pay the same attention to your own inner balance?

When you are in balance, you establish a field of balance. Then it is easier for your partner to simply gravitate toward the balance you have established.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on your partner. Describe your perfect partner. Then ask yourself, “How could I bring more of those qualities into my life right now, without a partner?”

By becoming the qualities you want to attract, you are using the energy of the Sacred Feminine to attract your perfect, and most meaningful partnership.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What Does the Sacred Feminine Have to Do With Creating My Prosperity?

If your value of yourself is based solely in what you achieve, your view of yourself is profoundly limited. Achievement is an aspect of the Sacred Masculine energy of action. It is vital and exhilarating, but without Sacred Feminine energy, it is not enough to enjoy a balanced life while creating prosperity. Actually, Sacred Feminine or yin energy is a necessary ingredient.

Consider this. If you have not yet learned enough to achieve in a way that brings you substantial prosperity, you will probably have a tendency to be hard on yourself. That hardness can also make you feel depressed about yourself. Just try to accomplish anything when you feel like a failure before you have ever really gotten started!

But if you value yourself simply because you came in with your own special views and interests, you have greater reason to be patient with yourself as you learn, and apply new skills for attracting prosperity into your life.

You came into this world with unique, natural talents and perspectives that have value in and of themselves. In valuing yourself as you are, you activate the fully accepting, unconditional love of the Sacred Feminine within you.

If you are like most children, between the ages of 5-10, you probably explored your natural talents in the ways that you played. I invite you to take a moment to consider what you liked to do as a child? Did you love playing sports, sewing, doing math, reading, building things, fixing things, being creative, figuring things out, researching, being inside or being outside? Were you in the water or in the trees? Did you play with your pets? What did you love to do?

And then consider how you engaged in those activities. Did you prefer to spend time quietly by yourself, or were you taking charge of games with the neighborhood kids? Did you like to make things happen, once another kid put an activity into motion? Did you like to make people laugh? Were you the organizer? Were you the peace-maker? Were you the problem solver?

These are your natural traits and unique abilities, and they make up WHO you are. Recognizing who you are and honoring these qualities in you is a function of Sacred Feminine energy—complete acceptance of you as you are.

Your natural talents are the abilities you excel in. They are the ones that are easiest to learn and perfect. They are the ones through which it is most easy to achieve and be successful, while have a lot of fun being in service.

Your greatest prosperity can emerge when you honor the incredible being that you already were when you were born, and your prosperity accelerates when you put those natural talents into service for others or for the earth?

Today, consider taking time to honor yourself from a Sacred Feminine perspective by reflecting on your natural talents and determining how you can better use them for greater personal joy and service to the world.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Slipping Into the Stillness That Holds Our Pain and Joy—Sound Healing Insights

Many years ago, I asked the Divine why I came into this world with a gift in sound healing. Out of all the gifts I could have chosen—why this one?

I believe that all gifts are sacred ones, so understanding why I had such a propensity for sound really intrigued me.

Some days later, I was in a vision where I was in the dark stillness, that I now call the Sacred Feminine womb of potential from which all life emerges. There, emerging from the darkness, I saw the first sound of conscious awareness emerge.

From the first wave, there emerged several more until all at once, bright white light burst forth. From that light colored light emerged. Then I heard, “And on and on until you and all of life became.”

For those of you who might wonder why I talk about the Sacred Feminine when I talk about self-healing, this is why. I know that when we are confused, frightened, or aching, we find restoration and renewal in the stillness. It is the stillness that lovingly holds all of our potential—our pain and our joy! It is from that stillness we are born refreshed and reinvigorated.

For those of you that wonder why I talk about self-healing when I talk about the Sacred Feminine, I know that our world is out of balance. We tend to over-value the Sacred Masculine qualities of light, action and accomplishment, but have forgotten the soothing wisdom and love that live within the stillness from which we were born.

In order to really thrive, we need the balance of both these sacred energies—stillness and action.

For years now I have been teaching about this balance between the light and dark that is necessary for balanced human development in healing and awakening. Recently, when I was asked to teach Sound Healing again, I delighted in sharing 20 years of experience in being with the sounds of creation.

Ah…Sound—the first expression of Divine consciousness!

Just as it is true with light, it is also true with sound. When we experience sound, we also need the balance of silence in order for the expression of sound to be pure and in order to experience the true power of the sound.

When we allow ourselves to naturally and easily experience these Divine energies within us, we live in greater ease and joy.

Jeffrey and I have been creating a video for you that introduces you to some of the sacred power of sound. If you do the simple exercises I suggest, be sure to finish by spending some time in the stillness, letting the pain drift away and the joy wash over you.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Because of Her, I...

