Thursday, March 28, 2013

Transcending Our Limits

The Easter story is one of the planet’s beloved stories about transcending limits. Since I was a child I have been enamored with the concept of death and rebirth. As a young Catholic girl, death and rebirth was embodied in the stories about Christ’s resurrection.

As I grew older and explored my Native roots, I went a step deeper by giving myself opportunities to quest. During my quests, I was able to die to old perceptions about myself, opening a clear path to greater awareness of my Divine nature and the Divine nature of all life.

This concept of death and rebirth has also been presented to us by the Grandmothers of the Sacred Path of the Feminine. The Grandmothers teach us that when we are present to our current feelings and conditions with compassion, the limited beliefs that created those painful conditions simply die a natural death. They dissolve. And all that remains is love.

The way the Grandmothers explain this process to us is simple and elegant: “We shed the limited body to become the limitless self.”

So what is the limited body? The limited body holds our addictions, compulsions, stress, strained emotions, feelings of worthlessness and unworthiness, and our most profound fears.

For those of us that have spent some portion of our lives in self-development, we have shed layers of our limits, and sometimes we despair because we discover more limits. It is as though we believe a few years of dedicated work is all that is required to be a truly free individual.

The Grandmothers teach us that the journey of freedom is limitless. Each time we feel anger, sorrow, or jealousy; or whenever we feel like we want to fight, flee, grab on to something, or become paralyzed, we have an opportunity to open into the sacred space that allows us to experience the true, limitless nature of love.

Each moment we feel as though someone is judging us, does not see or understand us, or hear what we care about most, we have an opportunity to dissolve the limits that have created the pain.

We are so inclined to look out into the world, expecting it to change so that we will feel more comfortable, and yet, isn’t the external world a reflection of our collective internal reality? And where do we have the greatest influence? Internally—of course.

The world around us reflects to us our limited and limitless beliefs. The resurrection of the self requires attention to the self, and the loving release of our limited thoughts and habits.

How do you release the limits?

The Grandmothers teach us that limits dissolve naturally in the presence of loving compassion. They literally dissolve when we stop trying to fix ourselves and the world around us. They dissolve when we become still inside and open our hearts to self-compassion.

Once the limit dissolves, all that remains is love, and with that love comes the wisdom required to express that love in ways it will be received in the world.

Some years ago, I was given a simple, yet profound Native meditation, in a Sacred Feminine way, for releasing limits. The Holding—StepOne of the Creation Meditation. I freely share it with you today. The first step is the most important for opening your heart to the limits you have lived with most of your life, and experiencing the sacred freedom that emerge when you have held yourself in love.

Friday, March 22, 2013

If we could only do one thing to change the world…

Many years ago an elder said to me, “If we could only do one thing to change the world, blessing the water touches everything."

We exist as we do because there is water. Bless one drop of water and you affect the entire eco system. Bless many drops of water, many times a day and you create a ripple in the fabric of creation. With many people blessing many drops of water, many times a day, you are changing consciousness.

Bless the water in your body and you invite the body to heal. Bless the water in the clouds and you call rain to places where there is drought. Bless the snow and ask it to fall and you save our forests, which saves many species of plants and animals, not to mention providing us with enough water for our homes. Everything is connected through water.

When you bless the water, you also bless the fluid nature of our emotions. You bring calm to stormy feelings. Your blessing helps you awaken to a greater peace with the ebb and flow of life.

The very fabric of creation has a watery nature, a kind of fluid rhythm that sustains life.

Dr. Emoto has shown us that our blessings of gratitude and love make a real difference in the crystalline structure of water. Our loving blessings heal.

With all the polluted water in the world, we have many opportunities to bring healing, don’t we?

If you enjoy Native ceremonies, or think you might, this monthly tele-ceremony for women, centered around blessing the water of the earth might be appealing to you:

As you get ready to take a drink of water today, take a shower, or wash the dishes, consider blessing the water as you do so. And when the day is over, consider blessing the water throughout the week, right up to Friday on World Water Day.

Then, as your heart becomes full with all of the blessings you are offering, consider making it part of your daily practice every day—to bless the water in whatever form or for whatever reason you are experiencing it.  And know that in doing so,  you are blessing and changing and healing the world.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Holding Your Dreams in the Sacred Feminine Guided Medtation

Find a quiet moment. Turn off the phone, the TV, the stereo, and commit to not answering the door. This is your time. Your sacred time. Tell the children, your spouse, or your room-mate to leave you undisturbed for a while. You have sacred work to do. You might want to light a candle or place a bowl of water near you, but most of all, what you need most is your solitude.

Allow yourself to be aware of one thing you want to create in this world. Just one thing. Be with this dream and desire. As you watch, sense, see, hear or feel it in your imagination; let it come alive. Feel what it is like for you when this is fulfilled. Nurture this feeling with your love and appreciation.

If any feelings of unworthiness, doubt, or any fears come up, simply hold them in your love. Do not try to fix your feelings. They are there for a reason. Rather lovingly comfort those feelings with your compassion. Notice they eventually dissipate. Then focus once again with love on your dream until it feels full and strong in you.

When you feel full, breathe deeply, exhaling through your mouth, bringing yourself into the awareness of this moment. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Gently open your eyes. Live from your dreams.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Secrets of the Mystery Revealed in Vision Quests

I was petrified when the day came for my first quest. But it proved to be one of the most powerful moments of my life. I was scared because I was afraid I would fail myself - my own expectations of me. Vision quest allowed me to meet me right where I felt the most limited and constrained, and discover freedom.

In an age when we expect life to be easy and discredit anything difficult as not being the right path, we miss something really significant in our spiritual evolution. We ignore our fears and in doing so our fears run our lives.

The Mystery does not so easily reveal her secrets. They come when our fears have been met and released, and our minds are sufficiently open enough to experience her wonder.

Each person's experience with a quest is uniquely their own. Each person has a challenge that can be squarely faced in a quest and that challenge lies within themselves. When you constrain your space and eliminate interaction with other people or the outside world, the limit serves you because there is nowhere to go but inside yourself.

Each vision quest I have done has caused me to face, discover, and claim myself--and my unique place in the mystery of creation.

You can learn more about vision and song quests and rites of passage Reverend Misa facilitates at SpiritQuest:

Whether I was sitting inside a sacred circle under the stars, praying during a 24-hour sweat lodge, or being in a ritual burial, each quest gave me an opportunity to see my true self and thus create a space for Divine Mysteries to reveal themselves to me through the Mother Earth and her children or through inner mystical revelation. Ancient secret wisdom is revealed when one is worthy and truly ready to know.