Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What Does the Sacred Feminine Have to Do With Creating My Prosperity?

If your value of yourself is based solely in what you achieve, your view of yourself is profoundly limited. Achievement is an aspect of the Sacred Masculine energy of action. It is vital and exhilarating, but without Sacred Feminine energy, it is not enough to enjoy a balanced life while creating prosperity. Actually, Sacred Feminine or yin energy is a necessary ingredient.

Consider this. If you have not yet learned enough to achieve in a way that brings you substantial prosperity, you will probably have a tendency to be hard on yourself. That hardness can also make you feel depressed about yourself. Just try to accomplish anything when you feel like a failure before you have ever really gotten started!

But if you value yourself simply because you came in with your own special views and interests, you have greater reason to be patient with yourself as you learn, and apply new skills for attracting prosperity into your life.

You came into this world with unique, natural talents and perspectives that have value in and of themselves. In valuing yourself as you are, you activate the fully accepting, unconditional love of the Sacred Feminine within you.

If you are like most children, between the ages of 5-10, you probably explored your natural talents in the ways that you played. I invite you to take a moment to consider what you liked to do as a child? Did you love playing sports, sewing, doing math, reading, building things, fixing things, being creative, figuring things out, researching, being inside or being outside? Were you in the water or in the trees? Did you play with your pets? What did you love to do?

And then consider how you engaged in those activities. Did you prefer to spend time quietly by yourself, or were you taking charge of games with the neighborhood kids? Did you like to make things happen, once another kid put an activity into motion? Did you like to make people laugh? Were you the organizer? Were you the peace-maker? Were you the problem solver?

These are your natural traits and unique abilities, and they make up WHO you are. Recognizing who you are and honoring these qualities in you is a function of Sacred Feminine energy—complete acceptance of you as you are.

Your natural talents are the abilities you excel in. They are the ones that are easiest to learn and perfect. They are the ones through which it is most easy to achieve and be successful, while have a lot of fun being in service.

Your greatest prosperity can emerge when you honor the incredible being that you already were when you were born, and your prosperity accelerates when you put those natural talents into service for others or for the earth?

Today, consider taking time to honor yourself from a Sacred Feminine perspective by reflecting on your natural talents and determining how you can better use them for greater personal joy and service to the world.