By Misa Hopkins

About 25 years ago, I was in the midst of healing the childhood abuse that had locked me into years of unworthiness and patterns of self-sabotage. A dear friend, who was also doing deep emotional healing work, invited me to go with her to a women’s circle.

As if she had read my mind, I had been wondering what it would be like to sit in a women’s circle, and there she was extending her hand to take me to one.

I had been reading Judith Duerk’s book, Circle of Stones, and so I wondered if the circle would provide me with the same kind of emotional healing I was experiencing just reading the book. When I found out that the circle itself used Judith’s book as a basis for discussion, I knew I needed to go.

Although I felt some trepidation when I walked in the door, the facilitator, Marilyn Thelin, was so warm and inviting, I immediately let down my guard and took my place in the circle.

After drumming together for a while, Marilyn read a passage from Circle of Stones and then picked up a talking stick, passing it around the circle. One by one, we spoke the deep truths that had been buried in our hearts most of our lives.

Between the tears of sadness and the tears of joy, we were finding ourselves—as women—beyond the defined roles of mother, daughter, partner or business woman. We were discovering our true natures, our loves and desires, and our unique purposes for being.

Week after week, for several years, I sat in circle with Marilyn, and later with other facilitators. I discovered that my natural, heart-felt words carried insights for me. And so did the words of my sisters. Finally, I was not alone, and I was healing deep-old wounds in the loving presence of women who accepted me just as I was.

I was blessed to sit in several circles with Judith Duerk, and to receive her counsel from time to time. Within each circle, women listened to me unravel the knots of my own existence, until a new and beautiful web emerged, that I was proud to call my life. Of course, I gladly did the same for them, and found great delight in watching the reweaving of their lives.

Some years later I was called to facilitate my own circles. I did so with great respect for all of the women that had silently held me all those many years that I was deep in my healing. I still hold women’s circles and hope I am privileged to do so until my last days on earth.

The original circle I attended is still going with a lovely woman and friend, Susan Egnor. Somehow it is reassuring to know that women still sit in circle there, even though I left the area many years ago.

Though in a beautiful way, this original circle is still a significant part of my life. The president of New Dream Foundation is Ariann Thomas, one of the original circle members, and I still have good friends that I met in that original circle. Such are the bonds that are formed in circles.

I watch this with great pleasure now, as women gather for our Women, Water and Spirit retreat every October and forge the same kind of bonds that Ariann and I created through  our circle.

Women have gathered together in circles for eons, whether it is to do ceremony, heal, make a quilt, or just visit. Women in circle have a way of holding each other through the disappointments and the joys of our lives. In being held and in holding each other, we discover our true source of strength within.

There may be no greater power on earth than the compassionate holding that is done in a circle.

As we hold each other, we discover the nature of our Sacred Feminine essence, where there is nothing to fix, only people to accept and to love. We touch unconditional love, where painful emotions dissolve, and all that remains is pure, Divine love.

A few weeks ago, Marilyn made her crossing to the other side. I wish her a wonderful journey in the pure love of the Divine. She touched my soul and my life with a powerful imprint that still lives inside me. She led me to myself and for that I am forever grateful.

Safe journeys Marilyn. Because of you, I am proud to be the woman that I am. May we meet again soon in another circle, where yet again we can hold each other and remember who we truly are.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Gift of Butterfly Medicine at SpiritQuest

The world is different after you have journeyed into the silence of your being and held what is there...

The world is clearer, brighter and more vibrant.
Those are the gifts of SpiritQuest.

I felt your hearts at the SpiritQuest and delivered your prayers to the Sacred Fire. I hope you felt or feel now the gentle caress of the fire in your life as it burns away the limits and burdens you have carried...freeing you to experience your heart's truest desires.

One of the medicines that were most prevalent at Quest this year returned to us from two years ago—sweet butterfly.

Butterfly flew with my husband and I as we talked about SpiritQuest before we left to do ceremony. Butterfly made its way into the circle of the Sacred Fire multiple times. especially when we were singing and dancing. And butterfly appeared again, flying very close to us when my husband and I took our first walk together after returning home.

Two years ago, a butterfly entered our sacred circle during our opening ceremony and landed on every single person standing in the circle.

It seems that perhaps butterfly loves us as much as we love butterfly.

Butterfly reminded us that there are some significant steps in spiritual growth.
These steps beautifully parallel the journey of self-awareness through Feminine and Masculine (yin and yang) energies.

