Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How Can I Live More Fully in My Sacred Feminine Nature?


Understanding the Sacred Feminine is not the same as living from your healed and whole nature within the Sacred Feminine.

In my experience, many of us have wounds and traumas that keep yanking us back into states of judgment, blame, regret and resentment.

As long as those energies are at play, we are not living from the depths of our Sacred Feminine nature. Because our Sacred Feminine nature is limitless love for all of life.

But here is the good news. It is our Sacred Feminine nature that helps us release the burdens of our karma and childhood wounds—the profound inner struggles that are behind our states of dissatisfaction.

Our compassion, first for ourselves, and then for others, is the healing balm that we need.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, it does until you are triggered and you forget all about compassion.

There are four areas in which we tend to become trapped by our triggers—1) difficulty in surrendering to Divine wisdom, 2) the ability to accept how things are as they are, 3) a healthy respect and relationship with our most compelling desires, and 4) the willingness to commit to our true purpose for being here—our expressions of joy and love.

We tend to resist, run from, become paralyzed by or attempt to hold on tightly to our true Divine nature—as though our true nature was trying elude us. But we are the ones hiding from ourselves.

It takes attention and practice to uncover the true limitlessly loving selves that we are. It takes support from those that have gone before us and it takes a willingness to be lovingly held accountable.

That’s why we attend spiritual retreats,, develop daily rituals, and incorporate meditations based in Sacred Feminine practices— to awaken to the Sacred Feminine within, for our own sake and for the healing of the world.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

How do I claim my power in the Sacred Feminine?

In the early days of Women’s Liberation, we claimed our power by protesting, burning our bras, and by actively addressing the inequalities that women were experiencing at work, at home, an in government. We demanded that we be listened to. We demanded what we needed.

But what does it mean today to claim our power?

The Sacred Feminine is an energy that can transform the world, but it is a powerfully subtle energy.

With respect to the choices that earlier generations felt they needed to make in order to ensure fairness and equality for women—claiming our power, within the spiritual context of the Sacred Feminine, is something that takes place prior to taking action in the world.

Because Sacred Feminine energy lovingly holds all of life in its suchness, holding our struggles before choosing to take action, gives us an opportunity to heal some of the emotional pain or trauma connected to our struggles.

When the pain and frustrations have softened, we are in a better position to then hold the pain and struggles of others. As the struggle dissolves, choices become clearer and right action is more likely to emerge.

Basically, we stop blaming ourselves or others. We stop judging ourselves and those that have wronged us. We stop condemning ourselves and others for our short-comings and short-sightedness.

Instead, by embracing our struggles in unconditional love, we set the stage for communicating compassionately with others, while simultaneously lovingly setting boundaries for own self-care.

When the internal struggle within you is finally laid to rest, you are able to help others end their own internal struggles. In the field of compassion that you create through the limitless love of the Sacred Feminine, you have claimed the ultimate state of power through which new ideas, perspectives and solutions can arise.

Imagine the world that women can give birth to through the power of the Sacred Feminine?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What does the Sacred Feminine have to do with creating meaningful partnership?

In this series, we have been talking about how valuing yourself for who you are is a Sacred Feminine or yin quality that is just as important to your well-being as the Sacred Masculine or yang quality of valuing yourself for what you achieve.

Many of us get out of balance with these two energies when we attempt to find personal value solely through accomplishment. In that endeavor, or in resistance to it, some of us crash and burn to the point we are unable to accomplish anything. We try to push ourselves into action, and that only makes the exhaustion worse.

Either we are so busing achieving that we don’t really have time and energy to allow someone else into our space, or we are too exhausted to be able to actually enjoy someone. If we are not in balance with our own energy, we have a difficult time finding a balanced partner.

When we do attract someone, they are often reflecting our own state of imbalance. They reflect not only what we love about ourselves, but they also reflect our fears. Those fears keep us from enjoying the deep and meaningful relationships we long for.

Of course, this is the journey of relationship—balance within yourself and balance with another person. But if you don’t have a regular practice for maintaining your own balance, it is likely that anyone you attract won’t have a regular practice either.

Two people out of balance only have fun for a little while. Isn’t it true that it is much easier to be patient and understanding, and less inclined to try to fix each other, when you know your partner is making true effort to address his or her fears and limits, and is actually opening to their Divine nature?  Isn’t it probable that your partner would want you to pay the same attention to your own inner balance?

When you are in balance, you establish a field of balance. Then it is easier for your partner to simply gravitate toward the balance you have established.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on your partner. Describe your perfect partner. Then ask yourself, “How could I bring more of those qualities into my life right now, without a partner?”

By becoming the qualities you want to attract, you are using the energy of the Sacred Feminine to attract your perfect, and most meaningful partnership.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What Does the Sacred Feminine Have to Do With Creating My Prosperity?

If your value of yourself is based solely in what you achieve, your view of yourself is profoundly limited. Achievement is an aspect of the Sacred Masculine energy of action. It is vital and exhilarating, but without Sacred Feminine energy, it is not enough to enjoy a balanced life while creating prosperity. Actually, Sacred Feminine or yin energy is a necessary ingredient.

Consider this. If you have not yet learned enough to achieve in a way that brings you substantial prosperity, you will probably have a tendency to be hard on yourself. That hardness can also make you feel depressed about yourself. Just try to accomplish anything when you feel like a failure before you have ever really gotten started!

But if you value yourself simply because you came in with your own special views and interests, you have greater reason to be patient with yourself as you learn, and apply new skills for attracting prosperity into your life.

You came into this world with unique, natural talents and perspectives that have value in and of themselves. In valuing yourself as you are, you activate the fully accepting, unconditional love of the Sacred Feminine within you.

If you are like most children, between the ages of 5-10, you probably explored your natural talents in the ways that you played. I invite you to take a moment to consider what you liked to do as a child? Did you love playing sports, sewing, doing math, reading, building things, fixing things, being creative, figuring things out, researching, being inside or being outside? Were you in the water or in the trees? Did you play with your pets? What did you love to do?

And then consider how you engaged in those activities. Did you prefer to spend time quietly by yourself, or were you taking charge of games with the neighborhood kids? Did you like to make things happen, once another kid put an activity into motion? Did you like to make people laugh? Were you the organizer? Were you the peace-maker? Were you the problem solver?

These are your natural traits and unique abilities, and they make up WHO you are. Recognizing who you are and honoring these qualities in you is a function of Sacred Feminine energy—complete acceptance of you as you are.

Your natural talents are the abilities you excel in. They are the ones that are easiest to learn and perfect. They are the ones through which it is most easy to achieve and be successful, while have a lot of fun being in service.

Your greatest prosperity can emerge when you honor the incredible being that you already were when you were born, and your prosperity accelerates when you put those natural talents into service for others or for the earth?

Today, consider taking time to honor yourself from a Sacred Feminine perspective by reflecting on your natural talents and determining how you can better use them for greater personal joy and service to the world.