1) In our lives, we create cocoons (limits and boundaries about what it means to exist) so that we will become still and quiet. We enter the silence so that life can be witnessed as it is. (Sacred Feminine)

2) When we enter the silence it is a calling to liquify (surrender our old forms and beliefs) and become formless, so that a new self can be created. (Sacred Feminine)

3) When it is time, it takes great dedication and strength to break through our cocoons (limits we created to take us inward into the stillness). One cannot leave too soon or you will not have the strength to break free of old ways of being. Once must diligently wait for the right moment. (Sacred Masculine)

4) When we are breaking free our wings are not fully formed. The energy we exert brings fluid into our wings so that we can complete our process of recreation and will be strong enough to fly. (Sacred Masculine)

5)  Fly with joy, aware of the unique beauty that you are in the world. Drink from the sweet nectar of life and pollinate (share your most precious gifts) with those you are here to touch. (Divine Union)

Perhaps while we were at SpiritQuest, you too experienced some of the gifts of butterfly medicine. Thank you for joining with us in Spirit. Your presence was and is a gift to us all.

Please share your SpiritQuest revelations (from both near and afar) with us.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Self-Healing at SpiritQuest

When you no longer perceive that healing is about finding the right cure, you realize you need to create an environment within you in which self-healing can happen.

Once you’ve become acquainted with the concepts of the 7 Self-Healing Steps in my book, The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything, you might be asking, "How do I make those steps a part of my life?"

As you probably know, it can be challenging to create the inner environment I describe in the book into your day-to-day life. If you are like me, it is easy to fall into the same old habits, and along with those habits, the same beliefs and emotions that contributed to the illness in the first place.

It takes a conscious effort to shift internally. That is one of the reasons I have chosen over the years to participate in retreats and ceremonies. In those spaces it has been much easier to make fundamental shifts that remain a part of me.

Within the collective consciousness of the people that agree to gather, I discovered profound opportunities to gain personal insight into the steps I discussed in my book—question my assumptions, discover the unmet needs within me that still need to be met—and be in a space where I could more easily feel the love for myself and others that met my underlying needs.

In sacred space, I healed the deep wounds and fears I had been carrying that stemmed from sexual abuse. I learned how to lay them to rest, which created an opening in me to feel loved by the Divine—the need beneath all needs.

In that love, I healed and I soared.

People gathering and choosing to live from compassion and caring is powerful healing balm.

This is the reason I’ve been facilitating SpiritQuest for 17 years. I saw how much I opened in healing and awakening through the beautiful Native ceremonies I was privileged to participate in.

So when I was called to hold space for others through ancient ceremonies, my answer was and still is, “Yes!”

As I have shared in other articles and in my book, Nature herself is a powerful healer. Sleeping on or in awareness of Mother Earth for one week is a cure unto herself. Some of my most profound mystical insights have occurred while dreaming in ceremonial space, connected to nature.

This is something our ancestors experienced all the time. And the good news is that these beautiful Native ceremonies can take you into Divine awareness that the ancient peoples—including the medicine people and shaman—understood. You don't have to be Native to receive the gifts of ceremony and Nature. All that is required is an open heart.

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a new experience in order to make the internal shifts that allow healing and awakening to happen. One of the fastest ways to give yourself a new experience is to change your environment—put yourself into a brand new situation that promotes growth and awareness.

So, if you are ready for a fundamental shift in your healing, I invite you to experience the supportive, loving and life-changing environment for self-awareness and self-healing of SpiritQuest in Nature, hosted by New Dream Foundation.

I look forward to meeting you in person and sharing sacred, healing space at Quest!

For those of you that have experienced Native ceremonies from the plains Indians, these woodland and coastal tribal ceremonies are quite different—oriented in the compassionate energy of the Sacred Feminine.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sacred Mother is Holding You—Special Meditation in Sacred Feminine Love

Sacred Feminine in silence of holding
To you lovely women…

Who give of yourselves so generously,
who empathize with every being that is suffering,

and delight with every person that is celebrating...

You who change the world with every beat of your heart,

who nurture the hopes and dreams of others as if they were your own,
who as easily cry tears of sorrow for another as you cry tears of joy...

You who hold hope for humanity and our sweet Mother Earth,
who share the best of who you are in the hardest of times,
and help each of us remember we are all worth loving...

You are the arms and heart of the Sacred Mother wrapping us all in your love.

Thank you for being you!

In the way of the Sacred Feminine, as you hold others in your love, so Sacred Mother is holding you…

Meditation—Sacred Mother is Holding You

Create a moment alone and close your eyes.
Breathe into the space that is you…that is still, silent and deeply loving.
Allow yourself to feel held in that space,
where Sacred Mother holds all her children and all our potential...
that which is uncomfortable as well as comfortable.
She holds it all with love.
Rest in her arms. Rest in the space and for a moment—
a precious moment—and relax into being lovingly present to whatever is there.
Let tears flow or smiles beam for you and all that you are.
She knows the intentions that are born from your love,
and she knows that things don’t always work out the way our souls intend.
There in her arms, forgive what you did not know or did not fully understand, 
and celebrate the wisdom of your heart here and now.
Let peace wash through you as you rest…finally rest in the arms that love you as you are.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Celebrating Earth Day Honors the Sacred Feminine

I can’t think of a more perfect way to honor the Sacred Feminine than to celebrate our beautiful Mother Earth.

A friend and scientist helped me understand that when we look at the biology of a human and the earth, we can see a clear connection that explains why we refer to her as Mother. Approximately 75% of the human body is water and that is true for the earth as well. The minerals that we find in the earth are the same minerals we find in the human body.

My Native brothers and sisters refer to Mother Earth’s blood as our blood and her flesh (the minerals, perhaps) as our flesh. We really are the flesh and blood of Mother Earth. What we love in her is a part of us.

When I first began to explore this concept, it wasn’t enough for me to get it intellectually. I wanted to feel it in my bones. That desire led me to Native ceremonies, where this relationship is clearly understood and honored.

In time, I was called to offer ceremonies, and one of my great delights is in watching and feeling people discover this reality within their own bones. It is one of the great and elevating discoveries that a human can make—to feel and know how connected we are to life around us.

Such moments of realization have been called peak experiences and mystical moments. These are moments when the boundaries of separation fall away and we realize that life on earth is all connected in a great movement of Divine creation.

If you really want to celebrate the earth and her wonder, consider coming to SpiritQuest this year, and delight in the great Mother around and within us all.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why Bad Things Happen and What To Do About Them

By Misa Hopkins

Today, as I was doing a Life Path reading for a lovely woman, she asked why such terrible events as the bombing at the Boston marathon take place. "What does this say about our hopes for the future?" she wondered.

Such violent acts seem impossible to understand. Deep within our minds we might be asking ourselves, "If we are so barbaric what hope is there for us as a species? How could God have made us this way?"

We long to understand what seems impossible to understand.

“If love and compassion are the saviors of the world, how am I supposed to find love and understanding for that kind of violence?”

Please allow me to offer something from my visions that might offer some glimpse of understanding.

The soul longs to know it is love. Life was born in a womb of love and its first expression in self-awareness is the very essence of love. Sound, light, and everything we know as creation emerges from this limitless love we call by many names, including God.

Life creates itself in increasing density so that it can explore itself. The first sound and light eventually become manifested as earth, animals, plants and humans.

Most humans, when we incarnate here on earth, do not come in with complete memory of the history of our creation in place. We come in asleep, so that we can experience the profound uniqueness of earth without full awareness.

Earth is a grand play-ground for self-discovery. In the best of possibilities, we would come to play in great delight in the sand-box of earth, within the full awareness of ourselves as being love and loved.

However, here on earth, just as we forget our Divine origin, we also forget that our souls were born from love.

If we have not been able to feel enough love, we ache—terribly. We experience emotional and physical pain in our profound need to feel what it means as a human to be loved—to feel heard, understood, worthy, seen, believed, respected, etc.

In order to make sure we are felt in our pain, some of us in our most desperate moments inflict pain on another so that someone else will know how terrible our pain feels to us.

Others of us ache so badly, we crawl inward into deep depression and isolate from the world. We languish in the belief that we will never be loved and turn the violence against ourselves.

Those of us that are the loudest with our pain or the quietest with our pain are the ones that feel the most cut off from Divine love.

Of course, these violent acts make us powerfully angry and deeply sad. We feel the violence that is done to others as violence against us, and it is violence against us. It is violence against the whole of humanity, and humanity is a great creation of the Divine.

Violence is a way of striking out against love for not loving us…

And yet, love is always there. It has been forgotten, not destroyed.

Those who do the greatest harm to others and themselves are people most in need of compassion because they are hurting the most.

Compassion, as we discover in teachings about the Sacred Feminine, does not imply that we do not enforce justice. It means that we do so with understanding. We open our hearts and hold them in their pain, while we set clear boundaries and terms of agreement for what it means to live peacefully as humans.

I am not suggesting that holding another in compassion while ensuring justice is easy. I am suggesting it is worth it. If we truly want a future in which violence is laid to rest, as we know deep in our hearts, compassion is the way.